High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

  • A safe and affordable high school volunteering program trusted by thousands since 2003
  • Choose from 20 countries and a diverse selection of volunteer service projects
  • Experience a new country and culture, while embarking on a trip of a lifetime
  • Give your students the opportunity to share love and show compassion towards others

Are you a high school teacher or a team leader? Are you looking for a safe, highly rated, and affordable volunteer abroad program? Do you want to help your students embark on a journey that will change them and impact the world? If you answered yes, Global Crossroad high school volunteer abroad project is the perfect choice.

Since 2003, Global Crossroad has been offering unique high school volunteering abroad programs in many countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In our high school program, your students will reside with a host family, immerse in local culture, understand local issues, volunteer in a meaningful service project, and explore a new country. There will be a perfect balance of volunteering, cultural immersion, language learning, travel, and exploration.

Regardless of which country or project your students choose, they will dive into a new culture, assist those who are struggling, share their love and passion for humanity, and explore the great wonders of a new country while making a significant difference in the world and return home with the memories of a lifetime.

At Global Crossroad's high school program, we are committed to giving your students the guidance and support they need to have a safe, memorable, and life-changing high school volunteer experience abroad.

Why Your Students Should Join a High School Volunteer Abroad Program?

Countless benefits go hand and hand with a high school volunteer work abroad trip, such as the opportunity to travel, explore, and give back to a community in need. But there is much more:

Expand your Mind and Broaden your Horizons: Exposure to different cultures, traditions, languages, and histories will help expand your students' horizons. Helping those who are less fortunate with instilling a sense of gratitude, while being exposed to different ways of life will help you become more tolerant. And those are just a few life lessons you will learn on an overseas teen volunteer trip.

Find Lifelong Friends: A high school volunteer vacation is an excellent way to meet other like-minded individuals. Your students will create unique bonds. What a great way to make friends from around the globe.

Make Memorable Memories: Embarking on a high school volunteer abroad trip will be an exceptional experience to leave a positive mark in developing countries. They can brighten the lives of those who are live in a darker reality. Together, the places, the people, and their time abroad will add many worthy memories to their memory bank.

Immersion in a New Culture: Volunteering and exploring combined will grant your students the opportunity to be immersed in new surroundings, experience the world, and a life different from their own. It's an exceptional opportunity to embrace new culture, different traditions, foreign languages, and different religions on a high school volunteer abroad opportunity

Why Choose Global Crossroad for a High School Volunteer Abroad Program?

Global Crossroad has been assisting high school teachers and academic leaders to help their students venture out on high school volunteering trips since 2003. We pride ourselves on our earned experience. We are confident in our abilities to help all different types of students, support their choices, and offer the best and most fitting teen volunteering opportunities in the most suitable locations, based on their interests and personal requirements.

Our Experience

We have helped over 20,000 volunteers in nearly 100 different programs throughout 18 different countries since 2003. Our mission is to provide students with the safest, most affordable, and satisfying overseas high school volunteering experience.

We have personally tested all our programs, service projects, accommodation choices, and a variety of food options to ensure each component of our programs meets the high standards of Global Crossroad. We want our volunteers to rest assured that their trip will be nothing short of exceptional. The Global Crossroad team has helped thousands of first-time travelers embarking on a journey across the globe. Our in-depth knowledge and experience are key to provide the best service, support, guidance, recommendations, and advice.

Our High Rated High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

There are hundreds of different volunteer and travel organizations out there. We pride ourselves on staying on the top. We guarantee the most exceptional service from the start of the application process to the last day of your students' high school volunteering overseas trip. OOur staff is here to facilitate a highly rewarding and memorable high school volunteer trip. We are a hands-on company with a very personal approach. This is one of the many reasons why we remain at the top of reviews and recommendations year after year.

Price and Value

Global Crossroad offers some of the most budget-friendly overseas teen volunteer trips on the market. It is important to us to keep our prices low to make our trips affordable. It is our goal to inspire students, like you, to venture out into the world, experience cultural diversity, and give a helping hand where it needed.

Many volunteer and travel companies charge $2500 or more for a two-week program. Global Crossroad programs start from $99 (plus a $299 registration fee). Our fees are completely transparent; there are no hidden costs. The program fee covers expenses like airport pickup, meals, accommodations, project donations, and local support. Our prices may be low, but the quality of our high school volunteering trips go through the roof.

We're an American Company

OGlobal Crossroad is registered in the state of Texas. Federal and local laws govern us. As a U.S. based company, you can be assured that we a responsible company, and will step up to deal with any challenges that might arise during your high school volunteer abroad trip.

Our Grassroots Approach

We see our company and those who participate in our programs as an extended global family. It is our goal to place volunteers where volunteers are needed the most. We have to take care of those who need to be taken care of.

We Customize Your High School Volunteer Trip

We want to help you create the ideal high school volunteer overseas experience based on your students' interests, needs, skills, and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Our local in-country coordinator is an expert at picking the best local organizations and projects for each volunteer and, or group. We work closely with our volunteers and academic leaders. Our in-country coordinators are there for you every step of the way.


Our high school volunteer programs are of the highest quality. We work side by side with our partners in each country to ensure that all high school abroad projects adhere to our high standards and expectations. Your students will be briefed prior to their participation on the high school volunteering work, according to Global Crossroad's expectations and standards. We continually analyze the long-term impact of our programs. We also work closely with community stakeholders to understand how programs meet the local needs of each community. Our Head of Sustainability and Risk oversees this section of our company.

How Our High School Volunteer Abroad Programs Work

Each high school volunteering abroad program will differ in its specific itinerary, but the general outline of the programs are the same. It is our mission at Global Crossroad to provide your students with the safest, most affordable, and most memorable high school volunteer vacation. Below you can find a sample their program to give you an idea of what will happen during their trip.

Phase 1: Orientation
Depending on the specific high school volunteer abroad opportunity chosen by your students, the orientation will last between a few hours to few days. During this time, your students will be introduced to various important aspects of the host culture including the local traditions, religions, and social ethics. If the orientation takes longer than two days, your students will be exposed to a new language and learn about cultural immersion opportunities.

Phase 2: Volunteer Program
This is the core of the high school volunteering abroad project. In this part of the program, your students will choose to dedicate their time to a program involving teaching, orphanage work, animal conservation, nature conservation, and, or construction. Depending on the type of the project they choose, the nature of the work will be different. However, regardless of project, your students will work four to five hours a day serving poor children, communities in need, and making a difference in the world.

Phase 3: Travel (2-12 Days)
During this exciting phase, your students will be exploring a new country, visit monuments of historical importance, explore beautiful natural landmarks and become immersed in the culture and traditions of the native people. This will be a highly enriching and eye-opening experience. If your students travel in a group of three or more, you have the opportunity to customize their travel itinerary. Talk to a Global Crossroad representative and create an exclusive trip for your students.

College/university Volunteer Abroad Trip Options

Since 2003, Global Crossroad has offered high school volunteer abroad programs in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. There are variety of volunteer abroad to choose from in many countries.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a warm and peaceful country in Central America, a fantastic destination for a high school volunteer vacation. Here your students will have the opportunity to become immersed in a fascinating country, help people and animals in need, and set off on an adventure. This country is rich in natural wonders and diverse wildlife. There is a great variety of projects available throughout the country.


Volunteer with Children in Orphanages & on Social Welfare Projects

During this teen volunteer abroad opportunity in Costa Rica, your students will help care for, educate, and share their love with abandoned children at a local orphanage.

Volunteer at a Medical Clinic

Help medical professionals administer basic healthcare to those who might not be able to receive it otherwise. This will be a learning and satisfying experience for students interested in medicine.

Volunteer English Teaching

Help teach conversational English, writing, and reading skills to eager students at a local school.

Marine Project

Work with a marine protection and conservation projectto save turtles, keep beaches clean, and educate Costa Ricans about the value and importance of marine conservation with a high school volunteer vacation in Costa Rica.


Working with kids

Share love and show compassion towards children who have been abandoned or removed from their families.

Teaching English

o Share your knowledge of English language with students at a local school. The ability to communicate in English is highly prized in Costa Rica. Make a grand difference by taking part in this high school volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica.

Health Care (non-medical)

Work as part of a team to provide disadvantaged locals with care and health education. Many suffer from health ailments, while others are unaware of health risks and concerns affecting them. Help bring good health to those who need it.

School/orphanage construction

More schools and orphanages are needed in Costa Rica to serve better the children of this appealing country. This is a great high school volunteer abroad trip in Costa Rica for those who enjoy working with their hands.

Conservation and environment

Team up with nature conservation programs in Costa Rica, and teach environment protection to the local population with this high school volunteer abroad trip in Costa Rica.


Peru is a fabulous place, rich in culture, ancient landmarks, and history. Home to Machu Picchu and the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca. For students looking for a teen volunteering vacation with variety Peru is a wise choice. There is so much to do and see while helping those who call Peru home.

Working in an Orphanage

Give time and show compassion to children who have been left without a family. Your students will find this experience to be heart fulfilling and highly rewarding.

Street Children and Educational Program

Help disadvantaged and at-risk children through your kindness, love, and educational services by joining this high school volunteering program in Peru.

Teaching English

Lead English classes at a local school in Peru. The growth of English language schools is valuable for local students.

Medical/Healthcare Project

Assist local medical professionals and staff to provide local Peruvians from low-income families receive necessary basic health care.


Guatemala is an incredible country where your students are pretty much guaranteed a trip of a lifetime. Guatemala is a colorful country with a rich culture, wonderful people, and exciting sites to see, an ideal opportunity for your students to improve their Spanish skills.

Teaching English at a Rural School

Instruct Guatemalan students at a local school. Your students will teach English to local students to help them improving their career prospects.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

There are countless orphans in Guatemala who would greatly benefit from your students' love, kindness, and care. A way to help make a difference in their lives is joining this high school volunteer trip in Guatemala.

Health/Medical Volunteering

Assist doctors, nurses, and medical staff in their noble efforts to bring healthcare to those who need it, but might not be able to afford or access it otherwise.

Work with Street Children

Lend a helping hand to educate and care for disadvantaged children in Guatemala.

Guatemala Women’s Project

Help motivate, inspire, and empower disadvantaged Guatemalan women. Your students will teach local women valuable handicraft skills to help them on their path to financial independence. .


Witness lush rainforests, the vast Andes Mountains, the unique Galapagos Islands, and the warm people of Ecuador on an overseas high school volunteer trip. Ecuador is a culturally rich country filled with natural wonders, yet impoverished in many other ways. Your students will make a significant difference in this country while having time to explore.

Teach English in a Rural School

Grant students from a rural school the opportunity to learn English. Your students will lead English classes as part of this teen volunteer abroad opportunity in Ecuador.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

Share your heart with children who greatly need love. Your students will help care for, guide, teach, and give love to children who have been left without a family.

Volunteer with Street Children

Work with at-risk and impoverished children in Ecuador. Your students will help by teaching, playing, guiding, and loving them.

Conservation Project in Ecuador

Spend time in the Los Cedros Biological Reserve where your students will help restore and protect this stunning primary forest. This is a great high school volunteer trip in Ecuador for a nature lover.

Conservation Project in the Galapagos Islands

Spend time in the Galapagos archipelago where your students will assist with reforestation projects, trail maintenance, and organic farming.


Argentina is a fascinating country in South America, ready to host the participants of high school volunteering trips. Here your students can experience the European-flare of the city, step on ancient Inca ruins, and meet the embracing people of Argentina. This will surely be a captivating and rewarding experience abroad.

Disadvantaged/At-Risk Children Project

Dedicate time to educate, care and inspire children who have unfortunately been left to fend for themselves. These children need your students!

Teach English Project

Offer English classes to students at a local school with this high school volunteering opportunity in Argentina. The local students will greatly benefit from your students' English instruction. .

Community Development Project

Lend your specialized skills and interests for the betterment of a community in Argentina. Your students will work with small to mid-sized NGO's.

Healthcare Project

Work with local doctors and medical professionals as they strive to bring healthcare to those who need it, and would not be able to access it easily.

Dental Project

Help local dentists bring dental care to the impoverished citizens of Argentina. This will be a great learning experience for those interested in the field of dentistry.

Professional Support

Offer specialized skills to a variety of governmental and nonprofit companies thrive in an efforts to improve communities in Argentina.


Mexico is a colorfully diverse country. There are tons of ancient ruins to visit, including those of the Olmecs, Maya, and Aztec, as well as beautiful beaches and vibrant cities. An overseas high school volunteer trip will prove to be captivating and enriching.

Teaching English

Help bring English classes to rural schools in Mexico. Your students will be teaching students the importance of learning this language.

Volunteer in an Orphanage Project

The orphan children of Mexico need warm and compassionate volunteers like your students to help care for them.

Special Education

Help provide daycare services to low-income, often single parent families, who need to work to provide for their families, by joining this selfless teen volunteering opportunity in Mexico.

Sea Turtle Conservation

If your students want to spend your time overseas on a beach saving sea turtles, then this high school volunteering project in Mexico is for them!


Journey abroad to the intriguing country of Brazil. Brazil is a perfect place to embark on a high school volunteering abroad trip. Its culture, nature, and lively celebrations make it appealing and exciting for volunteers who travel to help impoverished communities.

Childcare Project

This project provides daycare services to families who cannot afford it, so they are can go out and work during the day. Help struggling families as they try to do what's best for their families.

Teaching Project

Lead English language lessons at a local school, a hands-on learning experience for your students.

Teaching Computer Skills Project

If your students are good with computers, this is the project for them! Basic computer skills are valuable in the workforce, and your students can help prepare others to improve their career opportunities.

Youth Athletics Project

If your students love sports, join this high school volunteering abroad trip and share their passion with children who will greatly benefit from your students' time teaching and play sports.

Handicraft Project

Help disadvantaged women learn valuable handicraft skills to enable them to live profitable, productive, and happy lives.


Set off on an incredible journey by joining a high school volunteer abroad program in Nepal. Nepal is a stunning country to spend time exploring and volunteering. It is also a great place to go river rafting and mountain trekking. Volunteer in Nepal. The Nepalese people will thank you for it.

Teaching English

English language skills are greatly needed in Nepal. Many eager students are waiting for your students to teach them.

Teaching Buddhist Monks

There is a growing need for Buddhist Monks to be able to communicate in English and share their teachings as spiritual English-speaking tourism is on the rise. Help Monks share their religion and traditions with other travelers.

Work in an Orphanage

Join this overseas high school volunteer trip in Nepal and help care for, love, and teach orphan children.

Nature Conservation

Volunteers are needed to help restore and conserve forests in Nepal. Your students will work in a nursery planting indigenous trees.

Medical/Healthcare Project

o If your students are interested in healthcare, check out this teen volunteer opportunity in Nepal. They will have the chance to work with local medical professionals and serve the local community.

Be a Photojournalist

Take your photography skills to the next level with this exciting high school volunteering idea in Nepal. Your students will spend their time capturing current events and culture in Nepal. .

Nepal Himalayas

Spend time surrounded by the panoramic beauty of Nepal's famous Himalayan Mountains. This is truly a special zone in the world. Your students will use their time to teach English to children and, or Buddhist Monks, venturing out, and having adventures. This is a great place to take part in a high school volunteering opportunity.

Teaching English

There are a lot of children who would love to be taught English by your students in Nepal. Your students' English language skills are of great value to them. .

Teaching Buddhist Monks

Your students' service to the Buddhist Monks of Nepal as their English teacher during this high school volunteering abroad trip in Nepal will be greatly appreciated, and give Monks a chance to communicate with English-speaking tourists.


India is a country full of enlightenment and enchantment. In this vast country, your students will experience rich and ancient cultures, colorful traditions, and obtain life-changing experiences through their work. India is an excellent choice for a high school volunteering opportunity. There are all sorts of projects that need volunteers.

Work in an Orphanage

Sadly, there are countless orphans in India. Volunteers are constantly needed to lend a helping hand in the orphanages to help care for, educate, and love these children in need.

Teaching English

English teachers are in high demand. Join this high school volunteering abroad trip in India and share English language skills with those who would love to learn them.

Medical/Healthcare Project

Work alongside medical professionals as they attempt to bring healthcare to all those who need it. This will be an eye-opening and learning experience for those interested in medicine.

HIV/AIDS Project  

Join like-minded volunteers to bring awareness to the devastating HIV/AIDS virus. Help changing lives through health education

Support a Women’s Group Project

Work with women from impoverished backgrounds to empower them through learning specialized crafting skills.

Teach English in a Rural School

Help teach English alongside local teachers at a public school, when you take part in this teen volunteer work in India.

Work with At-Risk/Street Children

Through love, guidance, and education, your students can help make a significant difference in the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


China is a country of great diversity. It is a huge country that ranges from Mount Everest to the South China Sea. In China, your students can experience ornate temples, captivating museums, and ancient, but bustling cities. There is no lack of culture or wonder here. China is a wise choice for a high school volunteering abroad experience. Your students surely will not be disappointed.

Panda Conservation Project

This high school volunteer trip in China is like no other! Here your students will have the chance to work close and personally with the majestic panda to protect and restore endangered populations.

Teaching English

Teaching English is a highly rewarding experience for both your students and the students with whom they interact. Your students have the power to positively impact futures, let's show them how.

 Paid Teaching English Program

Not only will your students have the opportunity to explore China, but they will also have the chance to work as a paid English teacher. This is a great opportunity to help students grow.


Thailand is a lush and exotic country that is full of wonder. A high school volunteer abroad vacation in Thailand will be filled with adventures through beautiful jungles, weekends on pristine beaches, and weekdays where your students will be giving the gift of their time and energy to those in need.


Working with Disadvantaged Children

Unfortunately, there are a great number of children who have been left without a family. Your students can help these children by joining this high school volunteering overseas opportunity.

Teach English

During this overseas teen volunteering trip, your students will work to teach the local students valuable English language skills.

Healthcare/Medical Project

Work alongside medical professionals in a noble effort to bring basic healthcare to those who desperately need it. .

 Elephant Conservation Project

If your students love animals, and especially love elephants, this high school volunteer abroad work is calling them. Help care for and love these majestic creatures.

Building Project

Your students' hands are needed to help build and restore important community buildings in Thailand. They will physically witness the wonders of their hard work with this meaningful project.


Child Development Project

Work with a team of like-minded volunteers in a sweet effort to help care for, nurture, educate and guide young children at a local daycare center for low-income families.

Teach in Buddhist Temple School

Give English classes to young Buddhist Monks who need to learn the language to share their religion and traditions with English-speaking tourists.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with a lot to offer to those who choose to visit it. It is a place full of history, culture, and captivating natural wonders. Sri Lanka is also a place that is in constant need of compassionate volunteers to dedicate time, love, and energy to all the different humanitarian projects working to make Sri Lanka a better. Check out all of the great teen volunteering opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

Take part in this heart fulfilling and highly rewarding high school volunteering abroad experience in Sri Lanka by dedicating time and love to children who need it the most.

Teach English

Your team can give some of Sri Lanka's poorest youth access to a global marketplace by sharing their English knowledge in a Sri Lanka English teaching College/university volunteer program.

Teach English to Buddhist Monks

Spend time teaching English to Buddhist Monks who are eager to learn English by joining this high school volunteering abroad trip in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Conservation in Kegalle, Pinnawala or Udawela

Pick between three wonderful locations and donate your time to the care, health, and happiness of elephants. This is an animal lover's dream!


In Cambodia, you will find vast wealth side by side with vast poverty. It is an amazing country to visit, but also a country in great need of help. There are several high school volunteer abroad programs in Thailand that will be greatly appreciative of your students' decision to join their team!

Volunteer in an Orphanage

Sadly, there are countless numbers of children who are living as orphans in Thailand. As a volunteer, your students will help improve and brighten the lives of these deserving children.

Teach English in a Local School

Help students prepare for a brighter and more successful future by volunteering to teach English in Thailand. Your students' dedication to this high school volunteering opportunity in Thailand is invaluable!

Community Development

Lend your specialized skills to an array of projects working to improve the local community, and quality of life for those who reside in it.

NGO Volunteer Project

Choose from a variety of projects that are working to improve a local community in Thailand. This will be a hands-on and learning experience with great rewards.

Health/Medical Project

Assist local medical professionals as they work to provide care and treatment to less fortunate Cambodians.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Project

Half the battle to prevent this virus from spreading is to raise awareness about it. Help provide valuable health education to the local population.


Kenya is bursting with national parks; 18 in total. If your students are on a quest for lions, elephants, and laughing hyenas, this is their country. While Kenya is rich in wildlife, it is also a country that is struggling with vast poverty. A teen volunteer abroad vacation here would be a truly cultural, eye-opening, and magical experience.

Work in an Orphanage

Loving generosity, kindness, energy, and a big heart are needed in the orphanage. Thousands of children have been left without a family due to poverty, HIV/AIDS, and many tragic reasons. Your students will mean the world to these children.

Teach English  

There is a constant need of English teachers in Kenya. Learning English is something that can greatly improve the chances of obtaining a good job, and have a brighter future.

Medical Volunteer Project

Work with local doctors, nurses, and medical staff to provide healthcare to Kenyans from rural and low-income areas with this overseas high school volunteering trip.

HIV/AIDS Volunteer Project

Bringing awareness and health education relating to the HIV/AIDS virus can help save lives. Taking part of this project is providing a huge public service.

Community Development

Work on a variety of projects whose aim is to improve the community and the quality of life of those who reside in it. This will be a rewarding hands-on experience.

Cultural Conservation

Work with the Maasai people to preserve and share their colorful and rich culture.


Ghana is a fascinating country in Africa, packed with animals and bursting with vibrant culture. A high school volunteer program in Ghana will be an unforgettable experience! Your students will spend their days helping out in a project and exploring a variety of sights on their free time.

Work in an Orphanage

Donate time, love, and energy to children who would greatly benefit from your presence by joining this high school volunteering abroad opportunity in Ghana.

Teaching English to Children

Spend time teaching English to children at a local school by signing up for this teen volunteer overseas trip in Ghana.

Medical Volunteer

Assist and observe local medical professionals to provide basic health care and treatment to those who might have difficulty accessing it otherwise.

HIV/AIDS Volunteer

Health education is a powerful defense tool against the still ever present HIV/AIDS virus in Ghana. Work to fight this virus!


Uganda is an excellent choice for a high school volunteering overseas vacation for many reasons. Uganda is diverse in wildlife, culture, and natural wonders. Uganda is also a country that is suffering from poverty, among other maladies. Set off on an adventure of a lifetime to serve a greater purpose.

Work in an Orphanage

Your students' presence at the orphanage will immediately bring a new light into the lives of the children. Help care for, educate, and love these deserving children.

Teach English

Teaching English at a local school will prove to be a highly rewarding and impactful teen volunteering abroad experience in Uganda.

Medical Volunteering

Observe and assist local physicians and medical staff in a noble effort to help care for and treat the impoverished people of Uganda.

HIV/AIDS Project

Through the power of education, your students can be part of the solution and fight against the destructive HIV/AIDS virus in Uganda.


Tanzania is a country with vast wildlife diversity, beautiful natural landmarks, and a fascinating culture. Tanzania is also a country that struggles with poverty and the HIV/AIDS virus. The people of Tanzania would greatly benefit from your students' decision to embark on a high school volunteering abroad trip here! This will be an unforgettable journey.

Work in an Orphanage

There is an overwhelming need for volunteers to help care for, educate, and love the continuous flow of orphan children in Tanzania.

Teach English at a Rural School

Work alongside local teachers and like-minded volunteers to teach the valuable language of English to children. This skill has the potential to grant them a more successful adulthood.

Health/Medical Project

Join the effort to bring basic healthcare and treatment to individuals from rural or impoverished areas who might not be able to afford or access it otherwise.

Volunteer in HIV/AIDS Program

Help teach health education to vulnerable Tanzanians. Knowledge is power and a powerful tool against the HIV/AIDS virus.

Women Empowerment

This high school volunteer abroad trip in Tanzania will not only inspire your students but will help to inspire the women with whom you work with in Tanzania.

South Africa

South Africa is a truly diverse country. Your students can experience rugged coastlines, spectacular wildlife, intriguing history, and vibrant culture. There are multiple teen volunteering abroad opportunities in South Africa that would love to have your students join their team. This is a chance of a lifetime to explore a captivating new country while also giving back to its people.

Teaching Project

Spend time working with children at a local school where your students will teach English. The ability to communicate in English will serve them local children and open doors in their future.

Physical Education Project

If your students play sports and or love sports, this high school volunteer abroad program in South Africa is a great opportunity to share their passion with children from impoverished backgrounds.

Healthcare Project

Spend time at a local hospital or clinic lending a helping hand to doctors and other medical staff. If your students are interested in medicine, what better way to gain a new perspective, insights, and experience than this reputable program?

Orphanage Project

Volunteers who love children and have big hearts are in high demand. Your students will spend their days caring for, teaching, and loving children who have been left without a family.

Dates and Prices

Global Crossroad provides flexible start dates for teen volunteer trips. So your group can start the program in any day (or date) that suits them.

Global Crossroad has offered some of the most affordable high school volunteer abroad programs since 2003. Our programs start as low as $99, plus a $299 registration fee. It is important to keep our costs low so our volunteers can comfortably afford to travel with us. Humanity first, profit later.

The $299 application fee covers our business costs like advertising, promotions, and office expenses. All volunteers must also pay a weekly program fee. This will be paid directly to your in-country coordinator who will then allocate the fees appropriately. The weekly fees go to the host family and the different projects. These fees are not for company profit. .

Click on the links below to learn more about the program fees for each country.

High School Volunteer Abroad Accommodations and Meals

Depending on each country and project your students join, they will either reside with a host family, in a volunteer house, at a hostel, a budget hotel, or a cabin. They will live together in a group in a safe accommodation with clean and comfortable living conditions. A lot of students prefer to stay with a host family to have a more culturally immersive experience. Please let us know their personal preferences so we can accommodate them accordingly.

Their program fee will cover three fresh, nutritious, and locally made meals a day.

High School Volunteer Abroad Free Time

During the high school and teen volunteer program, your students will have plenty of free time to travel and explore the local areas, cities, and villages. Most projects require a commitment of four to six hours a day, five or six days a week. However, the rest of the time is theirs. They can use this time to chill out and recharge, study a new language, or set off and explore the surrounding areas. There are a lot of local neighborhoods and tourist attractions to check out.

High School Volunteer Abroad Safety and Field Support

Most of the participants of the high school volunteer abroad programs are young, turning safety is the most important issue for students and parents. At Global Crossroad, safety is our top priority. Global Crossroad assures participants safety during their participation on one of our high school volunteer abroad vacations. We take great pride in our ability to provide each and every one of our volunteers with the safest, highest standard, and most professional teen volunteering work abroad. We have held this pristine reputation since 2003.

Below you can find a list of safety and field support features we offer to each of our volunteers.

1. In-Country Coordinator and Support Staff: In all 18 countries where we run high school volunteer abroad projects, we have a dedicated team of in-country staff available around the clock to help support and guide students on their journey. Our team is filled with compassionate, hardworking, and professional individuals whose goal is to make your students' experience safe and rewarding. Our team has helped thousands of volunteers, and fully understand your students' needs and understands how to operate a safe, satisfying, and memorable high school volunteer abroad opportunity.Depending on the size of the group and need of the students, our coordinator will stay with the students throughout the duration of the project.

Our in-country staff is also responsible for the following:

  • Airport pick up
  • Transfer to the host family or other accommodations
  • Orientation
  • Formal introduction to the host family and project staff
  • Follow-up visits or calls
  • Help solving any problems, issues, or concerns

2. Meet at the Airport: It is important that you feel safe and comfortable from the very start of this high school volunteering opportunity. Therefore, our country coordinator will be there to receive students at the airport. We will personally take them to their accommodations, and help them get settled in.

3. Orientation: As part of student's integration in the high school volunteer abroad program we will give them an orientation. It is important to share with your students valuable information regarding safety, history, culture, religion, life, and dos and dont't of the particular country which they are visiting. This orientation may last anywhere from a few hours to seven days, depending on the country. Longer orientations include a language immersion course.

The core of our high school orientation program centers around safety. We will discuss safety issues, dos and dont's in projects, host families homes, and other safety requirements, including the contact point in case of emergency.

4. Accommodations: Safety of our volunteers is #1 priority for us. Global Crossroad has handpicked host families and other volunteer accommodations based on a wide scale of high standards. You can rest assured that your students will be residing in a safe and comfortable place. Most of our families participating have hosted international volunteers previously.

5. Insurance and Evacuation Plan: All volunteers participating in a teen volunteer abroad vacation will be covered by international insurance. International insurance protects against any unforeseen incidences. Global Crossroad offers one of the best comprehensive insurances through a third party provider. Our international insurance covers health-related problems, accidents, and other unpredictable occurrences.

6. All international travels require travelers to act with caution and awareness. Prior to traveling abroad, we advise student's and your group leaders to consult your home government's advisory office. The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings and advisories for American travelers. As advisories and warnings change frequently, the safety in certain countries frequently changes too. It is important to check it regularly.

7. Global Crossroad also advises students and team leaders to check the Center for Disease Control and Health regarding current information relating to health concerns that might be present in the student's chosen country. You can access this information at www.cdc.gov. It is likely that the sanitary conditions in third world countries might be quite different from the conditions you are used to. We strongly warn students against drinking tap water or eating food from local street vendors, as they are likely to get sick since they are not used to the bacteria that might be present.

8. Global Crossroad's in-country coordinator and support team will be present to ensure the safety, comfort, and happiness of all our volunteers participating in a high school volunteer abroad experience. We will provide you withall the necessary contact information before you arrive.

Most Frequently Asked Questions: High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

  • Who will lead the high school group?
  • Where will students stay during their high school volunteer abroad work?
  • Will there be time for traveling and excursions?
  • What is the food situation?
  • Will my group and I be safe?
  • Is there an opportunity to learn the local language?