Volunteer Teaching English in the Himalaya Region of India

Are you searching for a safe and affordable way to share your passion for teaching and helping others while also having the opportunity to explore a culturally rich country? Global Crossroad has just the project for you; volunteer teaching English in the Himalaya Region of India.

  • Volunteer teaching English program in the Himalaya Region of India starts at just $300
  • Always feel safe and supported with our personable in country coordinator
  • Highly reviewed and reputable volunteering teaching English opportunity in the Himalaya Region of India
  • Unique chance to make a grand difference in the lives of eager to learn students while having a learning experience abroad yourself

Teaching English in India is both challenging and rewarding. When you volunteer abroad teaching English in the Himalaya region in India not only will you work in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but you will enrich the lives of your students. The Himalayas have eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world and mountain lovers will be surrounded by picturesque scenery throughout their volunteer teaching English program in the Himalaya Region of India.

India is a developing country and affected by poverty and lack of equal opportunity. The difference between rich and poor is vast and vivid. Poor children cannot attend private schools and are deprived from English learning opportunities.

Local governments and NGOs in India are working to provide education to the needy poor children, but require immense assistance. Many public schools in the Himalaya region lack quality English education due to under funding and understaffing. You will help to fill the gaps and offer vital support for English skills development. These language skills provide better life opportunities in the future. You have the power to change lives!

Role of Volunteer

When volunteering overseas teaching English in the Himalaya region in India, you will generally be provided with a fixed-curriculum, English books, and support by local English teachers. Our volunteers are often asked by school authorities to develop additional projects to help students learn English. If you have other skills, such as computer or art knowledge, you may be asked to teach these other subjects.

Beyond teaching young students, there are varieties of English teaching opportunities in non-profit schools built to help struggling adult citizens. As a volunteer in these settings, your knowledge benefits your students immeasurably and you get to experience unforgettable snippets of Indian life and culture.

Volunteer responsibilities may include:

  • Teaching Basic English
  • Developing children's English conversational skills
  • Supporting recreational and artistic activities focused on educational learning
  • Organizing and developing educational and creative activities
  • Supporting teachers
  • Assisting school administrations with operational tasks, fundraising and curriculum development

Skills and Qualifications Needed

There are no specific qualifications needed to join our volunteer abroad teaching in the Himalaya Region of India beyond a fluency in English. Your understanding of Indian culture and Hindi language can be strengthened by enrolling in our one-week Language and Cultural Immersion Program. Volunteer teachers do not need to be native English speakers, but should have strong English fluency, both written and verbal. No previous teaching experience is required. Volunteers should have a love for teaching, English and conversation. Volunteers should be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient, and be positive role models for students.

Dates: Volunteer in India

All volunteer programs in India start every Monday. Global Crossroad is very flexible and understands that various travel constraints that you might face.

All volunteering opportunities in India are available year around, except at times programs like a volunteer teaching English overseas program might be closed for various holidays and vacations. Also, some programs are seasonal due to extreme weather conditions. Between the project link and a Global Crossroad representative, all of this specific information regarding programs dates will be available to you. If a program is unavailable, we will provide an alternative program for you to join.

Prices: Volunteer in India

Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality volunteering in India programs at the world’s most affordable price. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.
Global Crossroad's volunteer program in India application and registration fee cost US $299. The application fee covers the cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in USA office).
In addition to the application fee, you are required to pay a weekly program fee. You will pay your weekly fee directly to your host family and project. This way, the fees that you pay will benefit those who rightfully deserve them, and not for company profit.

Weeks Delhi Jaipur Himalaya
  1 Week   $250   $250   $300
  2 Weeks   $300   $300   $420
  3 Weeks   $400   $400   $540
  4 Weeks   $500   $500   $660
  5 Weeks   $600   $600   $780
  6 Weeks   $700   $700   $900
  7 Weeks   $800   $800   $1,020
  8 Weeks   $900   $900   $1,140
  9 Weeks   $1,000   $1,000   $1,260
  10 Weeks   $1,100   $1,100   $1,380
  11 Weeks   $1,200   $1,200   $1,500
  12 Weeks   $1,300   $1,300   $1,620
  • Mandatory Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day
  • Language and Culture Program fee $250
  • Airport Pick up & Transfer (Delhi) - $45
  • Airport Pick up & Transfer (Dharamsala- 9 hours) $100
Program fees cover:
  • Accommodation (volunteers house or host family)
  • Food (local food 3 times a day)
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers
Program fees exclude:
  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

How your fee is allocated?

The India volunteer experience program fees will cover expenses that will begin on the first day of the program (usually the first or third Monday of the month) to the last day of the program. If you arrive before the first day of the program or you decide you stay beyond your program’s last day, you will be responsible for the additional expenses, which would typically be around $30 a day for room and meals at a hostel.