Language and Cultural Orientation

Our program begins with 1-2 weeks of language and cultural orientation where the volunteers are immersed in the local language, and begin their stay with a welcoming host family. Our volunteers also have time to hike in local areas, join cultural activities, and experience daily local life before beginning their volunteer project. Prior to the placement, we make sure each volunteer is adequately supplied with information about his/her local country and life with a host family.

Highly Affordable Program Fees

For as little as $199, Global Crossroad offers 1to 2 week program featuring unique and delightful cultural experiences and informative language instructions. Other organizations based in the United Kingdom and the United States also work with our partner groups overseas. The programs offered by these organizations are similar to ours in many of their features and quality. However, our volunteers will find a difference when it comes to our program fees. Global Crossroad, because of its low administrative overhead and use of in-country resources, will help save our volunteers 30-60 percent of the average program fee compared to any other volunteer organizations.

Well Researched Placement Projects

Global Crossroad works with established volunteer associations-Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), schools, and grassroots organizations. Our national co-coordinators have years of combined experiences working with volunteers and development projects. Our programs are also well-screened before they begin. For example, before initiating our Asia volunteer programs, we extensively visited each country, approved projects, and accepted potential host families. Also, we located safe and convenient villages and neighborhoods where our participants are housed for their volunteer services.

Variety of Programs

In Global Crossroad, you can choose the program that meets your needs and fulfills your interests. Presently, we are offering 7 different programs: volunteer abroad, internship abroad, mini-venture, summer escapes, humanitarian trip, paid teaching, and scientific research expeditions.