The schools in Uganda remain closed from end of April to mid May, whole of August, and from December to January. Volunteers can participate in other projects during this time.

Overview of the Project

Although English is spoken in many parts of Uganda, quality English education for children is still lacking. English education is proving more and more vital due to growing tourism industries in and around Uganda, and Ugandan students seem quite eager to learn and improve their conversational English skills. Volunteers working in our teaching English in Uganda project can make a significant and meaningful contribution in the lives of local children by helping to sharpen and polish these important language skills as well as serving as positive role models.

Role of Volunteer

Our teach in Uganda project offers various educational and skill-training programs for local children. Volunteers are primarily involved in the following activities:

Teach English in Uganda
  • Program: Volunteer in Uganda
  • Project: Teach English in Uganda
  • Start dates: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
  • Locations: Kampala
  • Departure and End Point: Entebbe International Airport
  • Language Need: English fluency
  • Accommodation and meals: Host family and Ugandan cuisine three times daily
  • Activities: Teach English to elementary schoolchildren and support other curriculum needs
  • Working hours: 25-30 hours per week
  • Teaching conversational English, health and personal hygiene
  • Entertaining children and coordinating extracurricular activities (i.e. games, sports, etc.)
  • Assisting the children with their homework
  • Art-related activities (drawing, painting, etc.)
  • Assisting with school operations and curriculum development

NOTE: Above are sample activities and vary from day-to-day depending on the schedule of school. The local staff members and teachers may request your help in various activities that benefit the children

Skills/Qualification Needed

There are no specific qualifications needed to join teaching English in Uganda project beyond a fluency in English, but your understanding of Ugandan culture and diversity can help improve the experience for you and your students. Consider enrolling in our one-week Language & Cultural Immersion program. No previous teaching experience is required. Volunteers should have a love for teaching, English and conversation. Volunteers should be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient and be positive role models for students.

Volunteer in Uganda: Project Locations and Free Time Options

Project Locations and Free Time Options to Teach English in Uganda

Our volunteer in Uganda projects are located in/around Kampala or Jinja. Rural Uganda hosts various incredible examples of wildlife. Local villages can be discovered on hikes through the countryside and these excursions provide genuine Ugandan cultural experiences.

Kampala is the capital and largest city (population of approximately 1.2 million) of Uganda and is just 10 km from Lake Victoria. The city of Kampala offers a plethora of attractions such as Ssezibwa Falls, the Ugandan National Theater, the very active Balikuddembe Market and Nakasero Market as well as numerous historical sites that provide glimpses into Uganda's past. Kampala is said to have been built on seven different hills with each hill representing significance in Uganda's history.

Jinja is the second largest commercial center in Uganda and is located in southeast Uganda – approximately 87 km from the capital city of Kampala. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria and close to the source of the White Nile River, Jinja offers the many small town urban amenities such as a post office, town hall, hospital, golf course and numerous internet cafes. Echoes of Jinja's Indian influence are reflected in the city's architecture. Some of Jinja's attractive features include whitewater-rafting, a brewery, Bujagali Falls (a kayakers' heaven) as well as an animal sanctuary and memorials for both Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha in addition to an active Hindu temple.