Price and Value

Global Crossroad programs are unique. Unlike other international volunteer organizations, we offer placements that are highly affordable and designed for college students and others on a lower budget. Most organizations based in the United Kingdom and United States conduct volunteer programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America in collaboration with many of the same partner associations also affiliated to Global Crossroad. However, no one can offer the unbeatable prices for unforgettable m em ories as Global Crossroad.

Variety and Choice

Our 7 amazing programs (volunteer abroad, internship abroad, mini-venture, summer escapes, paid teaching, humanitarian trips, and scientific research expeditions) offer a wide ranged of varieties and multiple choices to match the volunteers' needs and interests.


Since the last 4 years, we have been specializing in volunteer abroad programs. We regularly travel to our project sites, meet volunteers, discuss with local people and organizations, revise and set up meaningful and rewarding volunteer programs. All of our country coordinators have extensive experiences in running volunteer abroad programs and working with international volunteers. Our coordinators are consistently praised and recognized by our volunteers for their friendliness, hard work, and professional services.

Support to Local Communities

In Global Crossroad, we are committed to serve the communities where we work. In 2005, we collected and donated nearly 200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars) for tsunami victim in Sri Lanka. We mostly place volunteers in local projects/organizations which are resource poor and need volunteers help. A portion of the participant's fee directly goes for local host projects/communities

Flexibility of the Programs

Our programs are highly flexible. In addition to volunteer projects outlined on our website, Global Crossroad also offers plac em ents in other areas at the special request of our volunteers. In our program, volunteers usually work from 2-12 weeks; however, in many countries it is possible for volunteers to extend their programs. We can customize your program needs to include more than one project in a single country or

Multinational Programs and Travel Features

Global Crossroad offers more than a simple volunteer voyage. We strive to enrich each participant's experience through informative language and culture orientation programs, intensive mini-adventures, and fascinating travel opportunities in our partner countries. Global Crossroad's unique program allows volunteers to participate in as many programs and in as many countries as per their wish.

Informative Language and Culture Instructions

Global Crossroad's volunteer adventure starts with 1-2 weeks of language and culture instructions. The program begins with basic language training, cultural lessons, and visits to places of historic significance. Volunteers also join village/home stay program to experience the richness of rural life in their particular host country. After 1-2 weeks of intensive language training, cultural experiences, and familiarization with the local culture, customs, religion, and ways of life, volunteers will be thoroughly prepared to join their personalized projects.

Educational Endeavors

From the Himalayan peaks of Nepal to the plains of the Indian peninsula; from the dense Peruvian jungle to the Pacific shores of Kenya and Tanzania, Global Crossroad offers a number of unique and challenging opportunities that are highly educational and enriching for any volunteers. All our programs are filled with the impressive sights and sounds of different cultures from across the developing world.