As you search over the Internet for volunteer abroad organizations, you will see many of them popping up. You may question, Why should I prefer Global Crossroad when there are many other organizations that are also offering volunteer opportunities?

There are several reasons to choose Global Crossroad. Here are some of these:

Our immense experience - We are providing volunteer abroad opportunities since 2003.

By working with thousands of passionate volunteers, we have successfully developed our image as one of the most experienced and trusted volunteer abroad organizations over the globe.

Since 14 years, we proudly help our volunteers experience the best of volunteer projects. We have made this possible by taking the following initiatives:

  • Before assigning a program destination to our volunteers, we travel to these program destinations to gain first-hand experience about a project beforehand.
  • Since we have already stayed at the accommodations that are allocated to our volunteers, we know about how the hospitality is being offered to the volunteers.
  • By inspecting about the volunteer projects, we have provided guidance to thousands of volunteers so they can prepare well for their trips. This way, they get a better understanding as to how it feels like traveling and volunteering in a country they are visiting for the first time.
  • Our immense research, knowledge, and expertise in volunteering abroad opportunities and destinations has made us professionals in providing outstanding support, service, and suggestions to thousands of volunteers every year.

So, when it’s about choosing a volunteer abroad organization which is not only responsible but also provides safety and security, Global Crossroad is the right choice.

Our highly affordable price We offer the most affordable volunteering experience. Our prices are extremely low.

At Global Crossroad, our aim is to promote the trend of volunteering abroad. To make sure everyone can avail this worthwhile experience, we have kept our prices very low.

When it comes to travelling as a volunteer, affordability is the key. Global Crossroad has successfully been recognized as the leader in providing volunteer travel opportunities for a low price. This is how thousands of dedicated volunteers trust us the most.

We make affordability possible by building direct partnerships with local organizations which are based in the same country where volunteering programs are based. This way, we can easily keep costs low and set low fees to contribute to local employment and community projects

Transparency and Credibility We let you pay your fees directly to the host families and projects

At Global Crossroad, we value honesty and financial transparency. To retain our honesty and reputation, we have developed a fee model through which you are able to pay your fees directly to the host families. You can also pay for your volunteer projects through the country coordinator.
To ensure transparency of fee structure, we have divided the program fee into the following parts:

Weekly Fee –Every year, volunteers spend a lot of money (this may go up to $3000) to gain 2-week volunteer experience. Unfortunately, they are unaware of how their money is being used and how much the host family is earning from this money.

As volunteers stay with their host families, they come to know that the fee they have paid to participate in a volunteer program does not have any transparency. Only a little amount of money from the fees goes to the host family. In this situation, it’s natural to think where your money actually goes and how the check-and-balance of your fees is managed.

To make the check-and-balance of your paid fees possible, we have come up with a model that lets you know where exactly your money is going. This model provides financial transparency as well as honesty so that all volunteers are satisfied by knowing what happens when they have paid their fees.

we require this fee to pay for your food and accommodation. Besides this, your weekly fee is distributed in project donation and to provide support to the local staff. Since you will be directly paying this fee to the host families and projects (through country coordinator), this means that your money will be utilized for your own good (and not for the company’s own profit). 

Registration Fee – we require this fee (i.e. $299) to cover volunteering expenses and to continue offering you our volunteer support services.

Our rating says everything about our quality 99% of our volunteers are highly satisfied

Renowned for offering a vast range of volunteer programs at an affordable price, Global Crossroad prides itself in providing superior support services and programs to volunteers. Working together as a team, we are passionate to facilitate unique travel experiences to our volunteers. Therefore, we have achieved high ratings on review sites as one of the best volunteer projects providers. This is one of the reasons why numerous volunteers return to us and like to continue their volunteer abroad trips by availing our volunteer support services.

Please see our website and read what our volunteers are saying about our expertise and experience.


For us, quality comes with responsibility. At Global Crossroad, we make sure that our volunteer projects are not only run responsibly, but they also impact the overall society for the long run.

However, this is not where the journey ends. Global Crossroad is dedicated to help communities improve their lives. Since 14 years, we have been trying hard to help these communities financially. The initiatives carried out by Global Crossroad in 2004 are quite noticeable: to support the victims of Tsunami in Sri Lanka, we managed to collect and donate around $200,000.

In Global Crossroad, volunteers are mainly assigned projects that benefit those who are needy and highly need a helping hand. We make this possible as a specific amount of volunteers’ fees is directly allocated to local host communities.


From your very first meeting with Global Crossroad to the time when you successfully complete your volunteer project, you will benefit from our consistent service and support. After becoming a registered volunteer, you will receive useful checklists and information booklets that will remind you about the essential things you should pack before leaving home.

To ensure your program arrangements are perfectly carried out, your Program Manager will conduct a close analysis. This will help you prepare for your volunteering experience beforehand.

Once you have reached your volunteer program destination, you will be in close contact with our local team. The team members will help you out throughout your volunteering experience till the last day of your volunteer program. Since the primary point of contact will be the local team members, you will still be able to contact the Program Manager via Email. This way, you can ask for assistance if needed. After the successful completion of your volunteer program, we will be excited to hear about your unique experience and will thank you warmly!


Global Crossroad aims to provide the topmost priority to safety. Having clear standards in terms of risk management, we place our volunteers in trustworthy organizations, institutions, and families. All these sources have been carefully screened by the local team of Global Crossroad. To confirm if we are fulfilling the criteria for running safe and secure volunteer projects, staff members conduct regular audits of each volunteer program. This helps them determine if risks are appropriately managed and eliminated. Since our focus is to provide maximum safety and security to our volunteers, we facilitate them by offering our volunteer training tools. In addition, our local teams conduct face-to-face briefings to help them get the most from volunteering training sessions.

There are around 200 volunteer programs in 20 countries. This way, you can choose the program of your interest.

Partnering with 20 countries within Africa, Latin America, and Asia, Global Crossroad offers its volunteering opportunities in the form of around 200 programs. To select a program of your interest, you can choose from one of our 7 intellectual programs:

  1. Internship abroad
  2. Volunteer abroad
  3. Summer escapes
  4. Mini-venture
  5. Family volunteering, Wildlife volunteering, and Medical volunteering
  6. Humanitarian trips
  7. Paid teaching

Language Training and Cultural Lessons

Don’t know the language? Unaware of the culture of an entirely new destination?

No worries!

Global Crossroad will guide you even before your volunteering project starts. As a volunteer, you will start off with attending language training classes and cultural lessons. The team will also take you to the historical places of the volunteer destination. Furthermore, to give you an increased exposure of rural life, we will encourage you to join a home stay program or a village of the host country. Once you have gained intensive training in terms of language, culture, customs, and lifestyle of the host country for 1-2 weeks, you will be prepared for joining personalized volunteer projects.

Educational Endeavors

Whether you want to explore the Indian peninsula or you are interested in seeing the beautiful sights of the Himalayan peaks of Nepal, the volunteering experience provided by Global Crossroad will be highly enriching as well as educational. Even if visiting the Peruvian jungle and seeing the impressive sights of Tanzania and Kenya is what you call adventure, you will explore all of it by volunteering with Global Crossroad.