Country Coordinators


We worked with terrific country co-ordinator, most of them are mature, educated, socially respected, and having long history of working with international volunteers. Before joining Global Crossroad, our country coordinators were working as a expedition leader, social worker, trek leaders, teachers, and other professional. Country- coordinators of Global Crossroad have tremendous enthusiasm to their job. They are committed for a high quality and responsible program in their native country. National co-ordinator is your main contact when you will be in your placement. He/she will help you on:

  • Airport receive and transfer
  • Management of room and food in host family/hostel
  • Orientation of local country, culture, host family, safety, and related issues
  • Introduce you to your host family and project staffs
  • Periodic follow up visit or call ( 1 - 2 weeks interval ) to ensure everything going good for you
  • Offer advices to solve any issues, problems,and concerns