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Volunteer in Bali!

Is Bali calling your name? Do you want to explore a breathtakingly beautiful and culturally rich island while helping those in need? Volunteer abroad with Global Crossroad!

Bali is a breathtakingly beautiful Indonesian island rich in colorful cultures and traditions. The people of Bali are known for their warmth and friendliness. Surfers, beach lovers, and nature aficionados will be in heaven. There are thousands of temples to explore, dramatic volcanic landscapes, and pristine beaches. This is an island to captivate all your senses!

Sadly, although over 5 billion dollars pours into the island each year from the rapidly growing tourism industry, many local Balinese are being left behind. They can’t afford the rising prices of goods on the island and live in poverty. The wildlife suffers too, with irresponsible tourism threatening the nesting sea turtles who come ashore each year.

When you commit to a volunteer in Bali, Indonesia, you will be joining a team of likeminded volunteers in an effort to help improve the lives of children or turtle in Bali. There are three great Bali volunteer trips to choose from, depending on your personal interests and passions.

Volunteering in Bali, will give you incredible opportunities to explore the vast wonders of the island. This will surely prove to be a highly rewarding, eye opening, breathtaking, and memorable experience. You will feel greatly fulfilled knowing that you have also done something to help improve the lives of others. We invite you to join our Bali Volunteer Program.

Volunteer Programs Bali: Available Projects

As tourism grows rapidly in Bali, the demand for English language skills becomes increasingly more important for those seeking employment and higher salaries. Unfortunately, most public schools lack qualified English teachers, putting local Balinese children at a disadvantage. Volunteers just like you are needed now more than ever.

You don’t need any prior experience or teaching credentials to join volunteer opportunities Bali, though a background in education can really help you in your work. You just need to be 18 years or older and have a strong command of both written and spoken English. Native speakers are preferred. The ideal volunteer will love kids and be passionate about teaching them.

You will work alongside local teachers instructing children in local schools about the basics of conversational English. You’ll help the teachers develop lesson plans and discover new creative teaching methods to continue after you depart. Your time spent in Bali will have a huge impact and allow your students to have bright and successful futures.

Learn more about volunteering English teaching in Bali

Of the 7 species of sea turtles worldwide, all endangered, 6 used to nest on the beaches of Bali. Thanks to hotel development, beach erosion, rising sea levels, and the gruesome butchering of sea turtles for the now illegal meat trade, all but one species, the Olive Ridley, has been wiped out. Volunteer with sea turtles in Bali and help ensure the next generation!

You don’t need a background in conservation, science, or working with wildlife in order to join this much needed project protecting the precious eggs and the vulnerable nesting mothers and releasing hatchlings out to sea. All you need is a big heart, a love for wildlife, and a willingness to work late hours patrolling the beach to protect these amazing animals.

Poachers will slaughter the mother sea turtles alive while laying their eggs, and the nest will become trampled by the legions of tourists on holiday. Bali sea turtle volunteers like you are desperately needed to team up with a local marine organization and save the turtles from this terrible fate. Make a big impact and help save an endangered species!

Learn more about turtle conservation volunteering program in Bali

In addition to the above projects, we also offer family Volunteering, alternative spring break, high school volunteering, college/university volunteering and many other programs. Contact Global Crossroad for further information.

Volunteer Programs Bali : Dates and Prices

Dates: Volunteer In Bali

All volunteer programs in Bali start every Monday. Though we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints.

Please check the program page for the available dates


Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality volunteering in Bali programs at the world’s most affordable price. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

Global Crossroad's volunteer program in Bali application and registration fee cost US $299. The application fee covers the cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in USA office).

In addition to the application fee, you are required to pay a weekly program fee . You will pay your weekly fee directly to the country coordinator, who in turn will allocate it to your host family, project and other in-country support we offer to our volunteers. This way, the fees that you pay will benefit those who rightfully deserve them, and not for company profit.

    Duration Teaching Turtle Conservation
    1 Week $443 $482
    2 Weeks $743 $857
    3 Weeks $1,079 $1,304
    4 Weeks $1,379 $1,679
    5 Weeks $1,714 $2,125
    6 Weeks $ 2,014 $2,500
    7 Weeks $ 2,350 $2,946
    8 Weeks $2,650 $3,321
    9 Weeks $ 2,950 $3,696
    10 Weeks $ 3,286 $4,143
    11 Weeks $3,586 $4,518
    12 Weeks $ 3,886 $4,893

Period 6 weeks is significant incrase due to volunteers will involve to monitoring to north or west Bali. The area take 3 or 4 hours from TCEC and will stay one night.
Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day ( below 28 years) and $4.49/day ( above 28 years) »
How your fee is allocated?

Program fees cover:
  • Accommodation (volunteer house, host family)
  • Food (only breakfast and dinner)
  • Airport pick up and transfer
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers
Program fees exclude:
  • Visas
  • Launch
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foo
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

Accommodations and Meals

While volunteering in Bali, you will be staying in a comfortable economy hotel located in the central area of Kuta with the famous Kuta beach only 10 minutes of walking away. The room comes with AC, television, and comfortable beds. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars and street food located conveniently nearby for you to enjoy.

Global Crossroad's weekly fees also include safe, clean, and comfortable housing, along with breakfast and dinner (not launch) prepared with local ingredients and traditional Balinese cuisine.

Read more about your accommodation while volunteering in Bali.

Safety and In-Country Support

When you join volunteering program in Bali, your safety is a major concern. That’s why you should travel with industry veterans like Global Crossroad. We have years of experience in the volunteer abroad world and have never had a single major incident. We make sure you’re insured, at an ethical project, and have a fantastic in-country team to support you.

Learn more about Global Crossroad’s Safety and Field Support.

Volunteer Programs Bali -FAQs

You’re ready to hop a plane to Bali to volunteer and make a difference during your travels. You probably have a few questions first, and we’ve compiled some commonly asked ones here with helpful answers to make things easier for you:

Where are the projects located?

You will be volunteering in Bali, the famed island of the gods. Located in Indonesia, Bali holds fascinating temples, historical sites, and spectacular natural beauty. You’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the ancient Hindu culture that is evident everywhere you look.

Quickly becoming an international tourist hotspot, this rapid growth is having negative effects on the local community, as well as the wildlife, making Bali the ideal location to volunteer abroad. When you’re not at your Bali volunteer program, you’ll be free to explore the island. Take your camera and capture the exotic sights and sounds Bali has to offer.

Is there any minimum and maximum stay? Can I extend my stay if I choose to?

Yes, you can stay for a minimum of 1 week to the maximum of 12 weeks. You can extend your stay, depending upon the project and the timeframe needed to complete the project. In case of extension, you will have to extend your visa from the nearest Indonesian embassy for the number of days you need to stay in Bali.

Will I have enough time to travel after work and in weekend?

Yes, you will only be volunteering around 5 hours each day, Monday- Friday. This leaves plenty of time to travel and experience Bali. The island is known for its innumerable temples, picturesque heartland with eye-catching paddy rice fields, and the fascinating Hindu culture practiced here for centuries.

Here are some must-see attractions you won’t want to miss while volunteering in Bali.
The Tanah Lot temple is highly revered and very sacred, as it is thought to guard the spirits of the sea.
You can also visit Besakih the largest of all the Balinese temples.
Check out local markets for beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats; statues, kites and many others often handcrafted goodies.
Visit the monumental Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’, an archaeological site of significant historical value.

Who will guide or support me in the project?

You will be well guided and supported by Global Crossroad’s in–country coordinator while volunteering in Bali. If you ever have any questions or need support of any kind, you will be able to easily reach the coordinator who be happy to help in any way they can.

How old should I be to take part in these projects?

You need to be at least 18 years of age or above to take part. If you are a minor, you need to get permission from your parents for taking part in the project and, in some cases, we may be able to make an exception. Also, you can join the volunteering project directly with your parents and fulfill your passionate dream of volunteering as a family!

Is there a dress code?

Indonesia is a conservative part of the world, so Bali volunteers will need to dress in conservative attire. Shorts and tank tops are not permitted. You will also need to respect and be considerate for the cultural and religious sentiments of the Balinese people throughout your volunteering journey and try not to judge them by your own standards.

Why pay to volunteer abroad?

Global Crossroad is an organization that does not make money from running these life-changing programs. Your weekly fees cover the cost of your housing, food, supervision, and a donation to your project. It does cost money to run this business, so your application fee covers those operating costs, and are not collected for profit.

That money used for maintaining the office, setting up various administrative tasks, for computers, internet, distributing salaries to the staff, and other additional expenses if any. Our passion is helping volunteers make a difference, and money is not a motivating factor for us. We only charge enough to keep the programs running.

Why are Global Crossroad fees so much more affordable than other volunteer organizations?

Global Crossroad’s fees are always more affordable than other organizations, because it never operates with the sole aim of earning huge profits. None of its Bali volunteer programs in Indonesia involve any kind of middlemen to run its programs. This invariably reduces the overhead costs, which helps in keeping the project price very nominal.

Can I get help to raise funds?

Yes, you can receive necessary help and support for raising funds. We have a good network of organizations raising funds for humanitarian work, and we ideally will put you into contact with them to raise the money you need.  

Is it safe to travel to Bali?

Yes. Volunteering in Bali, Indonesia is very safe, but you will need to take precautions and care, as all international travel is prone to risks. Be sure to make yourself familiar with the current situation going on in the country prior to your travel by checking advisory websites. For more information, take a look at these helpful sites.
British Foreign Office Advice  
American State Department Advice
Australian Government Advice

What safety measures do you take for volunteerbali?

Global Crossroads always takes safety measures very seriously and with extreme care. When you land in Bali, you are safely picked up from the airport, and transferred to our office. You will be a given brief orientation by the in-country coordinator.

This orientation gives you detailed information about the program, safety protocol, and what’s expected of you. It also allows you to understand the countries culture, traditions, and people's sentiments, which allows you to be more respectful of your host country, and able to appreciate your time volunteering in Bali on a much deeper level.

What vaccinations will I need?

You don’t want to get sick while traveling, so make an appointment with your doctor well before you are scheduled to travel to get up to date on your vaccines. The CDC recommends tetanus, diphtheria, measles, typhoid, and hepatitis A. Check out their website for more information.

Do I need a visa I need to work as volunteer?

You will need to have a tourist visa to join volunteer opportunities in Bali, Indoensia which you can obtain from the nearest Indonesian embassy. Some nationalities can apply upon arrival. Be sure to do your research based on your home country well in advance to find out what you need, and to allow ample time for the sometimes-lengthy process. Learn more here.

Can I extend my visa while I am in the country? Can you help me with this?

You are allowed to stay for 30 days on a tourist visa. However, a 60 day extension can be granted, but it’s conditional. It can be extended 3 times for 30 days each, but special permission should be acquired from the consulate or embassy outside Indonesia. Learn more about the details here.

For more readings
Health and Safety

Which airport do I need to fly in?

You most likely will fly to the Ngurah Rai International Airport, in Bali. However, sometimes you need to fly to a different airport, depending on your project location. As a result, only after your placement is finalized should book your flight for Bali, Indonesia.  

What happens if I missed my flight or arrived late?

If you miss your flight, contact your in-country coordinator and inform them so they can reschedule your pickup.  

Who will bring me to the airport for my departure?

In our Bali volunteering program, We do not provide drop offs to the airport. You will have to either take a taxi or board a local bus for your departure to the airport. However, if you need any kind of help and assistance, the local project staff will be happy to offer advice.

How do I contact Global Crossroad’s Volunteers local coordinator?

You can contact the Global Crossroads coordinator either by making calls or by sending emails. All the contact details are provided in your Bali volunteer placement packet. We advise getting in touch before you leave your home country to get acquainted.

How can I communicate with my family from voounteerbali?

You can always contact your family back home while joining volunteer work in Bali programs. For contacting or making an international call to your family there are various hotels, post offices and phone booths for that. Besides that, there are number of internet cafes around your project locations for your ready use. You’ll have no trouble keeping in touch.

Is there internet available everywhere?

Yes, there are internet facilities available in all the major cities in Bali. Also, you will find good internet facilities in and around your project locations. You can visit a nearby internet café and easily hop online.

Page updated: 9th August, 2019