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Global Crossroad's internship abroad program offers 2-12 weeks of customized internship opportunities for students, researchers, and explorers in Argentina, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda with projects in more countries becoming available soon. Most past participants have joined internships in health care, journalism, women's issues, culture, sustainable development, and business. However, Global Crossroad can craft an internship projects in nearly any area you wish. Continue a lifetime of learning and self-improvement – arrange your internship with Global Crossroad today.

  • Internship

    Internship in Cambodia

    Experience one of the most exotic countries of south east Asia while interning in beautiful Cambodia.

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  • Internship in China

    Set off on a journey full of learning and unforgettable experiences while on an internship in China.

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  • Internship in India

    Enjoy the rich culture and gastronomical delight of India while you visit this beautiful country for internship.

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  • Internship in Nepal

    Internship in Nepal will reward you with a unique professional and personal experience to remember for a lifetime.

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  • Internship in Sri Lanka

    Get an internship in this exotic island nation and enjoy the tropical beaches and mesmerizing landscapes.

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  • Internship in Thailand

    Combine your love for travel an learning at a destination as exotic as Thailand. Make an unforgettable journey.

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  • Internship in Ghana

    Get a unique internship experience amid the unique culture and hospitable people of Ghana.

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  • Internship in Kenya

    Savor the wilderness of Kenya and its magnificent diverse landscape while on an internship journey to this east African country.

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  • Internship in South Africa

    Immerse into the vibrant culture of South Africa and enjoy the exotic location while interning abroad.

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  • Internship in Tanzania

    Internship in Tanzania will be a unique experience especially for those seeking wilderness and excitement.

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  • Internship in Uganda

    The 'heart of Africa' welcomes interns like you for an enriching internship journey to this magnificent land.

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  • Internship in Argentina

    Get your internship in the 'Land of the Silver Mountains' for great start to your professional life.

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  • Internship in Costa Rica

    Redefine your skills and grow professionally with an internship experience in the mesmerizing Costa Rica.

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  • Internship in Ecuador

    Make your resume stand out with a unique internship experience in the beautiful country of Ecuador.

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  • Internship in Guatemala

    Hop in for a memorable journey to Guatemala, learning and experiencing a different life as an intern.

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  • Internship in Peru

    Travel to the historically rich country of Peru and get hands on professional experience with an internship.

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  • Internship in Brazil

    Amid the vibrant culture of Brazil, an internship experience will open doors to a lot of opportunities for you.

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  • Internship in Mexico

    Tickle your gastronomy with the unique cuisine while on an internship to Mexico.

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