Global Crossroad Mission

Global Crossroad conducts successful volunteer abroad programs in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America . The foundation of our success lies in our dedication, vision, and working philosophies. Global Crossroad's focus on grassroots projects, cultural immersion, and travel learning opportunities reflects the unique, alternative approach that we have adopted to garner m em orable experiences for our volunteers.

  • Global Crossroad aims to support grassroots projects in developing countries, offering real hope for the poor in rural areas, particularly the needy children in the orphanage and the women.
  • Global Crossroad aims to offer international volunteers a unique opportunity for cultural immersion through its uniquely designed language program, intriguing cultural tours, and warm and inviting village visits in its many partner countries.
  • Global Crossroad aims to offer international volunteers an alternative way of traveling or travel learning opportunities through its comprehensive
    mini-adventure projects.

What our Volunteers says