Mini Volunteer and Travel Escape Abroad (2 Weeks)

Are you interested in a short volunteering abroad and travel opportunity? Are you looking for a way to help others while embarking on a grand adventure? Then Global Crossroad’s 2-week mini-volunteer and travel program could be a perfect match for you.

Global Crossroad’s mini adventure and travel program is an specially designed 2 week volunteer and travel adventure opportunity. In this type of program, you will work as a volunteer for the first 10 days and spend the last 4 days embarking on the adventure of a life time by exploring the major attractions of the country you choose to visit. This type of program is a perfect balance of volunteering, cultural immersion, travel, and exploration.

We are currently offering mini adventure and travel programs in Costa Rica, Peru, Nepal, Chitwan-Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer, travel, and making a difference in the world, we invite you to join our mini volunteer and travel adventure program.