In 2015, nearly 1200 volunteers joined Global Crossroad's unique volunteer-abroad programs. Nearly 98% of surveyed volunteers described their abroad experience as truly rewarding, meaningful and life-changing. Nearly 99% of volunteers were satisfied with our program (projects, living accommodations, meal arrangements, in-field staff members, and safety procedures). In fact, many of our volunteers are even retuning to Global Crossroad as AND referring our abroad experiences to their friends and family.

In 2015, volunteer spent an average six (6) weeks abroad working 30 hours per week for a 180-hour, volunteer contribution to our grassroots organizations. In total, Global Crossroad volunteers contributed 216,000 hours of their much-needed and appreciated time making this world a better place.

  • Global Crossroad volunteers in Nepal In Nepal, Global Crossroad volunteers constructed an orphanage – providing both a home and an educational venue for 60 orphaned children.
  • In Tibet, volunteers built a soccer-field and playground for local school children – supporting the local schools' efforts to offer more physical education to its students.
  • In Jaipur, India, volunteers painted the Jaipur Orphanage (contained within seven separate buildings), performed some much-needed maintenance AND built a playground – all while providing unconditional love, compassion and assistance to the orphaned children of India.
  • In China 's English-teaching Summer Camps, volunteers taught conversational English to approximately 700 enthusiastic Chinese students – helping these receptive students to pursue their dream of learning the English language from native English-speakers.
  • In Sri Lanka, Global Crossroad volunteers donated clothes, books, toys, and much-needed food to 123 children at the Samanthi Orphanage.
  • In Thailand, Global Crossroad volunteers trained local English teachers in bringing them up to date on current, English-teaching methodologies as well as assisted in English education curriculum development, and other modes of effective teaching.
  • Global Crossroad volunteers in Cambodia In Cambodia, Global Crossroad's in-country staff members and volunteers developed a funding proposal for local orphanages and non-profit organizations. Volunteers also assisted in authoring annual reports, editing web pages, and fulfilling administrative duties.
  • In Peru and Costa Rica, Global Crossroad volunteers renovated old orphanages in disrepair, painted school buildings as well as donated numerous books and toys for nearly 200 children.
  • In Honduras, in-country staff members and volunteers launched conservation awareness programs to protect the ecological integrity of the Amazon Forest .
  • In Costa Rica, Global Crossroad volunteers participated in various sea-turtle conservation efforts – protecting the deteriorating environment of the respective beach.
  • In Tanzania, volunteers constructed a water-purification tank for disabled children in addition to Global Crossroad donating $4000 for supplies necessary for the facility's construction.
  • In Kenya, volunteers constructed schools in the world's largest slum – providing educational opportunities for these impoverished, inner-city children.
  • Global Crossroad volunteers in Ghana In Ghana, Global Crossroad volunteers participated in various HIV/AIDS-awareness programs – travel from village-to-village in and around the city of Accra as well as the Volta Region – raising awareness and providing educational resources for the stigma, global pandemic that is HIV/AIDS.

Global Crossroad's success comes from its amazing volunteers who believe in serving and helping the humanity of the global community through humanitarian efforts. Global Crossroad's volunteers offer unconditional love, altruistic compassion, and much-needed support for orphans, at-risk children, women's support groups, and impoverished communities contributing to make this world a wonderful and better place.