Dear Parents:

Let me first commend you on your decision to explore volunteer abroad opportunities for your children. We know sending your children to new lands leaving friends, family, and all that is familiar behind is a big decision. However, this challenge can be a rewarding and life changing experience for your kids. Since the last 4 years, we have been sending hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers (mostly college students) who are eager to learn, travel, explore, contribute, and make a difference in the life of others in need. Many of our volunteers have found Global Crossroad volunteer experiences highly rewarding as they returned homes with life changing experiences and memories.

Here, we have tried to summarize some of our features and priorities which clearly shows how we are trying to offer safe and meaningful volunteer abroad experiences to our volunteers and your children:


Safety of volunteers is our first concern and priority. We strive to offer a safe, high quality and professional services to our participants. We work with parents/volunteers from the beginning to the end of project to ensure the safe and successful volunteer experiences. The quality of programs and safety of our volunteers are maintained at all levels.

First: Placement Projects

We place volunteers in well researched projects. We only work with established grassroots organizations (orphanages, schools, and Non-Governmental Organizations). Most of our local partner organizations have hosted international volunteers and have good experiences working with volunteers from around the world.

Second: Host Family

Living with local host family is a highly rewarding experience for most of our former volunteers. Nearly 90% of our volunteers live with host family. In most of the cases, the relatives (sisters) of local country coordinators serve as a host family. Our host family speaks little English, and they are socially respected, economically stable, and have experience in hosting international volunteers. Host family also offers a separate room and three local meals a day to the volunteers.

In some cases, volunteers live in a hostel with other volunteers, or in a modest rented house or apartment.

Third: Field Support

Programs in each of our partner countries are managed by professional, personable in-country coordinators whose primary job is to care for the needs of our volunteers. He/she welcomes volunteers upon arrival at the airport, orients th em about the country, conducts a language program (where applicable), manages local room and board services, introduces volunteers to local projects, and personally visits or calls each volunteers every 7-12 days.

Our in-country coordinators are fluent in English and are available 24/7 to assist your children and our volunteers at every turn. From the first day of their arrival to the last day of the project, your children will have the comfort and care of our knowledgeable local field staffs.

Fourth: Comprehensive Insurance and Evacuation Plan

Global Crossroad offers one of the most comprehensive insurance packages to its volunteers Our insurance coverage provides excellent protection for your child in the event of health-related probl em s, accidents, and other incidents. Please contact us to learn more about our insurance package.

Fifth: Placement with Other Volunteers

If you think your child will be more secure when placed with other international volunteers, please let us know. Depending upon the availability, we will be glad to arrange a project and accommodation for your child with other English-speaking volunteers.

Please Call Us

If you have any questions about of our programs or the volunteer journey of your children, please feel free to call us.

Limitations of Global Crossroad services are given in terms and conditions.