Volunteer English Teaching in Tanzania Project

Do you want to help improve the present and future lives of children through education? This volunteering opportunity in Tanzania teaching English is a unique opportunity to travel abroad while also making a huge difference in the lives of students in Tanzania.

  • Budget-friendly travel and humanitarian option
  • Safe and meaningful way to explore the captivating country
  • With 13 years of experience, you will have a satisfying experience
  • Use your skills and passions to make a difference in the world

The schools in Tanzania are closed in June and December, so the volunteer teaching English in Tanzania program is unavailable during this time. However, during this time, volunteers can work in orphanage teaching the children

English is a common language in Tanzania, as the country was once a British colony. However, there is still a lack of quality English education in the country. English fluency is proving to be more and more vital due to the growing tourism industries and the increase of foreign investments in Tanzania.

Private schools run by individuals and communities are helping to educate the children of Tanzania. In our volunteer teaching English in Tanzania project, you will teach English in nurseries, primary, and secondary schools to students the range from 6 to 16-years-old.

Volunteer teachers may also teach math and or science.  Additional help is needed with art lessons, games, various extracurricular activities, and administrative office work. The students come from deprived families and the schools lack sufficient resources. Your help is greatly appreciated and will make a monumental difference in the lives of your students.

Role of Volunteer

During your teaching English opportunity in Tanzania, you will work for 4-5 hours a day for five or six days a week. In Tanzania, each school usually has its own English teachers who direct our volunteers with methods and curricula, and also offer assistance with solving communication barriers in the classroom. You will be involved with:

  • Helping to develop and improve conversational skills
  • Reading to the students
  • Strengthening reading comprehension skills
  • Correcting pronunciation
  • Assisting other teacher

Tanzania has four academic terms per year: January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

Skills and Qualifications Needed

There are no specific qualifications needed to join our teaching English in Tanzania program beyond a fluency in English. No previous teaching experience is required. You should have a love for teaching, English, and conversation. You should be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient, and positive.

All volunteering in Tanzania programs start each Monday, though we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints.

Prices: Volunteer in Tanzania

Most affordable prices for quality volunteer work in Tanzania are through Global Crossroad. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

Global Crossroad's volunteer abroad in Tanzania application and registration fee cost US $299. In addition to the application fee, volunteers are required to pay weekly program fee. You pay your weekly fee directly to your host families and projects. This way, the fees you pay will benefit those who deserve it (not for company profit).

Duration All Other Projects HIV Medical project
  1 Week   $175   $225   $425
  2 Weeks   $300   $400   $550
  3 Weeks   $425   $575   $675
  4 Weeks   $550   $750   $800
  5 Weeks   $675   $925   $925
  6 Weeks   $800   $1,100   $1,050
  7 Weeks   $925   $1,275   $1,175
  8 Weeks   $1,050   $1,450   $1,300
  9 Weeks   $1,175   $1,625   $1,425
  10 Weeks   $1,300   $1,800   $1,550
  11 Weeks   $1,425   $1,975   $1,675
  12 Weeks   $1,550   $2,150   $1,800
Program fees cover:
  • Accommodation (volunteer house)
  • Food (local food 3 times a day)
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers
Program fees exclude:
  • Volunteers visa fee $250. Pleases see volunteers visa requirement in Tanzania http://tanzaniaembassy-us.org/?page_id=76
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

C permit can be received upon arrival.

How your fee is allocated?

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