Volunteer abroad 101

Are you thinking about doing volunteer abroad? Do you have questions related to volunteer abroad? It can be a life changing adventure, but it's important that you have enough information to ensure your volunteer abroad journey is successful.

In our Volunteer Abroad 101 series, we've collected some of the most common questions asked by past volunteers and answered them in detail to help you learn more about volunteering abroad . After reading through these answers, you'll have all the information you need for a safe, affordable, and meaningful volunteer abroad experience.

  1. What is Volunteer Abroad?
  2. Why do you want to volunteer abroad?
  3. Is Volunteering really for Me?
  4. Volunteer Abroad Complaints
  5. What are the Most Popular Volunteer Abroad Places?
  6. How Can You Select the Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations?
  7. How can you make volunteer abroad experience rewarding?
  8. Skills/Qualifications
  9. Cost/Money Matter
  10. How can I find free volunteer opportunities abroad?
  11. Why do I need to pay to volunteer?
  12. Health and Safety
  13. Accommodation/Food
  14. Host family
  15. Applying/Booking
  16. How to prepare to volunteer abroad?
  17. Vaccination
  18. Flight
  19. Packing
  20. Gift for project/host families
  21. In-country support or when you will be in field
  22. What is the daily schedule for projects?
  23. What are popular volunteer abroad project?