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Follow your heart of hearts and create the most fulfilling vacation you will ever have! When you volunteer in Argentina through Global Crossroad’s professional humanitarian programs, you will prepare yourself for memories of a lifetime!

Argentina is a country of dramatic contrasts in its scenic landscapes and in its multicultural population. You will revel in the natural beauty of the land and the diverse, European-flavored architecture and culture in its cities. You’ll visit incredible Buenos Aires, take in atmospheric Inca ruins and learn about the extremes, good and bad, of its deep history. Your heart and soul will warm in Argentina’s wonderful climate and become enriched by your interactions with its cordial people. You can have a concrete effect toward improving the lives of many deserving Argentineans and reducing the enormous disparity between the haves and the have nots.

Consider joining us in our unforgettable Volunteer in Argentina program. Contact us for more information today. You and your heart will never be the same

Volunteer Programs in Argentina

The Global Crossroad volunteer programs in Argentina are in Córdoba and Buenos Aires. Volunteers can choose one of the five projects and share love, enthusiasm and support with locals who need it the most! Global Crossroad’s focus on the following programs:

Dates and Prices

All volunteer work in Argentina (Volunteer and Spanish Language Studies) begin on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality volunteer abroad programs and a very affordable price. We always strive to keep costs low in order to share these savings with our volunteers. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion and we are dedicated to perpetuating low-cost programs that enable as many volunteers as possible to cross borders and embrace the neediest souls of humanity.

Global Crossroad's application fee: US $299. The application fee covers our cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in USA office).

In addition to the application fee, volunteers are required to pay weekly program fee. The weekly program is required to cover the cost of meals and accommodation, salary of local staffs, rent of local offices, hostel/home base and utilities, and other field costs

Weeks Host Family /Half Food  Hostel/ No Food Medical(Host Family /Half Food)  Medical (Hostel/No Food)
1 Week
 $432  $404  $482  $ 454
2 Weeks
 $544  $488  $644  $ 588
3 Weeks
 $656  $572  $806  $ 722
4 Weeks
 $768  $656  $968  $ 856
5 Weeks
 $880  $740  $1,130  $ 990
6 Weeks
 $992  $824  $1,292  $1,124
7 Weeks
 $1,104  $908  $1,454  $1,258
8 Weeks
 $1,216  $992  $1,616  $1,392
9 Weeks
 $1,328  $1,076  $1,778  $1,526
10 Weeks
 $1,440  $1,160  $1,940  $1,660
11 Weeks
 $1,552  $1,244  $2,102  $1,794
12 Weeks  $1,664  $1,328  $2,264  $1,928
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day
  • Spanish Lessons (10hrs a week, M-F) $120/Week

    Learn Spanish in Argentina


    Global Crossroad offers highly affordable Spanish language classes in Argentina. These classes are only for Global Crossroad volunteers participating in our volunteer programs. In Argentina, Global Crossroad partners with effective and respectable Spanish schools. They employ qualified and experienced Spanish teachers that carry out Argentina’s most thorough and valuable Spanish courses.  This Spanish program is structured so that volunteers can work within their project and learn Spanish at the same time. Volunteers may take Spanish classes from 9:00-11:00 am, eat lunch and volunteer in the afternoon. Alternatively, volunteers may work in their projects in the morning and take their Spanish classes after lunch from 2:00-4:00 am. Most volunteer projects are located near the Spanish school, so volunteers may easily design their personal schedules. As a Global Crossroad volunteer in Argentina, you will immerse yourself in Argentinean culture and enhance your experience by learning and improving your Spanish.

    Argentina Volunteer Program: Room/Food/Supervision


    Volunteers in Argentina working in Córdoba will stay in a hostel in a safe and centrally located area. The cost of meal is no not included in your weekly volunteer fees, so please budget about $50 a week of your meals. Throughout the volunteer project, Global Crossroad staff will constantly stay in contact with volunteers through either onsite visits or via email/telephone. With longer placements, we visit our volunteers every two weeks (when possible) and volunteers are always welcome to contact the local country coordinator at any time. If project placement is outside the capital city, then our local staff members maintain communication by email and/or phone.

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    NOTE: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is generic information and should not be used as a definitive travel guide. Travel information and situations abroad change constantly. Participants should consult Global Crossroad or travel advisors to verify this information.