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When you join Global Crossroad’s Argentina volunteer program, you’ll have your choice of staying in a hostel, or with a welcoming local host family.  

Volunteer Hostel in Argentina

Global Crossroad has a volunteer hostel safely located in a beautiful area of Cordoba, Argentina, and this is a great place to make like-minded friends from around the world!

You can expect to share a room with other international volunteers of the same gender. The bedrooms are well-furnished with single beds, tidy bedding materials, fan, electricity outlets and other necessary services.

You’ll have a shared western style bathroom with a regular supply of water. A private room may be available depending on the number of volunteers staying there when you arrive, so feel free to ask if this is your preference.

You’ll find all sorts of services conveniently located nearby, such as restaurants, healthcare clinics, hospitals, internet cafes, ATMs, groceries, etc. You’ll be responsible for your own laundry, and you can easily locate a laundromat to take care of this.

The hostel is a great way for you to connect and bond with your fellow volunteers. Share stories; learn about other parts of the world, and make friends with people from around the world that all want to make a difference in Argentina.

Facilities: Multiple comfortable bedrooms (shared with same gender), single beds with clean and comfortable bedding materials, communal bathrooms with running water, western style toilets, necessary amenities nearby

Host Family

Depending on your Argentina volunteering program selection, you may be able to opt for the culturally immersive experience of staying with a local Argentinian host family.

Your welcoming host family will offer you a home away from home and be a wonderful gateway into the culture you are visiting. Share breakfast and dinner around the table with your adopted Argentinian clan, and enjoy regional cuisine, practice your Spanish, and learn all about your fascinating new family.

All of our host families are carefully chosen for the security and comfort of their homes, and their friendliness and willingness to engage in cultural exchange. Gain a deeper insight of the everyday life of the Argentinean people and learn so much more about this fascinating country than just walking the tourist trail.

There are comfortable bedrooms which you will share with other same gendered volunteers. This is the perfect opportunity for bonding with volunteers from around the world and building a network of international friends. You can expect to find communal bathroom facilities with western style toilets and running tap water.

Facilities: Comfortable bedrooms (shared with same gender volunteers), single beds with clean and comfortable bedding materials, communal bathrooms with running water, western style toilets, necessary amenities nearby

Volunteer Opportunity in Argentina: Meals

Food is at the heart of a society, and Argentina is no exception. This country is famous for its delicious beef, delectable empanadas, and the sweet, silky, smooth concoction known as dulce de leche.

Whether or not any of your meals are covered by your program fee depends on where you’re staying. If you’ll be staying in our hostel, you’ll be responsible yourself for your meals. However, you’ll have access to a shared kitchen and can shop at the grocery store for meals to prepare yourself. There is also a wealth of nearby restaurants to enjoy.

If you stay with a host family, your host family will offer breakfast and dinner. In Argentinian culture, food is a way of expressing affection, and it is always shared with the people they care about. Get embraced by this beautiful and flavorful tradition of Argentina during your culturally immersive host family experience.

Popular Argentinian Cuisine

The national dish of Argentina is Asados (a variety of barbecued meat) and morcilla (blood sausage). Some other staple Argentine foods are Empanadas, Pizza, Milanesa and Provoleta.


Empanadas are deep-fried or baked pastries filled with spiced ground beef, chicken, goat, cheese and/or vegetables. While volunteering in Argentina, you won’t want to miss out on this country’s unique take on this hot, cheap and popular Latin street food.


Even more popular than Empanadas, Choripan is the ultimate Argentinean street food. Made with pork and beef chorizo cooked over charcoal or wood flames, the sausage is grilled, and served between slices of crusty bread.

Milanesa, is yet another popular cuisine in Argentina. It is made from beef or chicken breast by frying or baking.

Provoleta is a grilled cheese sandwich Argentina style. Pungent, sharp, sliced discs of the cheese are topped with chilli flakes and herbs, like oregano, then grilled.

Other popular food you can taste during your Argentina volunteering programs are Llama, Humita, Locro and many more. Be sure to sample widely and get a true taste for Argentina while you’re there!

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Argentina

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Argentina, such as
teaching english,
community development,
dental care,
healthcare and much more. 

For more information on our exciting programs in Argentina, contact us today.