Do you daydream about exploring the wide world by volunteering abroad for 17 year olds? Can you imagine yourself working with special needs children in Mexico, supporting an HIV/AIDS project in Uganda or helping out at an orphanage in South Africa? There are so many positive effects that come from volunteering abroad. Global Crossroad is happy to offer you a varied selection of the best volunteer programs. These opportunities are all affordable and safe, and offer participants unforgettable memories.

Finding good volunteer work abroad for 17 year olds is simple with Global Crossroad’s in-depth list of programs related to a range of fields: from healthcare to animal conservation to teaching English, our programs attract people from all walks of life. You’re never too young or old to start donating your time to people in need—and receiving the never ending gifts of giving back.

The benefits of Volunteering abroad for 17 year olds

Volunteering abroad for 17 year olds comes with so many benefits, it’s hard to keep track of them all! Young students will enjoy getting out to see the world, but volunteering abroad is so much more than that. Rather than waste their time partying or watching YouTube, teens who volunteer abroad are making use of every waking minute.

Volunteering opportunities for 17 year olds ensure that teens aren’t just learning new things, but offering their own skill-set to serve others. From improving their ability to speak a foreign language to putting money back into the local economy, volunteering abroad for 17 year olds is useful in both practical and more subtle ways. The people you meet while volunteering abroad might become future colleagues or even best friends; meanwhile, the work you do can often spawn a new passion or career path.
For example, picture yourself caring for children with disabilities in Mexico. If you enjoy this experience, it could end up influencing what you choose to study at college.

At the same time, volunteering abroad for 17 year olds is also a perfect way to find out what you don’t like. Have you always wanted to be a doctor but aren’t sure if you want to commit to medical school? Volunteering at an HIV/AIDS project in Uganda can show you whether you want to seriously pursue a career in medicine. Of course, volunteering abroad isn’t only for teenagers! At Global Crossroad, we offer programs aimed at a range of age groups—including people in mid-career, and older adults. Whether you want to pursue social work, nature conservation, or simply want a new adventure, Global Crossroad’s selection of safe and cost-effective programs will help you get there.

Globalcrossroad Top Rated Volunteering Abroad for 17 Year Olds Opportunities

Discover our selection of Globalcrossroad's most affordable volunteering opportunities for 17 year olds:

NGO Cambodia Volunteer Project In Cambodia

For teenagers who are interested in pursuing nonprofit work or studying international relations, consider this exciting program. Based in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, volunteers will be connected with local NGOs who need support with various tasks: from proposal and grant writing to research and fundraising, volunteers will work up to 35 hours per week. Prior experience with international nonprofits is necessary. Remember, volunteer abroad for 17 year olds can be just the thing to kickstart your career in the nonprofit sector!

Orphanage project in South Africa

Programs for volunteer abroad 17 year olds are filled with opportunity—like this one, working at a local orphanage in South Africa’s beautiful Cape Town. Working between 25 and 35 hours per week, volunteers will get to make a difference in the lives of local children. During your volunteer time, you’ll be responsible for clothing, cleaning, and feeding the kids. But most of all, volunteers will offer the children unconditional love and support.

Special Education Project In Mexico

If you’re interested in working with special needs children, this is a wonderful opportunity for you. Volunteer work abroad for 17 year olds can be a rewarding experience, especially when you’re helping kids with disabilities to feel happy. Volunteers for this program aim to improve the children’s quality of life by assisting with daily tasks, teaching them different subjects, and offering support to local staff. You must have a strong grasp of the Spanish language in order to apply, as communication is key for this position.

Volunteer Teaching English in China

17 year olds volunteering abroad usually have an eye-opening experience during their program—particular when they’re living somewhere very different to their home country. This teaching English opportunity in China offers teens a chance to immerse themselves in a brand new culture. But volunteers also contribute significant to local communities when they teach in Quingdao. Between planning lessons to teaching to helping local staff, volunteers work anywhere from 15 to 30 hours per week, and are also treated to traditional meals daily.

Marine Life Project In Costa Rica

Volunteering opportunities for 17 year olds like this don’t come along everyday: embark on an amazing journey to Costa Rica with this program that lets volunteers work first-hand with local animals. A great program for anyone interested in developing their understanding of animals, volunteers will have numerous tasks. These include creating educational workshops, helping with general maintenance, and assisting with rescues. 

Handicraft Project In Brazil

For 17 year olds volunteering abroad, what better place to go than warm and beautiful Brazil? Volunteers at this worthwhile Handicraft Project in Rio de Janeiro will soak up more than just sun—they’ll gain skills to last a lifetime. Working between 10 and 30 hours per week, volunteers will be responsible for teaching local women various handicrafts, including sewing and pottery. To participate in this fantastic experience, you must be able to speak basic Portuguese; volunteers are expected to communicate with the women on a daily basis.

HIV/Aids Project in Uganda

This is a program for volunteer abroad 17 year olds for people interested in learning more about Ugandan culture and working in healthcare. Volunteers don’t need any prior training but need to be open to adapting to Ugandan customs. Responsibilities include providing counselling to local patients, offering educational outreach within the community, and delivering supplies such as food and clothes to the sick.

Embarking on one of these fantastic programs is one of the best things you can do as a youth. Volunteer work abroad for 17 year olds offers first-hand experience in real-world professions like medicine, social work, and animal conservation. These opportunities also give teens the chance to form relationships with peers across the globe and bring back valuable skills to their home country. Whether you’re a teen looking for a summer escape, or a retired adult yearning for adventure, Global Crossroad offers a plethora of volunteer abroad programs just waiting for you. No matter what you’re passionate about—whether it be dentistry, nursing, or sports, Global Crossroad has a program that’s perfect for you.