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Explore Thailand and Cambodia (29 Days)!

Do you want to go on a life changing trip while also making a huge difference for communities and animals? Do you wish for a chance to immerse yourself in a fascinating country while leaving a positive impact? Then this volunteer tour of Thailand and Cambodia is perfect for you!

Thailand is an amazing country filled with deep culture and history and awe-inspiring scenery. Whether you like to wander through ancient ruins, snorkel in clear blue seas, relax and party on the beach or lose yourself in giant metropolises, Thailand has the perfect experience for you.

Sadly, Thailand still struggles in various areas common to developing nations. Rural and poor communities are often without the funding and assistance required ensuring a happy existence and adequate education. The gorgeous elephants, the country is known for, also suffer under the weight of exploitation and abuse.

While exploring and volunteering in Thailand project, you can help change all that. By sharing your love and passion for underprivileged communities and exploited animals, you will get to improve life for Thais in need by renovating public facilities like schools, teach English to children in a temple school, and care for amazing elephants rescued from suffering.

All this will make a huge difference in the lives of entire communities and leave the country markedly better off for you having been there.

Do you want to go on an amazing journey while helping children, communities and elephants? Then contact Global Crossroad today for more information!

Volunteer Responsibilities & Impacts

Your responsibilities will be varied as you’ll be working in three separate Thailand volunteer programs and placements. During your day in the temple school in Bangkok, you will be teaching English to the children and engage them in conversation to improve their speaking skills and confidence in the language. This will help accelerate their English education and motivate them to reach their potential in the language, opening up many opportunities for them.

While working in the renovation project, you will be assigned to a school or other important public facility and given the chance to rebuild and renovate it, greatly improving the life of everyone living in the community you’re working in.

Finally, your time spent with the elephants will show a kinder side of humanity to these amazing animals and your love and care will give them great comfort after lives often spent abused and exploited. Your dedicated volunteering work in Thailand will also raise awareness of elephant suffering and increase their chance of survival as a species in happy and ethical conditions.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no required skills, education or experience to take part in this tour. All you need is a great love and passion for helping people, communities and animals in need. You should be a kind, patient and flexible person, willing to go outside your comfort zone to enjoy great new experiences and immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign land.


Day 1 – Arrival in Bangkok.

Your guide will pick you up at the airport and take you to the accommodation where you’ll meet and get to know your new traveling companions.

Day 2 – Orientation and Bangkok City Tour.

On day 2 of your amazing Thailand volunteering work, you will go for an amazing tour of the city with your fellow travelers and volunteers.

Day 3- Volunteer in a Temple School.

Today you’ll get to work with children and teach them vital English skills. The school you’ll be working in is located on the grounds of the famous Wat Pho, home of the reclining Buddha.

Day 4 – Visit JJ Market

On the fourth day of your volunteering work in Thailand, you’ll get to explore one of South East Asia’s largest market, where you can peruse and purchase pretty much anything under the sun while also enjoying amazing food stalls located all around the market.

Day 5 – Train ride to Surin.

Today it’s time to leave Bangkok behind and set out by train for the rural town of Surin. The journey will take roughly 8 hours and give you plenty of chances to enjoy the rural Thai scenery as you barrel through beautiful nature and charming villages.

Day 6 - 9 – Community Renovation Project.

During these four days you will be working to renovate a school or other public facility in a community at need. You will be doing hands-on renovation works accompanied by a local team and your fellow volunteers. Common tasks include painting and construction, and your volunteer work in Thailand will run from the morning to the afternoon but will depend on the needs of the specific project or community.

Day 10 – Travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

On the tenth day you set out for nearby Cambodia, arriving in Siem Reap. The evening can be spent enjoying the famous Pub Street or sightseeing within the city.

Day 11 – Angkor Wat Tour.

Siem Reap’s, and indeed all of Cambodia’s, most famous attraction is Angkor Wat, which you will spend the full day exploring, returning to your accommodation in the evening after sunset.

Day 12 – Return to Surin.

The day is spent returning the same way you came back to Surin, and you’ll probably want to take the evening to relax and recuperate after all the excitement of the last few days to prepare for your elephant village experience.

Day 13 - 16 – Elephant Village Experience.

For these 4 days and 3 nights, you will work in elephant volunteering program in Thailand. You will stay at the Elephant Village and help feed and care for the elephants there. This will let you immerse yourself in rural Thai life before transferring back to Surin on the final day for another night in our volunteer house.

Day 17 – Travel to Khao Yai National Park.

You set out for a 4-hour drive to Khao Yai. On arrival you’ll have the afternoon and evening to relax and explore in the jungle atmosphere of Khao Yai.

Day 18 – Trekking in Khao Yai National Park.

While volunteering in Thailand prgram, on the 18th day, you will have a once in a lifetime trekking experience. You’ll send the day trekking around Khao Yai and taking in breathtaking sights such as iconic waterfalls and amazing views from Pha Daew Dai. A local guide will accompany you to give you the best trekking experience possible, which will last until the late afternoon.

Day 19 – Return to Bangkok.

Today you return to Bangkok and have the opportunity for another crazy night on Khao San Road.

Day 20 – Bangkok Bicycle Tour

Another tour of Bangkok, this time by bicycle to the more off the beaten track rural streets of Bangkok. You’ll visit a temple, cross the bridge over the Chaophraya River and conclude the tour in the afternoon. In the evening you’ll head to the Lomprayah office where a coach will take you overnight to the Chumpon Pier.

Day 21 – Arrival in Koh Tao

You’ll take a ferry to the island of Koh Tao and arrive before midday, and the rest of the day is yours to relax, explore or go out and party.

Day 22 – Koh Tao Snorkeling

Our 22nd day of your Thailand volunteer program, you’ll have a chance to see the famous Sea Turtle as you spend the day snorkeling at some of the most amazing spots around Koh Tao and the surrounding islands


Day 24 – Travel to Koh Phangan

You hop on a ferry for a short ride to the famous party island, where the rest of your day is free.

Day 25 – 27 – Relax on Koh Phangan.

These three days are completely free to relax, swim, explore and party. There’s a lot to do here, such as yoga retreats, Muay Thai gyms and countless amazing viewpoints, not to mention the amazing beach parties.

Day 28 - Return to Bangkok.

On 28th day of your Thailand volunteer work, you will return to Bangkok, and to get there you’ll get on a ferry back to the mainland before being driven by coach back north to the capital. You’ll arrive just in time to enjoy dinner and a final night on Khao San Road.

Day 29 – End of the Journey.

It’s time to say farewell as you enjoy a final breakfast with the group and prepare for your return trip home or onwards travel.

Explore Thailand and Cambodia: Dates and Fees

Start Dates


Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality volunteering in Thailand programs at the world’s most affordable price. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

Global Crossroad's volunteer program in Thailand application and registration fee cost US $299. The application fee covers the cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in USA office).

In addition to the application fee, you are required to pay a weekly program fee . You will pay your weekly fee directly to the country coordinator, who in turn will allocate it to your host family, project and other in-country support we offer to our volunteers. This way, the fees that you pay will benefit those who rightfully deserve them, and not for company profit.

The program fee needs to be paid in GBP to directly to the country coordinator before the project start date.

Program Fee: £1013

Mandatory comprehensive travel insurance $3.49 a day »

What’s included?

  • Airport pick-up on arrival
  • Two night guest house accommodation in Bangkok
  • Guided Bangkok Tour
  • Transfer to Surin
  • Accommodation throughout your trip – a range of guest houses / shared house / elephant village homestay and, if you choose the beach extension, an awesome beach front hotel
  • All activities listed in the itinerary – far too many to list here
  • Full orientation of project and surrounding areas
  • Daily transfers to and from project location
  • Full ongoing support

What Isn’t

  • Your flights
  • Meals – Please allow around $10USD/day
  • Visa to enter Thailand (if required)
  • Visa to enter Cambodia
  • Travel insurance
  • Any additional activities not mentioned in the itinerary

Accommodation and Meal

While volunteering in Thailand, you will stay in our safe and secure volunteer house. You will share comfortable rooms with volunteers of the same gender and have access to modern bathroom facilities. There are no meals provided in Surin, but a kitchen is available for use as well as plenty of food options located nearby.

Read more about your Accommodation and Meal.

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

This tour is designed to give you plenty of chances to explore and experience Thailand outside of volunteering. You’ll get to see beautiful scenery and ancient ruins and have plenty of time to explore on your own both during your volunteer work in the evenings and during your free time all across the country as you travel.

Read more about your free time and weekend exploration in Thailand.

Safety and In Country Support

We take your safety extremely seriously. We always vet all accommodation, Thailand volunteer program and facilities beforehand and regularly inspect them to ensure they remain up to our standards. We will support you from the moment you book, and your guide will be available at all times to support or help you if you require assistance.

Read more about our safety and in-country support.

Explore Thailand and Cambodia : FAQs

Arrival and departure

To take part in this tour of Thailand and Cambodia you need to fly into Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok at least one day prior the start of the program.

Please inform us of your flight schedule so that we can arrange the pickup. Should your flight be cancelled or missed, let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust the schedule.

Be aware that we do not provide airport drop-off at the end of the tour, but this is easy to arrange.

To take part in this tour and work program you need a tourist visa, which can be obtained at the official Thai embassy or consulate in your home country. This can take a few days so plan accordingly. Visit the following link for more information about visas:

Hepatitis B, Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis A, Routine Vaccinations, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Rabies are recommended for you if you wish to take part in this Thailand volunteer work project.

Please visit this link to learn more about vaccines required for Thailand. You should consult with your medical doctor prior to taking any vaccines.

Why join this Thailand & Cambodia volunteer tour?

This tour of Thailand and Cambodia allows you to experience both countries while making a significant positive impact on several communities in Thailand and making lifelong friends in the process.

Do several kinds of volunteer work

While taking part in this Cambodia and Thailand volunteer opporutnities, you’ll get to work in three separate volunteering experiences. You will assist in a temple school, care for elephants and help renovate schools and other vital facilities.

Make lifelong friends

The people you travel with and locals you work with will become your new lifelong friends and leave you with amazing memories of your time in Thailand and Cambodia.

Make a difference

Not only will you have a great time on the tour, the work you put in and your love and passion will ensure that you make a huge difference and positive impact in the communities you visit and work in.

Travel AND volunteer in the same trip at an affordable rate

By joining this volunteering opportunity in Thailand and Cambodia, you get the chance to travel through Cambodia and Thailand affordably while also getting to make a huge difference through varied volunteer work.

Other Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand

Global Crossroad arranges many kinds of volunteering opportunities in Thailand. You can work with elephants,
provide childcare,
help renovate schools,
teach English,
provide crucial medical care and much more.
Contact Global Crossroad today to find out which program is right for you!