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Safety & In Country Support

Are you concerned about your safety while volunteering abroad? Are you wondering about how much support you will receive when traveling in a foreign country you are not familiar with?


At Global Crossroad, your safety is always our number one priority, and you can feel secure knowing that we go above and beyond to ensure you have a safe, satisfying, and well-managed volunteer experience abroad.

We know fears and concerns regarding safety and support are at the forefront of all prospective volunteer’s minds, and with good reason. You can rest easy knowing that we will take care of everything for you, and we have carefully selected safe and secure destinations and impactful projects making a real difference in the world.

Global Crossroad has been offering safe, affordable, and life-changing volunteer opportunities in 20 countries around the world since 2003. That’s nearly 16 years of experience and expertise that we bring to the table, and we use that know-how to continuously maintain and improve our high-quality programs. We have worked with over 20,000 volunteers, helping their dreams of making the world a better place come true.

Wondering exactly what kind of safety measures and support you’ll receive from Global Crossroad? Let’s look at what we offer in more detail.

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Pre-trip Support

Before you even book with us, Global Crossroad representatives are available to guide you along your path to selecting a safe and meaningful volunteer program that is just right for you.

With programs in 20 countries around the globe, you have a lot of options to choose from, and we will work closely with you to ensure you find the perfect project in the destination you have your heart set on that will have you making the kind of impact you want to.
We have carefully selected projects we work closely with that are doing important work and also offer safe and secure opportunities for international volunteers to get involved.

You don’t have to wonder if the organization is legitimate, if the housing is in a safe location, or stress over any of the concerns or doubts you might have when trying to select a project for yourself. You can trust we have done all this hard work ahead of time for you and set everything up for a safe and stress-free volunteer experience abroad.

Global Crossroad will also guide you in all the necessary preparations you need to make before heading off on your trip. We offer suggestions on necessary vaccinations to protect your health, offer reliable travel insurance options, give guidance on obtaining your visa, tell what you need to pack, and are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have along the way.

Comprehensive Insurance & Evacuation Plan

All Global Crossroad volunteers are required to guard their safety with a travel insurance plan that will cover them in the event of illness, injury, or other emergency. Picking the right policy and a trustworthy insurance company can be a challenge on your own. To make things easier for you and ensure you are safe and healthy during your travels, Global Crossroad offers a reliable and comprehensive plan that will offer you excellent protection in case any issue might arise while you are volunteering abroad.

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In-country Coordinator & Local Field Staff

From the moment you book with Global Crossroad and all the way throughout your time at your project, you will have the dedicated support of our in-country coordinator and local field staff that are there to help you every step of the way and ensure you have a safe and satisfying experience abroad.

As soon as you apply, the in-country coordinator will carefully review your application, background, interests, and objectives to select the perfect project that is just right for you and your situation. They will then carefully make all of your arrangements for you down to the smallest detail.

The in-country coordinator will arrange your safe and secure accommodations, ensuring you have a comfortable home away from home all set up for you well in advance. They will work with local project staff to prepare for your service work.

Healthy and nourishing local meals will be arranged so you don’t have to worry about finding and preparing food while you are volunteering. After you provide your flight details, the coordinator will set up your airport pick-up.

The in-country coordinator will be available before your departure and throughout your stay to offer you any needed guidance or support. They will bring you to your project, introduce you to the local staff, and carry out an informative orientation class. During this training, our coordinator will give you a run-down on your schedule, what work you will be doing and any details you need to know about the project.
The orientation will also provide background on your destination, including culture, history, customs you should know about and respect, and any needed safety precautions you should take while you are there.

If you run into any problems or need any help, you will be able to reach out to the in-country coordinator and they will offer assistance. They will also visit your project regularly or call to check up on you. You never have to feel like you are on your own and feel at a loss for what to do or how to handle challenging situations.

The local staff at the project will also be on-hand to offer you support, and ensure you are safe and having a great experience volunteering abroad.

Airport Pick-up

From the moment you step off the plane, Global Crossroad will be there to ensure you are safely picked up and transferred to your accommodations. Either our in-country coordinator or a trusted representative will be waiting with a sign which has your name on it, so you will be able to easily recognize them and see a friendly face from the very beginning of your journey.

Trusted & Respectable Host Families

Most Global Crossroad volunteers end up staying with a host family, an amazing opportunity to become fully immersed in the local culture and have a welcoming and comfortable home away from home.

This is just one more way Global Crossroad ensures you have a safe and secure experience volunteering abroad. Our host families are socially respected, have homes in safe locations, and they often have up to 16 years of experience hosting international volunteers.

You will share healthy and delicious local meals with your host family and get to see what life is really like in your host country. You will get a chance to experience native customs and culture and gain insight into the community you are volunteering to help.

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A Safety Net of Fellow Volunteers

You might feel safer and more comfortable when volunteering alongside other international volunteers, particularly if this is your first experience working at a project or traveling outside of your home country. This gives you a network of fellow travelers who are going through the same experience, are away from home just like you, and want to connect with other people trying to make a difference just like themselves.

If volunteering alongside others is a safety net you feel is important to your own experience, Global Crossroad will do its best to place you with other volunteers and potentially find housing where you can room with your fellow humanitarians. We work with volunteers around the world, so this can be an amazing chance to bond with people you would otherwise never have the chance to meet. Friendships made while volunteering abroad together often last a lifetime! /p>

Resources to Do Your Own Research

YWhile Global Crossroad will go out of its way to ensure you have a safe and successful volunteering experience abroad, doing your own research and becoming aware of current affairs in your destination country will go along way to ensuring your safety and security abroad.

Most countries keep up to date advisory websites that will apply specifically to travelers coming from your home country. Be sure to read these before and during your travels to keep yourself as safe as possible. Knowledge is power!

Here are some common advisory websites you can check out:

We also suggest keeping up to date on epidemics and health risks affecting the country you plan to volunteer in, and meeting with a travel doctor prior to heading off on your trip. The CDC keeps a very thorough and informative database organized by country that you should take a look at: www.cdc.gov

Your Safety is Our First Priority!

You can have peace of mind knowing that Global Crossroad will do everything possible before and during your trip to ensure your safety and offer you all the guidance and support you will need while volunteering abroad. If you ever have any further questions regarding this matter, feel free to reach out and an Global Crossroad representative will be happy to address your concerns.