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Internship in India

Do you want to experience a new culture to enhance your global perspectives and encourage personal growth? Have you considered joining an internship in India to take advantage of travel and cultural immersion?

Kick start your career or enhance your studies by joining one of the most unique internship experience. India is a diverse country with its own enriched culture and traditions. You will experience the exhilarating challenges that come from stepping outside of your comfort zone in during your internship, which will allow you professional and personal skill development. Throughout your stay, you will experience the country’s first-hand social issues and cultural identity. This will contribute to your global understanding of how cultural values influence local economies and may allow you to better empathize with people you would normally not agree with.

Global Crossroad brings you the most affordable internship programs in India at the very best price. Our various project centers are located at Delhi and Jaipurwill captivate you with their authenticity and charm. In a country like India, the demand for interns increases day by day due to the growing population, lack of resources, and high poverty rates. You will have the opportunity to contribute to projects such as medical and healthcare support, teaching English in schools, women’s empowerment projects, and HIV/AIDS outreach.

Global Crossroads invites you to take the first step in planning your internship abroad by emailing us for more information or reading about some of our program details below.

Popular Internship Opportunities in India

Global Crossroads offers amazing internship programs. There are many projects to match your interests and needs. If you don’t see anything below that interest you, please email us so we can help find the right project for you.

The country with the second largest population witnesses many children running across the streets with no shelter, food and clothing. The inadequate assistance from the government has made the lives of these children even worse.

With very less number of orphanages and lack of enough resources, the orphans are struggling for their basic rights. Through this internship project, you can bring a change in the lives of these unfortunate children and contribute for their development.

Throughout the internship period, you will have to assist the supervisors or coordinators for the smooth functioning of the orphanage. You can teach English and other basic subjects to the orphans. Besides the theoretical knowledge, you can also help the orphans acquire sound skills on logistics, linguistics and creativity.

During your orphanage internship program in India, you can get the orphans actively involved in sports and other extracurricular activities like dance, music, art, painting, debate etc. The little children can be guided on their daily routine and personal hygiene. It is certain that with the little affection and encouragement, these children shall be no more looking back.

India orphanage interns not only share their life with these children, but obtain a deeper understanding of their hardships and struggles. The interns can learn management skills by monitoring the administrative affairs of the orphanage. With the various ongoing activities and learning experience, interns can relish their travel to India by immersing into the rich culture and exploring its beauty.

There are no specific skills and qualifications required for getting enrolled in this internship project. The interns are expected to have a deeper love towards children and should have patience while dealing and interacting with children. It is important that the interns are full of compassion and flexibility.

If you are interested in volunteer programs, we also offer rewarding orphanage volunteer program in India.

India’s medical field are the perfect programs to get a firsthand experience in the medical sector. Interns have a tremendous scope of practical learning under the supervision of qualified and experienced doctors. The interns will not only be imparted with the medical learning but the skill of dealing and interacting with the patients. This will be an ideal opportunity for those who are willing to practice medicine. India has a lot stored for you to test your potential and overwhelm you with its air.

The works of interns in the medical Internship In India may vary as per the qualifications and certification. Interns can assist the doctors in examining and treating the patients. Interns can involve themselves in regular rounds, check up, providing first aid, prescribing and distributing medicines.

Interns in India medical program can diagnose and treat the patients with therapy and counseling. The most basic duties include measuring blood pressure, temperature, weight and height. Interns can also help the management with administrative affairs. Dedicated medical professionals and aspiring medical and nursing students, therapists can apply for the internship.

If you are interested in volunteer programs, we also offer rewarding medical volunteer program in India .

English is one of the most taught and in demand language all over the world. India is not an exception. Strangely it is the second most common language spoken in India. However, not all the people have been able to enjoy this fact. The poor people are still struggling to go to schools let alone having English lessons learned. With our term or summer internship opportunities in India, you can dedicate your time for these young kids to learn English and not only help them excel in academics but succeed in future.

Interns in the English teaching internship are positioned at the government schools assisting a permanent English instructor or teach as an independent English teacher. Interns can teach English on the basis of books provided and following the curriculum.

Besides the curricula, English teachers in this Internship in India program can take their students out for an education tour for a better comprehension. Interns can set up debates, discussions and public speaking where the students can practice their listening and speaking skills. Besides English, interns can also help the students in extracurricular activities and other subjects.

Internships teaching English project in India can be beneficial to interns who are eager to take teaching as a profession. It is the best time to test their caliber and hone their teaching skills. This internship will impart in the interns the knowledge of classroom dynamics, student teacher relationship and teaching techniques. There is a lot to learn and experience from people representing diverse backgrounds. You can have the time of your life living up with its adorable beauty and experiencing the religious and spiritual elements.

There are no specific skills or qualifications required for English teaching internship. However, interns with a certification or degree on English teaching would be preferable. Individuals with high command in English and fluency are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in volunteer programs, we also offer rewarding English teaching volunteer program in India .

The humans have landed on the moon and with developments in science, world has reached far beyond reality. Despite all these progress, the women in India are still living a miserable life. With the prevalence of poverty, illiteracy, social taboos and restrictions, the women are not treated as equals and not provided with opportunities as of men. Help these women through our women empowerment internship project for their overall development and sustainment. Your small effort can make a big impact on their life.

India’s women empowerment internship program will encourage the women to be self sufficient through projects like education, awareness and micro finance projects which helps women to learn and develop their skills in knitting, stitching and paper bag making. Projects as such will not only help the women earn for her living but to manage for the family. This internship will cater to the destitute women groups comprising of both girls and adult women.

The work of an intern with the project will vary on the skills and qualifications acquired. Interns can teach English or can help the women develop their skills on various activities like stitching, knitting, tailoring, handicrafts, marketing etc. For the young girls, interns can get them involved in extracurricular activities such as dance, music, art, handicrafts, painting, sports etc.

The aim of this internship project is to help women become more independent and assure them that they no more need to beg others for their happiness. With faith in self can lead them to have a productive and prosperous life. Interns willing to pursue their career in social service, NGO's and INGO's and aiming to bring a change by assuring equal rights to women can vastly benefit from this internship project.

Besides teaching the essential skills an improved quality of life, this internship will allow you to share experiences with women that will certainly have a positive impact both you and them. Interns will get firsthand experience on teaching should they intend to teach further. Also, with the involvement in administrative affairs of the organization, interns in India will also get a chance to learn the art of management with a wonderful travelling experience to explore India.

There are no specific skills or qualifications required for this internship project. Interns should have a strong willpower to support women and help them bring a change in their lives. Interns should have a good heart; treat women with as much love affection and patience.

If you are interested in volunteer programs, we also offer rewarding women’s empowerment volunteer program in India .

With a population crossing over billions, almost 2 million people in India are suffering from the life killing disease HIV/AIDS. Lack of education and poverty has added more to it. Half of the infected people are actually clueless of its transmission and its effects. When you enroll in HIV/AIDS Internship In India, if you feel you have it in you to save lives by educating and launching awareness campaigns.

Global Crossroad has collaborated with many local organizations whose sole objective is to eradicate the most hazardous disease. Interns can work with these organizations to prevent the lives of those already infected as well as make other people aware of its transmission and effects.

Interns can co work with these unfortunate infected people residing in foster homes by teaching them wood-working, candle making and tailoring keeping them occupied and helping them earn for a living. Interns can closely work with the organizations to bring a change in attitude and behavior of the people through teaching programs, seminars, campaigns, and counseling and by distributing contraceptive devices.

The experience of a term or summer internship in India’s HIV/AIDS awareness project is extremely beneficial to kick start your career in social service and head towards building a good humanitarian traits in you. This internship will not only help boost your career but presents you with a life changing experience.

The internship will give you a closer picture of how millions of people are getting trapped day by day and are humiliated by the society they live in. You can contribute in saving their lives by creating awareness to prevent its spread further. There is nothing nobler than saving lives in this world. Besides internship, you also get a wonderful trip to India where you enjoy the exotic beauty with wonderful gastronomical delights.

There are no skills and qualifications required for this internship. However, the interns should be kind hearted and patient while dealing with those infected and should be enthusiastic and flexible.

If you are interested in volunteer programs, we also offer rewarding HIV volunteer program in India.

If you are interested in our amazing volunteer opportunities in India, please feel free to contact us.

Dates and Fees when you Intern in India

All Internship programs start every Monday. Global Crossroad is very flexible and understands that various travel constraints that you might face. Internship opportunities are available year around, except at times programs like a Internship teaching English overseas program might be closed for various holidays and vacations. Also, some programs are seasonal due to extreme weather conditions. Between the project link and a Global Crossroad representative, all of this specific information regarding programs dates will be available to you. If a program is unavailable, we will provide an alternative program for you to join.

Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality Internship In Indiaprograms at the world’s most affordable price. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

Global Crossroad's Internship opportunity in India application and registration fee cost US $299. The application fee covers the cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in USA office).

In addition to the application fee, you are required to pay a weekly program fee. You will pay your weekly fee directly to your host family and project. This way, the fees that you pay will benefit those who rightfully deserve them, and not for company profit.

The program fee for internship and volunteering is basically same in India. However, unlike volunteers, interns often work closely with guided supervision from a local project director, and a small weekly supervision fee ($25-50/ week) may be incurred in addition to volunteer program fees.

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer program fees in India.

India Internships vs. Volunteers Programs

In general, volunteer programs focus on humanitarian outreach and project support. Volunteering is popular amongst people who want to share their love and passion for underprivileged children, impoverished communities, or conservation efforts in need of resources.

Internship programs focus on creating a real-world learning environment for interns and students so that they practice professional development and obtain new skills. Similar to volunteers, interns may work on a variety of projects (many times alongside volunteers) that benefits local communities, children, wildlife and similar projects. Teaching programs, medical outreach, and children’s support are the most popular internship projects.


nepal intern accommodation

Global Crossroad arranges for shelter and food throughout your internship experience in India. You will stay with our carefully selected host families in India. Our warm welcoming host families offer you a safe and sound living environment. The experience of staying with the host families will help you learn vividly about the people, their culture and local food.

Interns working at orphanage project can also stay in the orphanage. The stay at the orphanage hostel is likely to be at orphanages. The orphanages have special arrangements to ensure proper meals and housing for international interns.

Global Crossroad has provisions for three meals per day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals comprise of typical Indian dishes (naan, chapatti, dal, rice, curry, vegetables, pickles, chutney).

Learn more about your accommodation and food in India .

Supervision And Field Support during your Internship in India

In our internship programs, the interns are directed by a group of mentors or supervisors for a proper guidance and effective learning. These supervisors are experienced and qualified in their respective fields and will ensure the interns face no problems while their stay at India. They are most likely to be the head of the project you are assigned on. You might have to pay an additional cost to the supervisors depending upon your qualifications and time allotted by the supervisors. Please communicate with our office or our country coordinator if you need personal supervision to help you in your completion of your internship project.

Learn more about our field and in-country support .

College Credit for Internships

Global Crossroad does not provide our interns with college credit for internship projects. Our local office or your supervisor will provide you with a letter and certificate on the completion of your program verifying your work as an intern and your job responsibilities as an intern.

You can earn an academic credit for internship projects in India by pre arranging the project with your college/university. The students shall have to coordinate with their faculties and professors regarding the college credit for internship prior to applying for Global Crossroad.

Free Time

Our India internship programs are not only limited to working at internship project centers but give our interns leisure time to travel and feel the country. Interns can enjoy their leisure time on weekends and evenings. We do not arrange for sightseeing and other recreational activities however our local staffs and in country coordinator shall help to provide all the information necessary. India is a beautiful country from its messy streets, chaotic people, noisy air to beautifully carved forts, religious and spiritual statues and authentic Indian delicacies. Explore and enjoy every bit of what you see in India.

Read more about your free time and weekend exploration in India .

FAQs: Internship in India

Arrival and departure

Your India internship program requires that you fly into Indira Gandhi International Airport. Once you arrive, a Global Crossroads representative will be waiting to pick you up.

Please consult our country coordinator before leaving your home country, and make sure to send us your correct flight information once you have booked your travel. If there are any changes, delays, or if you miss your flight please contact us as soon as possible.

We do not offer airport drop-off service so you will need to make your own departure arrangements. We DO NOT offer airport drop off service


In order to participate in any of the India internship opportunities, you need to secure a tourist visa. You can apply only for an eVisa.

Visa extension is possible if you would like to extend your time in India. Please review all visa information in the Immigration India and E-VISA Application process .


CDC recommends vaccinations against the following for travel to India: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, Rabies, Yellow Fever

How can I apply?

Applying for an internship in India is straightforward: go online, complete out the program application, and submit it to us.

We will follow up with you within 24-hours of your application submittal.

Why go with Global Crossroads?

Global crossroads is an international humanitarian non-profit who has partnered with over 20,000 people and hundreds of local organizations to facilitate significant and safe internships experiences since 2003 .

We offer the most affordable international internships in the world. Your tax-deductible registration fee supports your experience and enhances local projects while the program fee gets paid directly to your service project and/or host families.

When you intern in India, you will to create long lasting connections with your home-away-from-home host family, project coordinators, and fellow interns. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable during your time abroad, our unparalleled support staff will do everything they can to improve your situation and ensure that you have a good experience.

Global Crossroads also connects you with unparalleled field support and heart-warming communities who will make you feel like your time spent in your host country is your home away from home.

Our Volunteer Abroad Programs

Globalcross road offers best affordable volunteer opportunities across 20 countries around the world. If you are interested in our highly impactful and rewarding volunteering opportunities in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Nepal ,Sri lanka, Bali, Ghana , Kenya, South Africa , Tanzania , Uganda, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Costa Rica , Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala , Argentina , and, Brazil