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Are you looking to go and work with impoverished communities in India but wondering where you will stay?

Do you like Indian cuisine and are interested to learn more about the food while helping poor people in India?

Worry no more. GCR programs are meticulously designed to ensure you get the full Indian living experience and cuisine.

Global Crossroad will be responsible for providing you with a secure and comfortable accommodation during your volunteer work in India. For compatibility, a well-vetted and respectable host family will welcome you to their home and treat you like one of their own.

Home Away From Home Host Family in India:

Since 2006 volunteers working in India projects stay with humble and socially respected host families in Delhi and Jaipur.  With years of experience hosting volunteers like you who have give 100% good reviews, the family is joyful, loving, caring with a strong family bond which will give you the full dynamic of Indian living.

Your new home away from home will be secure and safe providing you a safe haven to fully experience day-to-day Indian activities, traditions and culture while learning a new language. There will be a host present in each home to offer you more than just providing you with the key of the room.

You will be warmly helped to enjoy a comfortable settlement in a completely new place and circumstances. For quick adaptability, most host families are directly associated with the volunteer project in India, which will give you a better insight of the project impact and the most important activities needed in the community.

You will be very comfortable as your new home will be clean and convenient, featuring multiple comfortable bedrooms furnished with single and double beds, relaxing bedding materials, ceiling fans, electricity outlet, WIFI and other much needed facilities. Depending on the availability, you will share your room with other volunteers of same gender. In addition, you will have clean and comfy bathroom facilities (shared) with western style toilets and running tap water. 

All the necessary services such as restaurants, grocery stores, healthcare clinics, banks and ATMs are situated nearby the house, making your stay more fulfilling and rewarding.

Living together with a host family while volunteering in India in our program is indeed an amazing way to immerse in a new culture and learn Hindi language while helping the underprivileged children for a positive impact. You will get to live like a local and experience far beyond than a tourist trial.

Facilities: Single or Shared rooms (same gender)
Shared bathroom
Comfortable single and double beds
Western toilet
Regular supply of water (No hot water)
Safe and sound living environment
Quality home-cooked meals.

Orphanage Hostel

As a volunteer in India, you will also have option to stay in orphanage hostel. Some of the orphanages in Delhi and Jaipur offer special rooms to house international volunteers. Staying in orphanage accommodation provides you with the infinite chance to assist children in several ways.

You will work with the underprivileged children all day long, providing limitless support and love to change their life. You will also get to understand the real situations of the orphans and can discover many other ways to help them. Besides, India volunteers will also get plenty of opportunities to work together with local staffs and immerse in local Indian cultures and ways of life.

Get ready to feel at home since the special rooms reserved for international volunteers are comfortable, safe and secured and equipped with multiple comfortable beds, fans and other necessary amenities. For your security GCR’s local team has checked and approved the accommodation to ensure they are up to standard.

Facilities at Orphanage hostel: Single or Shared rooms (same gender)
Shared bathroom
Comfortable beds
Western toilet
Regular supply of water (No hot water)
Safe and sound living environment,
Quality cooked meals.


Global Crossroad's weekly fees for volunteering in India project include management of volunteers' meal plans.  You will be provided three quality home-cooked meals a day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will love discovering varieties of delicious and authentic Indian food.

Breakfast in India includes Tea, Coffee, Toast, Bread, Boiled egg, Omelet, etc. During lunch and dinner, you will enjoy delicious Naan, Dahl, Chapatti breads, Curries, Rice and Pickles and much more.

If you are a vegetarian, the meal program can accommodate vegetarian needs; however, we are not able to provide for other dietary restrictions. Food and drinks outside of mealtimes are the volunteer's responsibility. If you like to eat out, there are plenty of restaurants nearby your host family. The restaurants offer local and western food options for all kinds of budgets and tastes.

Indian cuisine comprises varieties of local and traditional food native to the subcontinent. Most of the ingredients for Indian cuisines are spices, herbs, beans, fruits, eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, honey, vegetables and grains. However, there is a vast difference in cooking style in South India and North India.

While volunteering in India you can expect to taste Bengali food, Gujarati food, Kashmiri food, Mughlai food, Punjabi food, Rajasthani food and South Indian food.

Bengali cuisine is treasured for the wide use of Panchphoron that include 5 types of spices (mustard, cumin seed, fenugreek seed, black cumin seed, and aniseed). Gujarati food is mostly made up off vegetables and holds a high nutritional significance.

Kasmiri food is greatly influenced by antique Kasmiri pundits and the cooking style is adopted from Persia, Central Asia and Afghanistan. Punjabi cuisine includes a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian elements. South Indian cuisine is appreciated for its light and low calorie dishes.

Volunteer Opportunities in India

If you’re interested in other volunteering opportunities in India, then GCR offers a wide range of projects in the country for a variety of passions and interests. Whether you want to
work in an Orphanage,
work in HIV project,
teach English,
teaching in slum,
become a medical volunteer
Women’s project

or much more there is a GCR program for you.