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Do you dream of volunteering in Africa? Are you worried about your accommodation, safety and the food offered in Uganda? Our volunteering programs in Uganda assure you about safety, comfortable accommodation and healthy home-cooked Ugandan meals.

Global Crossroad's weekly fees include management, your meal plan, supervision and accommodations. A carefully vetted host family will accommodate you during your entire volunteering period.

In Uganda, GCR has been working with amazing host families since 2003. Our host families are socially respected with years of experience in hosting international volunteers with 100 % reviews. For your safety and comfort our local staff prudently vets and selects host families. In addition, your host family is supposed to guide and teach you local culture and traditions

In your new home you will receive unwavering support and attention so that you can focus on your project. They are directly or indirectly connected to our volunteering programs in Uganda, making your volunteering work more comfortable and rewarding.

Living with your Ugandan host families is really a perfect chance for you to experience cross-cultural practices. You will participate in celebration of their festivals, practice and learn local languages and experience their day to day life.

For your comfort and convenience, your host families in Uganda will provide multiple comfortable bedrooms, which are often shared with other volunteers of the same gender. These cozy bedrooms are equipped with single beds, tidy-bedding materials, electricity outlets, ceiling fans and mosquito nets. Communal Bathrooms are available with western-types of toilets including regular supply of water.

Multiple comfortable bedrooms (shared)
Single beds with mattresses
Bed covers and pillows
Ceiling fans
Electricity outlets
Western-style toilets
Communal bathrooms
Running water

Necessary amenities located nearby

Volunteering opportunity in Uganda: Meal

Your host families in Uganda will share with you three home-cooked local meals (breakfast; lunch and dinner) per day. The meals are prepared from local ingredients and feature traditional cuisine choices.

Generally, your breakfast menu will include tea/coffee, toast, boiled egg, bread, During the lunch and dinner, you will get to experience a wide variety of Ugandan cuisines consisting of Ugali, rice, spiced rice, and vegetables.

Besides, other popular foods you get to taste include Matoke, Binyebwa, Chapati, Banana and Curry. Matoke is cooked from unripe green bananas. Ugali, a popular Ugandan dish, is cooked from white maize while Binyebwa is a groundnut sauce. All these varieties of food will indeed make your Uganda volunteer experience exciting and once in a lifetime.

Volunteer Opportunities Available In Uganda

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Uganda such as
teaching English,
volunteering with HIV/AIDS victims,
medical work,
work in orphanage and much more. 

For more information on our exciting programs in Uganda, contact us today.