Uganda (1 week)

Language &Culture (1 week-optional): $250
Language and Culture Program in Uganda

Join the one week of language and culture program and get some insights on Uganda before you start your volunteering project. Our cultural immersion program provides many opportunities for our volunteers to explore the villages and witness the cultural attractions helping them learn the local culture and customs. The volunteers will take Ugandan (Luganda) language lessons everyday for 3-4 hours from experienced language teachers and instructors and learn conversational Luganda language. During free time, volunteers will explore the colorful city and nearby villages, and completely immerse themselves in Ugandan trends and traditions.

Proposed Schedule:

Day 0:

Receive and welcome the volunteers at the Entebbe International Airport and transfer to the accommodation.

Day 1:

Orientation Day - A 45 minute orientation will be held on topics such as Ugandan language, history, culture, politics, geography, religion and necessary health precautions. Volunteers are encouraged to bring up issues, discuss and gather as much information as possible. Afterwards, the Luganda language class begins.

Day 2:

Luganda language class. Visit the market and interact with the local community in free time.

Day 3:

Kampala City through the principal streets of Kampala . The first place of visit will be the Uganda National Museum where artifacts of pre-historic and relics of chieftaincy are displayed. Continue to the Kasubi Tombs; a world heritage site where four Kabakas (kings of Buganda kingdom) are buried.

Day 4:

Luganda language class. Explore local bazaar, interact with local people, and practice Luganda language

Day 5:

Luganda language class. In the afternoon, Volunteers will visit a local village, and explore local lifestyles, including practicing language with local people. Volunteers will also go to a local food market and buy goods (asking about price using the language they have learned).

Day 6:

Drive to Entebbe botanical garden to relax the rest of the day at leisure and admire the greenery and beautiful landscape.

Day 7:

Closing of Luganda language program, evaluation, and departure for project.

Note:This is a sample itinerary and can change to meet the changes in field conditions.