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Accommodation and Meal

While Tanzania, Global Crossroad's weekly fees include management of your accommodations option and supervision throughout the project. You will stay with our safe, comfortable and warm welcoming host families during the entire project.

Be ready to get very comfortable accommodation because your host family in Tanzania has a permanent home, featuring multiple comfortable bedrooms equipped with single beds, clean bedding materials, fans, electricity outlet and other required facilities.

Depending on availability, single rooms are also available. However, in most situations, you will share your room with other volunteers of same gender. You can expect to find communal bathroom facilities. Toilets are western types with regular supply of water.

For your safety, comfort and culture integration your host family is chosen carefully and thoroughly vetted. The family is well respected in the community with years of   experience hosting international travelers and volunteers like you.

While volunteering in Tanzania program, Having a caring family to come home to every day is indeed a great way to adjust in a new country.  You will live like a local, celebrate festivals and practice local language with them. They will happily provide you the best opportunity for cultural immersion.

Also, your accommodation will be located around 2-15 miles far from your project placement. Your daily commute to and from the project can be done in public transportation called Dala-Dala. 

Facilities: Multiple comfortable bedrooms (shared with same gender), Single beds with tidy bedding materials. Comfortable bathroom (Shared) , running tap water, Western-style toilet, Necessary facilities nearby,  Safe and secure living environment, Mosquito net,  Television,  Sitting room, Dining room, Drawers for each volunteer

Tanzania volunteering opportunity: Meal Plans

Global Crossroad’s weekly fees also include management of your meal plans. You will be provided three quality local homemade meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day.

Tanzanian breakfast menu typically includes juice, tea/coffee, bread, toast and crackers, jam, boiled egg, chapatti, pancake and fresh fruits. Your typical lunch and dinner dishes include Ugali, banana (cooked), seasonal vegetables and red beans. 

Our meal program can accommodate vegetarian needs; however, we are not able to provide for other dietary restrictions. You can always venture out and try other cuisines and delicacies available in the restaurants and markets nearby your host home.

Tanzanian cuisine is highly influenced by several cultures and flavors. People in Tanzania take very simple and light breakfast. Tea with bread is widely eaten as breakfast in Tanzania, however, white bread, millet porridge are also famous breakfast options. 

Usually, while volunteering in Tanzania program, you will have your lunch at about 12-1 pm. You will enjoy Ugali (a famous Kenyan dish) and Rice the main lunch and dinner dishes in Tanzania. Apart from that, non-vegetable dishes, you can also have delicious grilled or fried fish, grilled meat, stew meat or curry and  fried chicken that are  extensively eaten in Tanzania.

Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Global Crossroad arranges many different volunteering projects in Tanzania. You can
work provide healthcare,
teaching English,
volunteering with HIV/AIDS victims,
volunteering in an orphanage,
computer teaching project,
women empowerment project and much more. 
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