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Accommodation in Nepal

Are you looking to work with underprivileged communities while exploring Nepal?

Are you worried about your accommodation and the meal plans available for you while in Nepal?

Worry no more, Global Crossroads priority is to ensure your safety, comfort and provide you with an opportunity for cultural immersion.

During your volunteer trip to Nepal project, Global Crossroad's weekly fees include management of your accommodations and supervision throughout the project.

You will have three accommodation options depending on the project placement. You may stay in GCR’s volunteer house or with a host family or in the project’s residence during the entire program.

Volunteer house

You can stay in the volunteer house throughout the volunteer project in Nepal. It is conveniently located in Kalanki, Kathmandu, about five kilometers far from the most famous tourist destination of Nepal-Thamel.

The house is a permanent two-story house reserve managed by a carefully chosen host family or by a local staff. You will live together with other concurring volunteers from around the world, share unique experiences with each other while making a positive impact on the project.

You will be very safe because the house is in a secure and serene location nearby the project, offering you the genuine glimpse of Nepalese life. The surrounding environment is calm and is indeed a great place to relax after a busy day.

You will be comfortable as the house is well equipped with modern facilities including comfortable bed rooms, single beds, fans, kitchen and relaxing bedding materials. Each of the rooms is shared with volunteers of same gender. Volunteers wanting privacy can ask for single rooms. However, the availability of single room mostly depends on the number of volunteers.

In volunteers in Nepal program you can expect to find clean and bathroom facilities with western style toilets and running tap water. The bathroom is tidy and you will share with other volunteers. And of course, WIFI is available for free.

You will have the ability to do laundry at the volunteer house. If you want to use laundry services, there are plenty of laundries available nearby the house for cheap price.

For your convenient, all the necessary amenities such as internet cafes, bars, grocery stores, restaurants, healthcare clinics, etc. are located within 1-km of the house. Also, the house gives easy entrance to all fascinating areas of Kathmandu.

While staying in the volunteer house while volunteering in Nepal program will be exceptional and rewarding in many ways. You get to live with other like-minded volunteers, share your everyday experiences and make life-long friends. Another most important advantage of staying at the volunteer house is that it is very inexpensive making  your overall trip less expensive.

Multiple shared rooms (same gender)
Comfortable beds
Western toilet
Regular supply of water (No hot water)
Safe and sound living environment
Easy access to all parts of Kathmandu
Most necessary services are available within 1 km

Host family

You will also have the option to stay with a host family during your volunteer experience in Nepal. The host family accommodation is secure, comfortable, nearby your placement and the most economical and beneficial accommodation option for you.

Living with a host family during your volunteer trip abroad is indeed a unique, exciting and rewarding experience. You will be warmly welcomed in the family and treated as a member, being offered delicious Nepalese food and comfortable living materials.

By participating in the projects it allows you to experience Nepal in a different way, providing you with the chance to soak up its splendors, and comprehend the issues the deprived children are facing. Through host family accommodation, you get the chance to live like a local and immerse in fascinating Nepalese culture and traditions. Eventually, you will grow to be a humble human, broadening your perception about the world.

For your safety, comfort and maximum cultural exchange, host families in Nepal are carefully screened and vetted. In addition your host family will be well educated, socially respected, responsible, with years of experience in hosting international volunteers like you and demonstrate this with great caution and care. It will be very easy for you to learn and positively make an impact in the community because your host family will be directly connected with the projects, therefore, they will guide you and give you a better insight of the project.

Be ready to get comfortable since the home has multiple bedrooms, equipped with many single beds, comfortable bedding materials, WIFI and electricity. Depending on the availability, you will live in single or shared room.
When you join volunteer opportunity in Nepal you will be offered comfortable modern living with shared bathroom with running water, western style toilet, living rooms, bed and bedding materials and clean bathrooms. The house is regularly checked and approved by GCR local team.

Facilities in host families:
Single or Shared rooms (same gender)
Shared bathroom
Comfortable beds
Western toilet
Regular supply of water (No hot water
Safe and sound living environment
Quality home-cooked meals.

Orphanage hostel

Volunteers working in orphanage project in Nepal may also stay in orphanage hostel. Several orphanages in Kathmandu have special rooms reserved for international volunteers like you.

You get to learn and share your experiences with the children all day long and most importantly you will experience the genuine lifestyle of orphaned children. You can live like a family and it is indeed a great place to stay to acknowledge the real situation of the orphan children.

Shared rooms with same gender and shared bathrooms
Meals prepared from organic products
Safe and sound living environment
Comfortable beds

Monastery Accommodation:

If you will be participating in monk teaching volunteer project in Nepal may also stay in the monastery. The monasteries have special rooms reserved for international volunteers like you.

This is a unique opportunity for you to experience the genuine monk life in monastery and get immerse in Buddhist cultures and traditions. The accommodation is extremely affordable and also provides you with deep insight into Buddhism.

Shared rooms with same gender
Shared bathrooms
Meals prepared from organic products
Safe and sound living environment
Comfortable beds

Once you have applied for program, you will be provided you specific details of your accommodations in your personal placement documents.

Volunteer in Nepal project: Meals

As a part of the project fee, Global Crossroad manages your meals throughout your volunteer work in Nepal. You will be served three local, healthy and home cooked meals per day. A local Nepalese cook prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner in the volunteer house; whereas you will share 3 locally prepared meals with the host family.

Breakfast menu in Nepal typically includes Tea, Coffee, Bread, Toast, Boiled Egg, etc. Lunch and dinner menu includes rice, curry, lentil soup, pickles, Chow Men, Pasta, fried rice, noodles, etc.

Rice and vegetables (Daal Bhat) is regarded as the national food of Nepal. Besides, Momo, Chow-men, noodle, dry bread, are favorite snacks for Nepalese, and are consumed with soups and fresh vegetables.

Nepali food has been influenced by Indian and Tibetan ways of preparing. Genuine Nepali taste can be found in Thakali and Newari cuisines. Most of the Nepalese people do not use cutlery and eat with right hand.

Tap water is not safe for drinking in Nepal. Purified drinking water is available in many cases. You can also ask your cook or host family to provide with boiled water. Purified bottle water can also be bought from nearby grocery.

We recommend volunteers in Nepal to provide all information while applying regarding your diet such as vegetarian, vegan, dietary allergy, etc. Your dietary needs will be addressed but we also request some flexibility from you.

There are several restaurants nearby the accommodation. If you want to eat out, you can find all kinds of foods for reasonable price. If you will be out of the house during lunch hour, you can request a lunch "to go".

Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

If you’re interested in other volunteering opportunities in Nepal, then GCR offers a wide range of projects in the country for a variety of passions and interests. Whether you want to
Work in an Orphanage,
Teach English,
Teach Buddhist Monks,
become a medical volunteer,
Nature Conservation,
Photo Journalist Volunteer Project,
or much more there is a GCR program for you.