Volunteer and Himalayan Trekking in Nepal

Add Himalayan treks and make Nepal volunteer voyage more rewarding and memorable

Nepal – bordering Tibet on its north end and India to the south – is a wondrous land known as the "Himalayan Kingdom." Offering a kaleidoscope of colors and diversified landscapes, Nepal opens its arms and adventures to worldwide thrill-seekers. From screaming streams, swooping valleys, horizon-hugging mountains and dense forests, Nepal's adventures are just as varied as its terrain. Global Crossroad's volunteer programs in Nepal offer something for everyone amid the foreground of the smiling, often most warm and welcoming people in this corner of the world. Now, volunteers wanting to make a difference in this amazing country can also take part in a variety of treks exploring these Himalayan regions of legend.

This DISCOUNTED SPECIAL PRICE is only available for volunteers joining Global Crossroad Nepal volunteer program.