Volunteer with Children in Bali

Do you have a big heart and love for children and want to join a program where you will have the opportunity to work with children in need? Check out the volunteer with orphan and children program in Bali for a very special project.

  • Volunteer abroad with children in Bali starting at only $250
  • Always feel safe and supported with our professional in country team
  • A highly rated volunteer program trusted by thousands since 2003
  • Unique opportunity to explore Bali while helping the children and communities

Overview of Volunteer with Children in Bali Program

Volunteering overseas with orphan or poor Children in Bali is an experience that you will keep in your heart forever. You will be working alongside children from impoverished communities and helping them in an array of ways. You will become a teacher, mentor, caregiver, and friend to these special children.

This volunteer with children program in Bali helps give parents the opportunity to spend their days working in order to provide for their families, while knowing that their children are safe and cared for during their absence. Typically, daycare is often too expensive for low-income families and the cycle of poverty only gets worse when a parent or parents cannot work because they don’t have anyone to take care of their children.

When you are not volunteering with children in Bali, you will have ample free time to explore the vast cultural and natural riches of this tropical paradise. This will be an eye opening, memorable, and highly rewarding experience! You will be walking distance (10-20 minutes) or a short ($2-3 taxi ride) from your accommodation to the project location. You will truly feel like you are part of the local community in Bali!

Role of Volunteer

There are a great number of ways in which you can be of help to this volunteering with children opportunity in Bali. Your specific roles and tasks will be assigned based on specific needs of the center and your personal interests and skills. You will play the role of a teacher, mentor, caregiver, and friend.

Skills and Qualifications Needed

There are no specific skills or qualifications required in order to volunteer abroad with children in Bali. However, you should be a patient, compassionate, warm, energetic, and loving individual. You should also love children and are comfortable caring for them.

Dates: Volunteer in Bali

All volunteer programs in Bali start every Monday. Though we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints.

Price: Volunteer in Bali

Global Crossroad is committed to offering quality volunteering in Bali at the world's most affordable price. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

Global Crossroad's volunteer program in Bali application and registration fee cost US $299.

In addition to the application fee, you are required to pay a weekly program fee. You will pay your weekly fee directly to country coordinator.  And he will distribute it room, food, and project. This ensures the transparency of your fee. And this way, the fees that you pay will benefit those who rightfully deserve them, and not for company profit.

    Duration Teaching, Children Turtle Conservation Turtle Conservation & Teaching
    1 Week $250 $400 $520
    2 Weeks $370 $520 $640
    3 Weeks $490 $640 $760
    4 Weeks $610 $760 $880
    5 Weeks $730 $880 $1,000
    6 Weeks $850 $1,000 $1,120
    7 Weeks $970 $1,120 $1,240
    8 Weeks $1,090 $1,240 $1,360
    9 Weeks $1,210 $1,360 NA
    10 Weeks $1,330 $1,480 NA
    11 Weeks $1,450 $1,600 NA
    12 Weeks $1,570 $1,720 NA
Program fees cover:
  • Accommodation (hotel)
  • Food (only breakfast and dinner)
  • Airport Pickup and transfer
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers
Program fees exclude:
  • Visas
  • Launch
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

How your fee is allocated?