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Turtle Conservation Bali Volunteer!

Do you want to help save endangered sea turtles? What if you could travel to exotic Bali to participate in a turtle conservation volunteer program? Team up with Global Crossroads to start making a difference today with our exciting volunteer abroad projects!

Bali is famous for its nightlife, sandy beaches, and great shopping, but there’s a lot more to this exciting destination than that. There is plenty of wealth beneath Bali’s waves, too. Beautiful coral reefs surround the island, a delicate ocean ecosystem in which the endangered sea turtles play an important role.

Out of every 1,000 sea turtle eggs that is laid, only one will survive to adulthood. That’s without human threats to the sea turtle population that include polluting the ocean, destroying coral reefs and sea turtle nesting sites, light pollution, and poaching of sea turtle eggs.

The endangered sea turtles of Bali need your help, and Global Crossroads has a safe and affordable volunteer program that will put you right on the ground working side by side with conservation professionals protecting endangered sea turtles in Bali. From nest patrol to hatchery duty to data collection, volunteers will get involved at all levels with sea turtle conservation efforts.

Whether it’s spreading awareness to the community of how to protect sea turtles or helping a newly hatched baby find its way out into its ocean home, everything you do at Bali Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Program will make a huge impact on this ancient and enchanting species.

Get started today! Contact Global Crossroads to learn more about traveling to Bali and joining turtle conservations efforts to help the noble sea turtle!

Volunteer Responsibilities & Impacts

When you join turtle volunteer program in Bali, Indonesia You will work with marine conservation professionals and support them in helping protect, rescue turtle, and study the endangered sea turtle populations of Bali. Volunteers should know that a lot of work with sea turtles is done at night, so you should expect this in your schedule.

Depending on the season, you will be helping to rescue turtle, monitor beaches for nests, collecting data, releasing hatchlings into the ocean, and also assisting in the rescue, rehabilitation, and care of injured sea turtles as they make their journey back into the wild.

Some roles might include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the turtle tanks
  • Attending educational awareness classes
  • Caring for sick and injured turtles
  • Looking for turtle eggs on the beach
  • Nurturing newly hatched baby turtles
  • Collecting date
  • Communicating with world marine conservation organizations
  • Helping with feedings
  • Monitoring the turtles’ health
  • Teaching about awareness and conservation to the local community

As a volunteer with Global Crossroad’s life-changing turtle conservation program, you will get to be part of amazing efforts being done to save this extraordinary species. Live out your dreams of helping sea turtles and explore Bali at the same time, having a truly meaningful volunteer experience abroad.

Skills and Qualifications

Anyone can help in turtle conservation project in Bali! You don’t need a scientific background to volunteer, but you will need to be passionate about marine conservation and committed to working hard to make a difference for sea turtles. Volunteers should know that the sea turtle project is very active and hands-on, and you will need to be in good physical shape. Many activities, such as nest patrol, are done at night, so volunteers should expect to be flexible in the hours they work.

While volunteering on this turtle conservation project in Bali, every day will be fun and exciting and present you with new activities and challenges to tackle. You’ll also have plenty of free time to explore and discover, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

On the first day of your project, you will be escorted to the placement by your coordinator and introduced to the staff, facilities and your responsibilities. The volunteering work proper starts on the second day after you’ve gotten a chance to familiarize yourself with the work.

Morning: Your mornings are completely free as there is not much work to be done at the conservation project during this time. This means you can go enjoy the beach, relax by the pool or partake in many other activities on the island during your morning hours.

2PM- 6 PM: Unlike most of our projects, there is no fixed schedule when volunteering at the turtle conservation program in Bali. Each day will be completely different and present you with a new and exciting activity or task. However, you will be working from 2pm to 6pm, after which your evening is free to enjoy everything the Bali nightlife has to offer

Turtle Conservation Bali Volunteer Dates and Fees


All volunteer programs in Bali start every Monday. Though we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints..

Turtle Conservation Bali Volunteer is not available from 18th to 20th February and 14th to 26th September, 2020.

Accommodation and Meal

Global Crossroad’s weekly program fees include your accommodations, all of your meals, and supervision by our in-country coordinators.


While volunteering in Bali sea turtle conservation program, you will stay in an economy hotel

Located 20 minutes’ drive from the placement, the hotel is secure, comfortable, and peaceful. The hotel offers various types of facilities, making your Bali volunteering trip relaxing and more rewarding. The restrooms have western style toilets with free toiletries and running water. The staff is welcoming and courteous and are always ready to address your needs. There is WIFI available for free of cost.


As a volunteer working with sea turtles in Bali, you will receive two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, provided as part of your weekly fee. Lunch is your responsibility. Breakfast will be fruit, eggs, toast, coffee, and tea. Dinners will be delicious Balinese cuisine, the staple of which is rice and curry.

Learn more about accommodation and meal in Bali

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

Bali is a world-renowned travel destination because it packs a punch in the wide variety of things a traveler can explore on the famous Island of the Gods. If you want to see the glamorous side of Bali in your time off, browse through international fashion designer shops, party until dawn at one of Bali’s famous night and beach clubs, or attend one of many spectacular live shows and traditional dance performances complete with elaborate costumes, dramatic lighting, and fire.

If you’re looking for the ancient spiritual side of Bali, there are countless palaces and temples to contemplate in, or a wealth of yoga and meditation retreats to seek your inner peace. You can also sample Indonesian cuisine at bustling night bazaars, bargain shop in colorful markets, hike the volcanic inland mountains, or lounge on perfect sandy beaches.

Learn more about weekend and travel opportunities while volunteering in Bali

Bali Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Program: FAQs

Where is the turtle project located?

 This sea turtle conservation project abroad in Bali is located in downtown Kuta.

How many hours a day and days a week will I work?

You will work about 5-hours from Sunday to Saturday in the project. There are 6-7 rangers who patrol in the night from 9 pm until morning. You will work in the morning to release baby turtles and during the night assist rangers in patrolling.

Is there any specific dress-code for the turtle project?

No. There is no specific dress-code. Simple T-shirts, shirts and flip -flops will be comfortable for you to walk on the beach.

Are there any specific skills required to join volunteering opportunities in Bali?

No. However, volunteers should be able to swim.

Which airport should I fly into for the volunteer project?

You should fly into Denpasar International Airport for your turtle conservation project in Bali.

What kind of accommodation do we get at the project?

You will be accommodated in an economy hotel, located nearby your project placement. The hotel has all kinds of services required for a traveller.

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