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Discover Antigua, Guatemala in your free time

You’ll be volunteering in Guatemala making the world a better place. In your free time, be sure to get out and explore this unique and exciting destination!

Your volunteer project will be located in Antigua, a beautiful and safe city that has more modern amenities than you’ll find in other areas of Guatemala. Beautiful yellow Spanish architecture line cobblestone streets with shops and delicious restaurants.

You’ll be volunteering in Guatemala for about 5 hours a day, Monday-Friday. After you finish up your service work for the day, get out and explore Antigua and see what the city has to offer.

Explore the historic downtown and visit museums, ruins, and monuments. Skip the tourist markets and hit up El Mercado for an authentic experience and local bargains. The nightlife here is a lot safer than in other areas of the country, drawing local Guatemala City 20-somethings to make the drive. Go in a group and make new international friends!

Weekend Exploration

You’ll have two days off in a row from your Guatemala volunteer program, so this is the perfect chance to travel!

Antigua is flanked by volcanoes, and you won’t want to miss hiking up to one, and maybe seeing lava flow! Lake Aitlin is within day trip distance and is a beautiful setting with a ton of outdoor recreation.

There are a wealth of indigenous villages nearby Antigua, so be sure to experience these to get a glimpse of the native culture.The Chichicastenango Market is also a not-to-miss attraction. The largest and most famous market in the country, you can shop local goods to your heart’s content in the shadow of an ancient church, one of the first built in Guatemala.

There are plenty of tourist attractions to experience while you are volunteering in Guatemala.This exciting country has one of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes, an ancient culture, cathedrals, crumbling ruins, jungles, volcanoes and more!

Here are some highlights you can enjoy on your trip abroad:


This 19th century museum has a great collection of French neo-rococo, Chinese art deco indigenous artifacts, century old top hats, etc.

La Galería

This gallery showcases vivid artistic craftsmanship Guatemalan painters and sculptors. It has a huge exhibit space and is also a cultural center, meant for hosting lectures, films and occasional concerts. It is an exciting venue for you to experience local art and creativity while volunteering in Guatemala.

El Mirador

Located deep into the Peten jungles, El Mirador is an Archaeological site close to the Mexican border in the South. It contains one of the largest clusters of buildings of any single Mayan site, withancient hidden mysteries you can ponder and explore.

Templo I

Templo I, is one of the most magnificent ruins in Tikal. This Temple of the Grand Jaguar was built to honor and bury Ah Cacao. This burial site comprisesheld stingray spines, 180 jade objects, pearls, and 90 pieces of bone carved with hieroglyphs.

Other interesting places to visit during your weekends off from volunteering in Guatemala are:

Visit the Crater Azul to observe this stunning spring fed tributary.

Check out the K'umarcaaj an ancient sacred site with more than 80 large structures.

Go to Museo EL Baul, a hilltop site made with Pipil stone.

Visit the Palacio Nacional de la Culturato marvel at an imposing presidential palace.

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Antigua, Guatemala:

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Antigua, Guatemala such as

  • teaching English,
  • elderly care,
  • childcare,
  • medical,
  • women’s empowerment,
  • special needs program
  • and much more.

    For more information on our exciting programs in Guatemala, contact us today.