Study and Learn Spanish: Volunteer in Antigua, Guatemala

Volunteer and Learn Spanish in Guatemala and improve your overall volunteer experience in Antigua, Guatemala!

When you can communicate with those around you and understand the local's world perspective, your volunteer abroad in Antigua, Guatemala experience will deepen and become more rewarding for everyone involved.

Global Crossroad's Spanish course in Guatemala is convenient and inexpensive. These classes are exclusive to those participating in Global Crossroad's a volunteering in Antigua, Guatemala program. We have partnered with a highly reputable Spanish school that employs qualified and experienced Spanish teachers and offers the most intensive and effective Spanish courses in Guatemala.

We make it simple to learn Spanish in Guatemala while you volunteer. During our Language Studies program, volunteers can simultaneously work at their volunteer project and study Spanish. For example, volunteers can study Spanish before lunch, and then spend the afternoon/evening involved in their volunteer activities. Alternatively, volunteers can study in the afternoon, following their day's activities.

The language school is close to most of our projects, so it is possible for volunteers to design a personal schedule. Global Crossroad invites you to improve your Guatemala experience by learning or improving your Spanish.