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Accommodation and Meal

Global Crossroads provides you a safe, clean and comfortable accommodation with three quality local meals a day in Antigua, Guatemala.

Global Crossroad arranges accommodation for volunteers working on its volunteer programs in Guatemala.

volunteer accommodation guatemala

Accommodations offered are available in the homes of our local host family. Rest assure that the host families you’ll be staying with are safe, comfortable and well screened. Staying with our host family provides you the best inter-cultural exchange opportunities.

Your accommodation with our host family will be a home away from home. Most host families live near our project site and offer safe, comfortable homes to accommodate volunteers. Restaurants, hospitals, markets, etc. are located close to your host family accommodation. Members of our host families are educated, socially respected and well-screened.

You will get to live as a local within the family, receiving personal care and attention. There will be plenty of opportunity to immerse in the unique culture and learn the local language. Our host families will do their best to make your volunteering experience in Guatemala as rewarding as possible.

Our well-chosen host families offer spacious and comfortable bedrooms. Rooms are equipped with single beds, clean bedding materials, fans and other needed accessories. There are also western style toilets with running tap water.Private rooms are available. But in most cases, you will be asked to share your room with other volunteers of same gender.

Facilities: Comfortable bed rooms (shared with same gender), single beds with clean and comfortable bedding materials, communal bathrooms with running water, western style toilets, necessary amenities nearby.

Volunteering in Guatemala programs: Meal

As a part of our program fee, volunteers who’ve joined our Guatemala volunteer programs will be served three local meals a day. Our host family will share breakfast, lunch and dinner with you.

Breakfast will be served with tea/coffee, eggs, toasts and some fruits. Whereas the lunch will mostly consist of traditional Guatemalan cuisines that normally include dishes made up of beans and white rice. Corn tortillas are a favorite amongst the locals. Some of the most popular Guatemalan dishes are:


Empanadas are a much-loved household dish in Guatemala. Some have praised it to be the perfect pastry for all meals in Guatemala. Empanadas are a typed of baked pastry with meats/vegetables used in it for fillings. Most Guatemalans prefer using mashed potato instead of beef or any other meet as fillings in Empanadas.


If you want to taste some of the best local food while volunteering in Guatemala then you should not forget to eat Pupusas. For many locals, Pupusas is a thick cornmeal flatbread which is served with cheese. It is made with refried beans, chicharrón, cheese, squash, and loroco.


Kak’ik is another popular Guatemalan dish. With its unique and strong flavors, it has become a top favorite amongst locals for the title of the unofficial dish of Guatemala. Kak’ik is simply a stew made with turkey legs. Variety of spices is used in making this dish. That’s why its flavors are sometimes too strong for foreign travelers who’re tasting it for the first time.

Chicken pepián

It is one of the oldest meals still served in whole of Guatemala. Chicken pepián is simple but spicy stew. While chicken is the most preferred ingredient for this dish, many locals also like using beef and pork.

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Antigua, Guatemala:

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