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Accommodation in South Africa

Are you looking to work with underprivileged communities while exploring South Africa? Do you have concerns about the accommodation and meal plans available for you while in South Africa?

Worry no more, Global Crossroads priority is to ensure your safety, comfort and provide you with an opportunity for cultural immersion.

When you volunteer in South Africa program, GCR manages your accommodation and offers supervision.

You are accommodated in a well-maintained volunteer house throughout your volunteering period in South Africa.  Your new life in the volunteer house will be motivating and full of fun experiences. You will quickly settle in and consider it your home away from home.

The house is located in beautiful area of Cape Town. It is well managed and excellently run by our local staff, giving you a chance to experience relaxing accommodation after a busy day. The South Africa volunteer programs are usually within walking distance or 1 Uber ride from the volunteer house.

Get ready to be very comfortable as the volunteer house features spacious dormitory-style rooms. The rooms are equipped with fans, three to seven single beds, electricity outlet and clean beddings in additional to prepaid Internet service. In most cases, you will share the room with other volunteers of same gender. Private rooms are also available depending on availability.

There are communal bathrooms, western-style toilets with regular supply of water. While volunteering in South Africa programs your laundry will be your sole responsibility but you will be able to find laundry services nearby the volunteer house.

Facilities: Multiple comfortable bedrooms (shared with same gender)
Single beds with clean and comfortable beddings
Prepaid Wi-Fi
Ceiling Fan
Comfortable bathrooms with running hot and cold water (Shared)
Western style toilets
Self-help kitchen
Necessary amenities nearby


Prepare yourself to experience diversities of delightful South African cuisines! Our volunteers working in South Africa volunteer program usually get two meals, including breakfast and dinner  during weekdays at the volunteer house.

A typical breakfast in South Africa includes cereal, toast, jam and breads, fruits, coffee/tea, etc. You will have dinner at a local restaurant and your dinner could be anything from curries to burgers.

You will get to experience a wide variety of dishes in South Africa. The South African cuisine is highly influenced by its indigenous people, including the French, Dutch, Malaysians and Indians. Common South African cooking ingredients include red meat, potatoes, grains, fresh vegetables, butter, sugar, beans, etc. Also, desserts are popular in South Africa which usually have traditional flavor.

The braai, barbecue in English, is one of the most popular cuisines in South Africa. Other popular South African dishes are Biltong & Droewors, Boerewors, Cape Malay curry, Malva pudding, Chakalaka & pap, Bunny chow, etc.

Volunteer Programs in South Africa

No matter what your passion for volunteering is, Global Crossroad offers variety of volunteering opportunities such as
work in child care,
volunteer English teaching,
sport coaching,
health care, and much more.