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Free Time- Bali

You will work for 5 hours every day while joining Bali volunteer programs. You get free time in the morning and in the evenings for exploring the natural beauty and admiring the cultural splendors of Bali.

The volunteer projects are located in the city of Bali. Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Indonesia. It is home to an ancient culture, tranquil seascapes, famous beaches, sunrise, beach resorts and exciting place for surf spots. All these travel ingredients are ideal for paying a visit during your free time in volunteering in Bali projects and make your trip memorable and rewarding.

Weekend Exploration

You will be working for 5 days in a week from Sunday to Friday while volunteering in Bali. You get 2 days off in a week which you can spend by visiting the adjacent places of natural and cultural importance in Bali.

There are various kinds of symbolic tourist attractions in Bali for everyone irrespective of age, taste and gender. Bali is a paradisiacal island of different variations, moods, spirituality, arts, dance and religion. This is one of the best places to spend in the weekends in your Bali volunteering programs to feel the spirit of Bali and make your journey worthwhile.

Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls

This waterfall is a 500m trail paved with concrete stones and logs, winds through a village and coffee plantation. You'll be delighted by its colourful shrubs, bamboo huts and bridges as you make way towards the waterfall. An exciting destination to be for your weekend with thrills during your volunteering in Bali programs and cherishing it forever.

Agung Rai Museum of Art

Founded by Agung Rai in 1970 in Ubud, this museum was opened for selling Balinese artwork to foreigners. This museum has Indonesia’s most impressive private collections of art. All these observations made in Bali volunteer projects during weekends will be an experience of a lifetime for you like nowhere else in the world.

Pura Besakih

This is Bali's most important and significant Hindu temple. Perched nearly 1000m up the side of Gunung Agung, it is built on six levels terraced slope, and hosts frequent ceremonies at regular intervals. The temple visit in the weekends while participating in volunteering in Bali programs will prove to be both rewarding and a spiritual encounter for you to cherish lifelong.

Sekumpul Waterfall

This is one of the most preferred waterfall bound destination amongst the tourist. It has six or seven separate waterfalls that tumble over 80m from the cliffs in a verdant bamboo-forested valley which is a spectacle to watch. All these thrilling experiences gained during your weekends while joining volunteer programs in Bali is memorable and rewarding.

Other interesting places to visit during your weekend are:
Visit the Pura Luhur Ulu Watu to marvel at intricate carvings of Bali's mythological collection its design and hilltop views.
Be at the West Lake Museum Le Mayeur for its mesmerizing Balinese-style architecture and black and white photos of Ni polok
Spend time at the Pura Luhur Batukau to observe its multi-roofed shrine 
Visit the Neka Art Museum to catch a glimpse of collection of works in a series of pavilions and halls.

Volunteer Opportunities in Bali

If you’re interested in volunteering in Bali, Global Crossroad arranges a wide variety of volunteer projects on the island. From  turtle conservation to English teaching (or both at the same time!), there’s an Global Crossroad volunteer program in Bali for you