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Accommodation and Meals !

When you volunteer abroad in Peru, Global Crossroad makes sure you have safe, comfortable, and clean accommodations, and three healthy local meals per day.

When you join our volunteer program in Peru, you will have the rewarding experience of staying with one of our carefully selected and socially respected host families. This is an amazing chance to fully immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian culture, and experience everyday life in another country.

Our host families have lots of experience hosting international volunteers, and they are excited to share their home and beautiful culture with you. Their home will be located in a good neighborhood and a safe and secure location.

The Peruvian host family has set aside special comfortable rooms for you, and you can expect to share with fellow volunteers of the same gender. You’ll have clean linens, electrical outlets, and ceiling fans. Your shared bathroom will be equipped with running water and western style toilets.

You’ll find all the necessary amenities nearby such as grocery stores, restaurants, medical clinics, hospitals and ATMs. Your Guatemala volunteer program will be about a 15-20-minute drive from your host family.  

Your host family will welcome you warmly and give you a true home away from home. You will practice the local language with them, join in traditional customs and holidays, and your host family will make sure your transition to living abroad is a successful and satisfying one.

Experience Peru like a local with Global Crossroad’s enriching host family experience!

Facilities: Single or Shared rooms (same gender), shared bathroom, comfortable single beds, electricity, western toilet, regular supply of water, safe and sound living environment, quality home-cooked meals.


You’ll be eating three healthy local meals a day with your host family while volunteering in Peru. Your meal plan is included in your volunteer fee, so you don’t have to worry about a thing while traveling abroad with Global Crossroad.

Your breakfast menu will consist of tea/coffee, toast, boiled eggs, omelets, fresh fruit, etc. At lunch and dinner, you’ll get a true taste of Peru through the typical staple diet of the region, which includes dishes like LomoSaltado, Arroz con Pollo, Churrasco de Res and more. You can also ask for a lunch to-go to eat at your project site.

Mealtime around the table with your host family while volunteering abroad in Peru is a culturally immersive and enriching experience. Not only will you be trying new ingredients and dishes, you’ll speaking a new language, learning about a new culture, and getting to know your kind and welcoming new Peruvian friends!

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, your host family will be able to accommodate your diet so long as you inform us ahead of time, so they can prepare. Really specialized diets are unable to be accommodated. In this case, you can purchase your own food to prepare, or try out one of the area’s various restaurant options.

Peruvian Cuisine

The Peruvian cuisine utilizes fresh ingredients like herbs, spices, beans, meat, fish, vegetables and grains. Popular Peruvian dishes are Ceviche, LomoSaltado, Arroz con Pollo, Churrasco de Res, Churrasco de Res, Milanesa con Arroz, and more. Be sure to get a taste of your destination while traveling and try out different variations on the cuisine while volunteering in Peru!

Ceviche one of the most famous foods in the country, prepared with raw fish marinated in lime juice.
Lomo Saltado is a hearty Peruvian dish prepared with fried beef, onion and French fries.
Arroz con Pollo is a universal Latin dish of rice with chicken. Like every Latin country, Peru has its own unique variation that is beloved by locals and travelers alike.  
Ají de gallina is a chicken dish made with potatoes drenched in a creamy, yellow, curry-like sauce that is slightly spicy.
Churrasco de Res is finely cut beef steak served with rice.
Milanesa de Pollo is breaded and fried thin fillet of chicken.
Palta a la Reina is an Avocado stuffed with chicken, potatoes, and cheese.

Volunteer Opportunities Available In Peru:

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Peru, such as
teaching english,
street children,
teenage motherand much more. 

For more information on our exciting programs in Peru, contact us today.