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Internship in China

Were you thinking of gaining some meaningful experience before setting out for your professional journey? Want to join internship in China to practical world experience and make a difference in the world?

Known for its ancient history, immense geography, and unique Giant Panda species, China is a country well worth visiting. When you join an international internship in this spectacular country, you will have the opportunity to practice professional skills, explore your field of study, and step outside of your comfort zone. Your time in China will also help you better understand cultural influence on global trends and local economies.

Global Crossroad connects international students to internship opportunities in China to foster remarkable learning experiences for our local organizations and students as well as our international participants. We offer a variety of international programs that are sure to cater to any person’s interests and needs. If you can’t find a China program that looks like the right fit for you, contact us and we will work with you to find the perfect match.

To get a head start, Global Crossroads invites you to explore our unique internship opportunities by reading about program details below. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us by email or contact us when you are ready.

Popular China Internship opportunities

Global Crossroads offers a variety of internships, but our English teaching program is by far the most popular. Please keep reading for more details on all international internship opportunities or contact us for more information.

As the economy of the country is raising its bars, so is the demand for English education. Knowing English leads to exposure and better opportunities. Aiming to improve conversational English of the people in China, interns are placed in the public schools to teach English to those who have been deprived of English education.

China English teaching participants can work in any of the public or rural schools to teach English and improve their conversational skills and enhancing their grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. The interns can develop or revise English curriculum. The interns can also help these students in their listening and writing skills. You can also get involved in the administrative works for the smooth functioning of the school.

This China internship program can be beneficial to those willing to pursue their career in teaching. The interns can get a clear picture of how to deal with students, how to keep the class functional and how to teach effectively. Besides it's an opportunity to sharpen their English knowledge and skills. Teaching English in an amazing country with the people from different background can help you outshine professionally and personally.

This is not a paid program. Since the interns are to teach at rural schools, no benefits or salary shall be provided, however food and room can be arranged with the help of locals.

No skills and qualifications are required to enroll in the English teaching internship opportunity in China. However, it is important for our interns to have sound knowledge of English to teach basics of English to the Chinese students. Non Native speakers who are fluent in reading, writing and listening English can also apply.

If you are interested in volunteer programs, we also offer rewarding teaching volunteer program in China.

Are you interested to conserve rare and endangered pandas? Join this panda conservation internship in China for a fulfilling volunteering experience.

Panda conservation program in China welcomes interns from around the world to protect the charming yet endangered Pandas. Global Crossroad runs this project in collaboration with CCRCGP that help you gain scientific knowledge of the giant pandas.

CCRCGP was established in 2013 as a department under State Forestry Bureau. It is the main authority for researching and conserving pandas in China. CCRCGP offers a great platform for giant panda culture and education. Besides, the organization also assists in expanding communication between China and other countries.

Roles and Responsibilities

After joining this program, you work may include:

  • Learning about rescue and scientific research of giant pandas
  • Honorary Panda Keeper following the guidance and lead.
  • Feeding panda
  • Panda dietitian
  • Cleaning enclosures
  • Panda feces analysis
  • Making intelligence toys for giant pandas

Skills and Qualifications needed for China Panda conservation internship program

Major required skills and qualifications are as follows:

  • Work Schedule: 6-8 hours per day
  • Language: Basic English or Chinese
  • Health Condition: Physical examination record within 3 months before your arrival.
  • Time of Arrival: Volunteers arrive in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport between
  • 08:00-24:00 China time, on the first or third Monday of every month.
  • Arrival Airport: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (Code: CTU)
  • Age Limits: 12-60 (Participants who are under 18 must be accompanied by guardians)

If you are interested in amazing volunteer opportunities in China, please feel free to contact us.

Internship in China: Dates and Prices

China programs start every Monday of each month. However, if there is travel constrains, you can start any project on any day.

Global Crossroad is committed to offering the most affordable and highest quality internship experiences. We strive to keep our costs low. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

Global Crossroad's summer internship programs in China application and registration fee cost US $299.

In addition to the application fee, you are required to pay a weekly program fee. You will pay your weekly fee directly to the country coordinator, who in turn will allocate it to your host family, project and other in-country support we offer to our internships. This way, the fees that you pay will benefit those who rightfully deserve them, and not for company profit.

The China internship opportunity fee for internship and volunteering is basically same. However, unlike volunteers, interns often work closely with guided supervision from a local project director, and a small weekly supervision fee ($25-50/ week) may be incurred in addition to volunteer program fees.

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer program fees in China.


nepal intern accommodation

Located in the beautiful city of Xi'an, China is our intern/volunteer house where the interns will be accommodated throughout their internship period. This volunteer/intern house has every facility to make interns feel at home. It is well equipped for an easy, relaxing and comfortable stay distant by only few km from the internet cafes, police station, hospital, market, departmental stores, and local bus stations around. The house is situated in a highly residential area where many business families, high ranked government officials and high social class people live. The community is safe and secure.

All the internship programs in China have provisions of 3 meals ( Chinese food) a day. We do not make any compromise on the quality of food and assure that the food served is nutritious and healthy.

Learn more about your accommodation and food in China.

Supervision and Field Support

In our internship programs, interns are directed by a group of supervisors who are experienced and qualified in their respective fields and will ensure the interns face no problems while their stay at China. They are most likely to be the head of the project you are assigned on. You might have to pay an additional cost to the supervisors depending upon your qualifications and time allotted by the supervisors. Please communicate with our office or our country coordinator if you need personal supervision to help you in your completion of your internship project.

Learn more about our safety and in-country support.

College Credit For your Internship In China

There is no provision for college credit for internship projects. If mandatory, interns are advised to consult their own college/university and pre arrange the whole project with the concerned faculties and departments. Interns are provided with a letter and certificate on the completion of their internship program detailing your projects and activities. The consultation and arrangement with the university is to be done prior applying for the internship program.

Free Time

With unpaid and paid internship opportunities in China, you can allot your day time for your projects but save your evenings and weekends to explore China. This country has remarkable temples, historical sites, scenic beauties and astounding rivers that will not fail to captivate you throughout your stay. Your accommodation is near to the local bus station that can help you travel to as many places you like. Our coordinators and local staff will be delighted to assist you with any information you require.

FAQs: Internship in China

Upon acceptance into China’s international internship program, you should make travel plans to arrive in Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. Once you have booked your flight, please make sure to send us your correct flight information.

On the day of your departure from your home country, please make sure to consult our country coordinator before leaving. We will arrange for an Global Crossroads representative to pick you up at the airport, so it is important that you communicate with us as soon as possible if there are any flight delays or if you miss your flight all together.

When you depart, you will need to make your own departure arrangements. We do not offer drop-off service.


Whether you’re interning in China for the summer or longer, you will need to secure a tourist visa. In an emergency case, visa on arrival may be available depending on your nationality. You should be aware that once you have received your visa, you cannot exceed the length of your original permitted stay.

To learn more about visa requirements for your visit to China, please follow these links:

Travel China Guide- Visa

Embassy of China


When traveling to China, the CDC recommends vaccinations against: Rabies, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis and Meningococcal Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Malaria

How can I apply?

Intern applications are straightforward: go online, fill out the program application, and submit it to us. We will follow up with you within 24-hours of your application submittal.

Why go with Global Crossroads?

Global Crossroads is an international humanitarian non-profit who has partnered with over 20,000 people and hundreds of local organizations since 2003 to facilitate outstandingly significant and incredibly safe volunteer and intern abroad experiences.

We offer the most affordable Chinese international internship when compared with other organizations. We use the tax-deductible registration fee to support your experience and enhance local projects while the program fee gets paid directly to your service project.

In particular, when you join this internship in China you will to create long lasting connections with your home-away-from-home host family, project coordinators, and fellow interns. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable during your time abroad, our unparalleled support staff will do everything they can to improve your situation and ensure that you have a good experience.

Our Volunteer Abroad Programs

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