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Explore Guatemala during your free time!

When you join volunteer program in Guatemala, you can expect to work about 5 hours per day, Monday-Friday, so during your free time get out there and see what Guatemala has to offer!

Discover Xela, Guatemala

Our volunteer programs in Guatemala are in Xela, a fascinating city nestled in the middle of some really impressive volcanoes you can hike to. With over half of the population of the city being Mayan in descent, Xela’s cultural heritage is very much alive and well.

The city was already 300 years old when conquistadors made it to Xela, but the Spanish colonial influence can be seen all over the city with some impressive historical architecture, including colorful cathedrals you won’t want to miss. Spend your afternoon wandering around, visiting sprawling markets, and immersing yourself in Guatemala off the beaten tourist track.

Weekend Exploration

You’ll have your weekends free from your Guatemala volunteer program, which gives you the perfect chance to travel and explore other exciting destinations while you’re traveling abroad. Xela has nearby idyllic hot springs, beautiful lakes, volcano hikes, traditional villages, not-to-miss markets, and delicious restaurants.

Get out and experience everything you can! Here are some hotspots you won’t want to miss:

Parque Centro América

An oblong shaped plaza in Xela, this architectural delight is a great place for a stroll or to sit and people-watch in a fiesta like atmosphere.

El Calvario

This yellow church is located at the top of the hill and was built on the site of an old Maya temple where Mayan ceremonies, with plenty of burnt offerings, are still held. The panoramic view across the valley from here is phenomenal.

Museo de Historia Natural

Don’t miss this natural history museum while volunteering in Xela, Guatemala. It holds a jumbled collection of Mayan artifacts, vintage photos, old coins, marimbas, sports trophies, stuffed mammals and birds, and a section devoted to the then liberal revolution that took place in Central America.

Church in San Andrés Xecul

San Andrés Xecul is one of the most elaborately decorated churches in the country. One can notice Techno-colored saints, angels, flowers and climbing vines angels embossed on the ledges and a pair of jaguars on the top columned yellow facade.

Other interesting places to visit during your weekends off from volunteering in Guatemala are:
Visit the Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo to observe the archaeological zones.
Spend time at the Reserva Natural Atitlan and check out a coffee plantation, aviary, and zip line
Visit the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura to view an imposing and impressive structure
Do your research before you head off on your Guatemala volunteer program and make your own list of not to miss attractions to visit while you travel abroad!

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Xela, Guatemala:

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Xela, Guatemala such as
Teaching English,
Street Children,
Women’s empowerment,  and much more. 
For more information on our exciting programs in Guatemala, contact us today.