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Accommodation and Meals !

Host Family in Guatemala

As a volunteer in Xela, Guatemala, you’ll be staying with a welcoming host family. Their clean and comfortable home is located in a safe neighborhood about 10-25 minutes from your project site.

Our host families are socially respected and very experienced in hosting international volunteers.

xela accommodation

Staying in their home will give you an amazing chance to get fully immersed in Guatemalan culture, practice your Spanish, and experience a true home away from home.

While volunteering in Guatemala, you’ll stay in a spacious and comfortable bedroom in your host family’s home. Rooms are equipped with single beds, clean bedding materials, fans and other needed accessories. You will share the room with other same gendered volunteers.

You’ll be sharing a bathroom having western style toilets and running tap water. You can wash your clothes by hand, like the locals, or opt for a paid laundry service in a nearby city.

Facilities: Comfortable bedrooms (shared with same gender), single beds with clean and comfortable bedding materials, communal bathrooms with running water, western style toilets, necessary amenities nearby.


Volunteers in Guatemala will be provided with three healthy local meals a day as part of your volunteer fee. You’ll be sharing them around the table with your welcoming host family, and this is an amazing chance to get a true taste for daily Guatemalan life.

Breakfast will be served with tea/coffee, eggs, toasts and fresh fruit. You can ask for a lunch to take to-go and eat at your project site.

Traditional Guatemalan cuisine relies heavily on the popular staple of rice and beans. Corn tortillas are a favorite amongst the locals. Some of the most popular local dishes you might enjoy while volunteering in Guatemala are:

Chicken pepián

Ask any local about their favorite Guatemalan dish and they will reply, “Chicken pepián”.. Chicken pepián is a simple but spicy stew and has been a long-standing classic. Some locals mix it up by using chicken, beef, or pork as the main ingredient.


Pupusas is a thick cornmeal flatbread served with cheese. It is made with refried beans, chicharrón, cheese, squash, and loroco.


Kak’ik is another popular dish you might sample while volunteering in Guatemala. Kak’ik is a unique and flavorful stew made with turkey legs.  A variety of spices are used in making this dish, and the flavor is sometimes perceived as quite powerful by foreign travelers.


Empanadas are a much-loved household dish in Guatemala, and a popular street food. Unlike empanadas in most Latin American countries, most Guatemalans prefer to stuff the pastry with mashed potatoes instead of the traditional meat or cheese filling.

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Xela, Guatemala:

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Xela, Guatemala such as
Teaching English,
Street Children,
Women’s empowerment,  and much more. 
For more information on our exciting programs in Guatemala, contact us today.