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Your Home Away From Home In Kenya

While volunteering in Kenya, Global Crossroad's weekly fees include management of your meal plans and accommodations throughout the projects. You will stay with a carefully vetted host family. The host families in Kenya are located in a beautiful area of Nairobi and rural Kenya.

Get ready to be very comfortable, since your host family will have a secure permanent home in a

safe neighborhood, featuring multiple cozy bedrooms, western-style toilets, running water and electricity.All bedrooms are tidy and fully furnished with single beds, clean bed sheets, a pillow, a blanket and a mosquito net. Depending on availability, you can have a single bedroom; however, in most cases you will share a bedroom with other volunteers of the same gender. If there is a couple on the volunteering program they usually get priority for the single rooms.

The host families we usually work with are well educated, responsible, mature and respected community members, who have years of experience in the realm of hosting international travelers and volunteers.  You are truly going to experience a home away from home from the care, love and compassion you will get from the family.

As you adjust to the new environment, your host family will support and guide you every step of the way. They will share meals with you, introduce you to the other members of the community and give you amazing lessons about the Kenyan traditions.

Staying with your host family while working at Kenya volunteering program will indeed be a great opportunity to immerse in fascinating local cultures, learn local languages and experience day-to-day life of the locals. Also, some hosts are directly connected with our programs; therefore, making a difference becomes more satisfying and worthwhile for you.

Multiple comfortable bedrooms (shared)
Western style toilets
Running water
Clean bedding sheets
Mosquito nets,
Necessary amenities are located nearby

Volunteering opportunity in Kenya: Meal

Global Crossroad’s weekly fees also include management of your meal plans. You will be provided with three delicious and traditional homemade meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day

Typically, a local Kenyan breakfast includes tea/coffee, egg, pancake, bread, sausage, peanut, fruits, oats etc. During lunch and dinner, you will have traditional cuisine consisting of rice, spiced rice, Ugali, beans, beef, and Local natural vegetables.

Our Kenya volunteer program can accommodate vegetarian needs; however, we are not able to provide for other dietary restrictions. Food and drinks outside of mealtimes will be your responsibility. If you need to explore other cuisines, don’t worry, there are restaurants and local markets nearby the homes.

It is highly advised that you do not eat food from street vendors and neither should you drink tap water. It will be your responsibility pay for bottled water but you can ask your host family to boil you water to drink for the day.

Some of the popular staple foods in Kenya are Ugali, Sukuma Wiki, Chips Mayai, Nyama Choma, etc. Grains, fresh vegetables, raw meat, spices, flour etc. are the major ingredients for preparing Kenyan dishes.

Volunteer Opportunities Available In Kenya

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Kenya such as
volunteering with HIV/AIDS victims,
volunteering teach English,
medical work,
volunteering with orphaned children and much more.