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Free Time- Kenya

Are you worried if you will be able to travel while volunteering in Kenya programs? Are you interested to know some of the places you can travel in Kenya while volunteering? There is no need to worry, the project is designed to include a lot of free time on weekdays and weekends to travel and explore.

When you join volunteer program in Kenya, you will be working for about 4-5 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Generally, you’ll begin your say around 9 am and finish around 3 pm, and the rest will be your free time to explore nearby surrounding areas of natural and cultural importance in Kenya.

The volunteer projects are located in the capital city of Nairobi and Masai land. Kenya is well known for its amazing African wildlife, including lions and leopards and for its natural savanna national parks. It has snowcapped equatorial mountains, spectacular landscapes, conservation parks, and cultural heritage centers.

Nairobi is a huge cosmopolitan city that thrives on vibrant cultural heritage, remarkable culinary scene and lively nightlife. Masai is a place of rolling grassland, with massive herds of wildlife and community conservation areas. You get to experience these entire natural and modern variations during your free time while working in Kenya volunteer programs and make memories of a lifetime.

Weekend Exploration

You will be working for 5 days in a week from Monday to Friday in Kenya volunteering programs. You will get 2 days off in a week that you can use to visit the spectacular places of natural and cultural importance in Kenya even enough to go on a Safari

There are number of tourist attractions in Kenya to explore depending on your interests and desire. Kenya is a nature’s paradise that holds abundant wildlife, snowcapped equatorial mountains, epic landform, ancient cultures and its natural national parks. All this and much more will give you a life changing experience during your weekends while volunteering in Kenya programs 

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National park is set against the backdrop of the great Mt. Kilimanjaro Africa's highest mountain peak. Here one can find the sight of hundreds of big-tusked elephants that is extremely exciting. Also stunning natural landscapes can be observed on a clear sunny day. These natural sights will give you an in-depth look both at Kenya’s history and wildlife.

Fort Jesus

This UNESCO listed 16th-century fort is Mombasa’s most visited site in Kenya. It is a meter-thick wall structure that comprises of, frescoed interiors, European graffiti, Arabic inscriptions and Swahili embellishment. This is a fantastic experience to delve deep into past glory of Kenya during weekends while taking part in Kenya volunteering programs and cherish it forever.

National Museum

This is Kenya’s most magnificent National Museum that sits in an imposing building amid lush, leafy grounds, and has a good range of cultural and natural-historic exhibits. This will be a good occasion for you to immerse yourself in Kenya’s rich history while volunteering in Kenya programs.

Galana River

This river is a confluence of two rivers Tsavo and Athi. It is a great place to observe crocs, hippos, lesser kudus, waterbucks, and dik-diks.  Lions and leopards are relatively common in this area as well. You will easily be able to experience this interesting place over the weekend and get appreciation of Kenya as a country of diversity.

Other interesting places to visit while Kenya volunteering programs are:
Visit the Nairobi National Park to get unfamiliarly distinct safari experience 
Be at the Giraffe centre to be with the endangered Rothschild's giraffe species.
Spend time at the Lamu Museum to get closer and understand the Swahili culture 
Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and observe the raising of orphaned black rhinos and elephants.

Volunteer Opportunities Available In Kenya

No matter your passion or interests, we offer a variety of life-changing, volunteer programs in Kenya such as
volunteering with HIV/AIDS victims,
volunteering teach English,
medical work,
volunteering with orphaned children and much more.