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Do you want to work with impoverished communities in Costa Rica while exploring the most bio-diverse country in the world?  Are you worried about your accommodation and if you will get to experience local Costa Rican meals?

Worry no more, GCR ensures your safety and comfort while providing you with an opportunity for cultural immersion during you time volunteering in Costa Rica.


Global Crossroad provides accommodation facilities to its volunteers. While at the volunteer programs in Costa Rica, you will stay with a host family that is well-screened and experienced to host international volunteers like you.

Host Family in Costa Rica:

You will stay with a loving, courteous and socially respected host family while in Costa Rica. To ensure your security and compatibility, GCR thoroughly screens each and every member of the family before selecting them for you. Staying with a local host family allows you to get a better understanding of how the everyday livelihood of people living here actually is.

Local host family members in Costa Rica are educated, socially respected and well informed. For your comfort, the family house is a permanent modern structure that is simple, clean and secure to allow you plenty of opportunity to immerse in the unique culture and learn the local language. Having a welcoming family to spend your days with will add extra satisfaction to your volunteering trip in Costa Rica.

For your easy accessibility, host families are all located about 15 minutes’ drive from the project site. Hospitals, medical clinics, schools, markets and restaurants can all be found within a walking distance from your accommodation.

Your comfort and convenience while you volunteer project in Costa Rica is GCR’s top priority by ensuring all families offer spacious and comfortable bedrooms. The bedrooms are spacious featuring a single bed, clean bedding materials, fans and other needed modern facilities.  You can expect western style clean toilets with running tap water. Private rooms are available. But depending on the availability, you will share your room with other volunteers of same gender

In your new home away from home, you will be loved and accepted like a new member of the family, and just like the locals, you too will have to wash your clothes with hands while volunteering in Costa Rica. But you can always opt to use laundry services in the nearby city.

Single or Shared rooms (same gender)
Shared bathroom
Comfortable single and double beds
Western toilet
Regular supply of water (No hot water)
Safe and sound living environment
Quality home-cooked meals


While in Costa Rica volunteer programs you will be served with three home cooked, local and healthy meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day that will be joyfully shared over conservations with your host family.

A typical Costa Rican breakfast includes tea/coffee, eggs, toasts and some fruits. Whereas the lunch will mostly consist of traditional Costa Rican cuisines that normally include dishes made up of rice and beans.


Casado is a popular Costa Rican dish which is cooked with a blend of rice, beans and meats such as chicken, fish, pork and beef. Casado is a must-try while you are working in volunteer projects in Costa Rica. It’s truly one of a kind of gives you a taste of how Costa Rican cuisine stand out amongst the rest.

Gallo pinto

You cannot leave Costa Rica unless and until you have tried the famous Gallo Pinto. This dish normally consists of rice, beans, onions, red pepper, cilantro and eggs. Most locals like to serve it up with their homemade tortillas and fried cheese.


Another popular Costa Rican dish that you must indulge in is the Chicharrones. Mostly served at fiestas and family gatherings, Chicharrones is eaten as a snack by those who love pork. Chicharrones is made from pork bellow and usually takes only 20 minutes to cook. This dish is available in most of the local restaurants and eateries in Costa Rica.

Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica

If you’re interested in other volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica then GCR offers a wide range of projects in the country for a variety of passions and interests. Whether you want
coffee plantation,
indigenous tribe and much more. 

For more information on our exciting programs in Costa Rica, contact us today.