Community Development project

Are you interested in lending a helping hand in rural and disadvantaged communities around the world? Global Crossroad offers five unique and affordable community development opportunities.

There are communities around the world that are lacking the resources, man power, and know-how to make improvements to their communities. You can join a team of likeminded volunteers and join a volunteer overseas with community development program and help make a big difference in these rural and poverty stricken areas of the globe.

There are countless benefits that accompany volunteering with community development programs. This is a unique chance to become part of community and work to help improve that community and the lives of all who reside there. This will be a hands-on project where you will get to utilize your skills and interests for the betterment of humanity.

You will be able to physically see and experience the work that you have done and how those efforts have improved the community. You will be filled with satisfaction and a sense of great purpose. Community development opportunities are a special chance to help others while helping yourself grow as an individual. Through Global Crossroad, you can travel to Cambodia, India, Kenya, or Argentina.

Volunteer with Community Development Projects

Lend a helping hand and volunteer overseas with community development in Cambodia. There are a number of impactful ways that you can help improve rural communities here.

Support a Women’s Group Project in India

The women of India need your help as a volunteer with community development. You will help them get ahead, become more self-sufficient, and lead more successful and happy lives.

Community Development in Kenya

Volunteering in community development in Kenya is a unique way to help the Maasai people. There are all sorts of education, business development, tourism, and health programs that need volunteers.

Cultural Conservation in Kenya

Community development opportunities like this one are a special way to help conserve a fascinating culture in Kenya. You can work with this community in a number of different ways.

Community Development Project in Argentina

Help improve the quality of life for Argentinians living in rural and poverty-stricken areas through volunteering with community development.