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Are you thinking about volunteering in Sri Lanka? Are you overwhelmed about your safety issues, accommodation and meals that will be available in Sri Lanka?

You do not have to be worried, as Global Crossroad guarantees your safety, comfy accommodation and quality home-cooked Sri Lankan meals during your entire volunteer trip in Sri Lanka.

Your home away from home in Galle

(Orphanage, Buddhist monastery, Teach English, Medical and Pinnawala elephant project)

Global Crossroad manages your living accommodation and provides supervision for your entire work in Sri Lanka. You will stay with our courteous and caring host family throughout the project. Your host family provides you with a safe and sound living environment. 

Our host family is socially respected and well versed in the art of hosting international volunteers. The host family has a permanent 2-story house, which has 8 spacious cozy bedrooms. Each of the rooms contains comfortable single beds with a mattress, pillows, bed sheets, a blanket, ceiling fan and mosquito nets.

The host family is situated at the heart of the city nearby seas beach and provides easy access to all parts of Galle. It is really a perfect situation for our volunteers working in Sri Lanka programs to experience the stunning sea beaches.

Most necessary services for travelers (internet cafés, restaurants and grocery stores) are located nearby the host family. Autos and rickshaws are available almost all day long so you can enjoy the Sri Lankan night life.

Living with our host family is really a great way to experience the Sri Lankan way of life while making a difference. They will warmly welcome you and treat you as a member of the family. In your new found home in Sri Lanka, you get to live like a local, practicing local language and immersing in the fascinating local cultures and traditions. This is indeed a perfect idea to extend your thinking horizon and grow as a humble individual.

Volunteers working in the Elephant Project in Kegalle will stay in volunteer house at the project site.

Facilities: Multiple shared rooms (same gender), two rooms with air condition, mosquito nets and mosquito inhale, ceiling fan, comfortable beds, electricity, clean and comfortable restroom, running tap water, safe and sound living environment, meals prepared from organic products.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka: Meals

You will receive three quality home-cooked meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day.

Volunteers will have bread, butter, jam, boiled egg, banana and other fruits, tea, or coffee during breakfast. Traditional rice and curry with chicken or fish will be served during the lunch. In dinner, you will get to experience different varieties of western and Sri Lankan food.

The food you receive in Sri Lanka will be nutritious, fresh and delicious. If possible, we will also try to address your special dietary requirements. Sri Lankans love to eat spices, deep fried, food that incorporates flavor.  As Sri Lanka is an Island, coconuts, fish, seafood and jackfruits are popular ingredients. Apart from that, breads, rice, curry, flatbreads etc. are common dishes.

Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

If you’re interested in other volunteering opportunities in Sri lanka, then GCR offers a wide range of projects in the country for a variety of passions and interests. Whether you want to
work in an Orphanage,
teach English,
teaching buddhist monks,
medical volunteer program
elephant conservation(kegalle),
elephant conservation(pinnawala),

or much more there is a GCR program for you.