How are your fees allocated?

Dear volunteers,

Not only does Global Crossroad offer the most affordable volunteer programs in Kenya, but we also adopt an honest model of financial transparency. No other volunteer organization has offered fee structures as low and transparent as Global Crossroad in the history of volunteer organizations.

In our model, our volunteer abroad in Kenya fees are divided into two parts: application fee and weekly program fee.

The application fee is $299. This fee is required in order to cover administration costs and to sustain the organization. The fee is used to pay for advertising, utilities, rent, office salaries, and other related business expenses.

The weekly program fee is used mostly for room, food, and a donation to the host family and or project. Volunteers will pay the weekly fee directly to the country coordinator. It is the responsibility of the country coordinator to pay the received fees to the host families and local projects on the behalf of the volunteer for their volunteering overseas in Kenya trip.

As no one works for free, a small percentage of the volunteering experience in Kenya weekly program fee is used to cover local office expenses, such as salaries, communication costs, and transportation. There is no fixed mode for the distribution of fees, however a generalized breakdown of fees is basically:

  • Host Families:- 60%-80%
  • Project Donation:- 10% - 20%
  • Local Country Office Expenses:- 10-20%

You can discuss with the country coordinator the exact breakdown should you want that information.

It is our sincere hope that the explanation of the fees allocation will help you understand what the fees that you are paying are being used for. We take pride in providing volunteers with this transparency.