Internship in HIV/AIDS awareness

Are you a compassionate and adventure-seeking traveler? Global Crossroad offers six hands-on interning abroad with HIV/AIDS programs for someone looking to give back to our world community while exploring a new part of the world.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has and is continuing to leave behind a trail of destruction around the world. The biggest weapon we have against this devastating virus is education. Through intern abroad with HIV/AIDS projects, Global Crossroad is teaming up to help fight the virus that is breaking up families and leaving children behind as orphans.

There are vast and varied benefits that go hand and hand with altruistic efforts. Your work as an intern abroad with HIV/AIDS awareness will not go unnoticed. You will work with other likeminded interns to bring education and treatment to those susceptible and affected by the virus. You will immediately become part of a community. Your dedication will be received with open and grateful arms.

Regardless of where you choose to travel to, whether it be Cambodia, India, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda, you will have the opportunity to explore a new culture and all that that country has to offer during your free time. This will be an eye opening and learning experience overseas. Interning with HIV/AIDS awareness is a powerful way to help change the face of the virus in an effort to eliminate it.

Intern with HIV/AIDS Awareness Projects

HIV/AIDS Intern Program in Cambodia

Work within community centers and educational initiatives with this intern abroad with HIV/AIDS awareness and make a difference in the lives of those affected by the virus.

Support an HIV/AIDS Program in India

Help multiple organizations spread awareness and bring health education to the people of India with this interning with HIV/AIDS awareness opportunity.

HIV/AIDS Intern in Ghana

Join likeminded interns with this intern abroad with HIV/AIDS awareness program and help to care for those affected by and educate those who are susceptible to the deadly virus.

HIV/AIDS Intern Project in Kenya

When you intern abroad with HIV/AIDS awareness in Kenya, you will be working to spread awareness and educate the local people about this devastating virus in an attempt to eventually stop it from spreading.

Work in HIV/AIDS Project in Tanzania

The aim of this interning abroad with HIV/AIDs program is to provide care and support to those infected and affected and to educate the local population about the causes and preventative measures that can be taken.

HIV/AIDS Projects in Uganda

Interning with HIV/AIDS awareness programs like this one is an incredible way to help the people of Uganda who are directly or indirectly affected and suffering from the virus.