Mini Venture: $1599

Entrance fees are not included for Mini Venture Program

Mini-Venture in Sri Lanka offers participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience to not only lend a helping hand to some of the country's neediest orphanages, this Mini-Venture is filled with numerous opportunities to explore the breath-taking, awe-inspiring beauties (both man-made and natural) residing in Sri Lanka. In the orphanages, participant will educate these special children on subjects covering conversational English, personal hygiene, as well as creative activities such as art, music, etc.

Once participants have contributed to the lives of these needy children, they will embark on a 4-day journey – visiting historically and culturally-rich areas such as Polonnaruwa's ancient Royal Palace, The Temple of the Tooth, Nuwara-Eliya and an Elephant Orphanage – all further revealing the wonder of Sri Lanka.

  • Program: Language and Culture Immersion
  • Start dates:1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
  • Departure and End Point: Colombo International Airport , Colombo
  • Language RequirementsKnowledge of English
  • Accommodation/Meals:Host family/hostel with Sri Lankan food three times a day
  • Activities: Learning basic Singhalese language
  • Language Lesson Hours: 3-4 hours a day

Proposed Program Schedule:

Upon arrival: Airport pick up and transfer to Galle (4-5 hours drive from the airport) and transfer to the hotel/hostel/host family

Day 1:

Orientation on Global Crossroad Tsunami Reconstruction Program, as well as general information on Sri Lankan history, culture, and customs. This session includes a brief visit to Galle to observe the local lifestyle, especially the Buddhist way of life.

Days 2-10:

Work in an orphanage in Galle. Proceed to the children's project (orphanages), where volunteers teach English, and do other chores like cleaning, washing, and share time, love and care with the disadvantaged Sri Lankan children. In your free time, you can explore the nearby areas.

Days 11- 14:

Exploration of Sri Lanka for 4 days

Day 11:

Visit Polonnaruwa

Visit the well-preserved remains of Polonnaruwa, the second capital of Sri Lanka from the 12th century. Explore the marvelously preserved ruins as the Royal Palace, the Audience Hall, and Shiva Temple.

Day 12:

Explore Kandy

The ancient capital of the Kandyan Kingdom is built around a peaceful lake. Visit the National Museum and the Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth), home to Sri Lanka's most important religious relic, the sacred tooth of Buddha. Join Kandyan dances, explore the picturesque lake by boat, and discover Sri Lanka's largest botanical garden.

Day 13:

Visit Nuwara-Eliya

The noble city of Nuwara-Eliya later came to be known as "Small England" following Great Britain's rule of Sri Lanka during the 18th and 19th centuries. With an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level, Nuwara-Eliya is one of Sri Lanka's most forbidding yet fascinating regions.

Day 14:

Trip to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

This fascinating and favored attraction, established in 1975 by the Sri Lankan government as a sanctuary, covers 25 acres of lush forest. Its purpose is to feed, nurse, and house young elephants lost or abandoned by their mothers. Recently, the sanctuary has also started a breeding program. Our volunteers will observe and assist the baby elephants who must be fed with large bottles before they plod down to the river for their daily bath.

*The proposed itinerary is a sample and is subject to change to meet the changes in the local field conditions and our office