• Minimum participants 3 - Maximum participants 20
  • Ideal length 2-4 weeks, 5-10% discount depending up on the size of group
  • Estimated Cost $899-$1199 for 2 weeks volunteering program
  • Can be customized to tailor travel, rural experience, educational need, or any other visions

At Global Crossroad, we feel proud to organize meaningful volunteer abroad experiences for hundreds of groups (family, school, college, university, church, and corporate) and thousands of individual volunteers. In the last 6 years, we have developed unique itinerary for more than 100 groups. While working with groups, Global Crossroad creates a customized volunteer and travel itinerary that carefully addresses the unique goals and interests of the group. Group interests range from cultural immersion to travel, humanitarian services to education. Our custom itineraries are always assembled with great care and led by our experienced coordinators and staffs.

The process of putting together a customized program for your group begins with an email or phone call from a group member representing the group. Whether you are a teacher, member of a professional organization, or someone looking to travel with friends and family, we will work together with you to develop a program area, establish goals, and create a rough draft itinerary. Using your feedback, we will contact our guides and in-country coordinators to build a final itinerary that best meets the groups interest and vision.

In the past, we have developed many volunteer and travel itineraries based on these phases

Orientation phase (1-7 days): This phase can range from 17 days depending on the time availability for your group. If your group has a limited time, the orientation just covers the local culture, religions, society, ways of life, safety issues, and program orientation. After orientation, your group goes directly to the volunteer project. However, If orientation is more than 2 days, we combine language, cultural immersion, and travel programs.

Volunteer phase (4 days 12 weeks): This is the core component of the program itinerary. Depending upon time availability for your group, volunteering periods can range from 4 days to 12 weeks. Given the interest of the group, we can arrange variety of projects such as orphanage help, teaching, HIV/AIDS, construction, women projects etc. Generally, one project cannot host more than 4-5 volunteers, therefore, we usually divide the group into small sub- groups (4-5 members in one group). We try our best to keep these groups in nearby areas so that they can share their experiences in the evening. Depending on location, the majority of volunteers live in host family, hostel or hotel. We also arrange vehicles for daily transportation.

Travel phase (2-12 days): Travel and exploration is also an important part of enriching your volunteer experience. Depending upon your interest, the travel phase ranges from 2-12 days (or possibly more). In this phase, your group will now get to explore the landscape, forests, wildlife, and historic sites of your chosen country. You will get to experience the beauty and tranquility of these foreign lands first hand and on foot as you travel and hike through the wilderness.

Are you with a group of more than 3 people? Are you interested in developing your own itinerary for volunteering and travel? We assure you affordable, unique, small group volunteer travel programs setting you out on an unforgettable journey to these amazing, worldwide destinations.

Please call for further details, samples of past program itineraries, and references.
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