Do you have skills from your learning as a student you want to share for the benefit of others? Or perhaps you want to gain experience in your future career path? Do you dream of submerging yourself in a different culture and exploring an unknown country? You can combine all of this with Global Crossroads International volunteer opportunities for students. From working with street children in Peru to helping women in Guatemala break the cycle of poverty and become empowered, Global Crossroads has a range of student volunteering options that could be perfect for you.

The benefits of International volunteer opportunities for students

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of student volunteer opportunities abroad are?  Will it benefit you on a personal level as well as the people and organisations you’re volunteering for? Read on to find out more.

To combat deprivation, conservation, poverty and other issues across the world many organisations have set up valuable projects that help to make a huge difference to the lives of humans, animals and habitats. Sadly these projects often lack resources to deliver their objectives. Student volunteer abroad programs help to overcome these problems. By volunteers with an organisation they help to fill the resource gap and deliver much needed care, education and action to the people or animals they are caring for. By Student volunteering you really are helping to deliver much needed change on the ground to those that need it across the world.

Volunteer opportunities abroad for students don’t just benefit the communities and environments in which you work, but also your personal growth. As a student, imagine gaining valuable insight and skills to progress your career or perhaps even deciding the career direction you want to take. Volunteer abroad opportunities for students offer you the chance to explore your future by undertaking a real, hands-on role and apply your existing knowledge and studies as well as learning from others on the ground. And don’t forget the power of networking. The people you meet along the way could be future friends, colleagues or even employers.

Most Affordable International volunteer opportunities for students

Global Crossroads has a wide range of affordable and exciting International volunteer opportunities for students. Choose from a wide variety of locations and projects, to find the program that suits you.

Work with Street Children and Educational Programs In Peru

With its majestic scenery, rich culture and Incan history, Peru is an inspiring country to visit. Sadly many of Peru’s children do not get to appreciate the country in which they live. Living in poverty and unable to attend school, these children do not received the love and attention they deserve. Global Crossroads International volunteer opportunities for students provide you with the opportunity to discover Peru while helping disadvantaged children. Volunteers provide education and companionship to these children, offering them a brighter future.

Volunteer Teaching English In Costa Rica

Access to English education is vital for children living in Costa Rica to support themselves and find paid employment in the future. Global Crossroads International volunteer opportunities for students help to improve the quality of English teaching in Costa Rica. Gain valuable teaching experience, while bonding with orphaned children and helping them to develop their English skills.

Childcare Project In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is famed for its fantastic views, beaches and vibrant culture. Discover this by Student volunteering in this energetic city and help parent to improve the lives of their children. In the poorest areas of the city, the favelas, childcare is desperately needed but often unaffordable. Parents desperate to improve their education or go to work to earn money for their family to survive are unable to do so. Teaching children, playing games, organising activities and helping with mealtimes are just some of the tasks you’ll be involved in on Global Crossroads Student volunteer abroad programs. Discover the rich and vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro while improving the lives of families in Brazil.

Guatemala Women’s Project

Poverty and depravation are parts of everyday life for women in Guatemala. Limited by social circumstance, women are often trapped in cycles of poverty and abuse. Student volunteer opportunities abroad, mean you can help to break that cycle and offer the women of Guatemala an alternative future.  By working with women to improve their English skills and provide support, you can help to empower them.  Not only will you get to experience a country full of culture but you may also provide disadvantaged women with an escape from poverty and new life.

Community Development Project In Argentina

Projects are in place across the world to help improve the quality of life of inhabitants of poorer countries. Sadly however, they frequently lack the resources, skills and knowledge required to deliver specific objectives. These are often skills International volunteer opportunities for students can provide in abundance. The Community Development Project helps to fill these gaps by providing a personal placement for each volunteer to suit their skills and abilities. If you have knowledge of marketing, psychology, project planning or surveying to name but a few, you can help NGOs and municipalities bring about real change to the lives of communities in Argentina and have an impact on improving quality of life in Argentina.

Work in HIV/AIDS Project In Tanzania

In many countries across the world HIV infection rates are still rising and the need for education about the disease grows. The Global Crossroads International volunteer opportunities for students program in Tanzania aims to not only care for those infected but prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS. You could find yourself working at a hospital, community clinic or hospice doing anything ranging from assisting outreach teams to providing counselling to patients in hospital.  This rewarding Student volunteering project  offers you the chance to make a real change to the transmission of HIV/AIDS and the lives of those suffering with the disease.

Building Program In Thailand

Have you ever dreamed of learning traditional Thai construction methods? Would you like to work alongside a community to provide accommodation and facilities to orphaned children? Taking part in Student volunteer abroad programs gives you the opportunity to do this. Get your hands dirty and learn to render bamboo, dig foundations and mix cement under the careful guidance of the Thai local foremen. Experience life in this lush and beautiful part of Thailand, abundant with culture and make a real difference to a community project and the lives of children.

Medical Volunteer Project in Kenya

Healthcare is a basic and fundamental need yet sadly it cannot easily be accessed by many people across the world.  By sharing your medical training, you can help to improve this situation in Kenya. The Global Crossroads International volunteer opportunities for students program enables students with medical experience to assist medical professionals in rural health centres while immersing themselves in the culture of Kenya. Disbursing medicines, treating patients, taking histories and offering counselling are just a few of the tasks you may find yourself doing, as you share your knowledge and skill with local health professionals.

Volunteer opportunities abroad for students can improve not only the lives of others but your employment opportunities and the direction of your future career. Global Crossroads can help you to find the right program for you and has experience of sending people on Student volunteer abroad programs since 2003. Whether you’re interested in providing childcare to the most needy children in Brazil or helping local communities to provide for orphans, contact Global Crossroads today to discuss the options they can offer you.

Cambodia, Kenya and Argentina are a unique way to spend your vacation or Gap year, without breaking your bank balance. Global Crossroads has facilitated more than 18,000 volunteers since 2003, and are dedicated to offering the best, affordable and meaningful international volunteer programs. If you have ever thought about taking part in international development volunteer programs the take a look at what Globalcrossroad has to offer. Contact us today for more information about our affordable and memorable volunteer opportunities.