Overview of the Project

Share your empathy and kindness with homeless adult Argentineans. Global Crossroad has partnered with a local NGO to organize and offer this project to our volunteers. This organization is focused on the plight of the homeless and is supporting them in their quest to lead a better life. The NGO has set up three temporary shelter homes to meet demand: "Casa de Maria" that houses up to 20 adults females from 30 to 60-years-old; "Casa Felix" that houses up to 30 adult men younger than 60 years old; and "Casa de la Esperanza" that houses up to 25 adult males 60 years and older. This transitional housing assists these people as they integrate into society and reconnect with family and other positive support groups.

Role of Volunteer

There is no typical volunteer profile for this homeless shelter project. Volunteers will support the shelter homes, which are staffed and supervised by a team that consists of Psychologists, Nutritionists and Physical therapists.

Work in an Adult Homeless Shelter
  • Program: Volunteer in Argentina
  • Project: Work in an Adult Homeless Shelter in Argentina
  • Start dates: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
  • Departure and End Point: Córdoba International Airport
  • Language Need: Basic Spanish fluency
  • Accommodation and meals: Homebase (meals not included)
  • Activities: support professional staff with shelter operations and workshop execution
  • Working hours: 25-35 hours per week

The shelter homes host workshops that are fun and educational. These workshops target anticipated problems and concerns of homeless, both at the individual and community level.

Skills/Qualification Needed

There are no specific qualifications needed to join homeless shelter volunteer in Argentina project beyond basic Spanish fluency, but your mastery of the Spanish language can help improve the experience for you and your students. Consider enrolling in our Spanish Language program in Córdoba. Volunteers need to have passion and love for homeless and be flexible and patient.

please - note:

A basic level of Spanish fluency is mandatory to join our Argentina program. If you do not yet speak/understand a basic level of Spanish, it is important for you to study prior to departure. Alternatively, you should consider other Latin American country programs in which you can volunteer without basic Spanish fluency. This includes Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina and Ecuador.

Volunteer in Argentina: Project Locations and Free Time Options

Project Locations in Argentina

Global Crossroad's volunteer in Argentina program is based in and around Córdoba. This city is a traveler's dream and hosts numerous exciting chances to immerse into a balance of modern-day progress, well-preserved colonial histories and culturally rich experiences. Córdoba's pulsing cultural vibe has produced a number of influential writers and its own musical style known as "El Cuarteto" (in addition to classical, jazz, rock, pop and techno). There are also many monuments, lively festivals, pleasant theaters and a pulsing nightlife. Volunteers reside in accommodations located just minutes from the downtown area. This unique living situation makes it easy for volunteers to get to know each other. Tango lessons are offered to our volunteers at the residence and are a uniquely Argentinean experience.

While volunteering in Argentina, you will have weekends and evenings free throughout their project and while our local staff does not arrange activities during this time off, they can provide priceless assistance in making appropriate arrangements for travel throughout Argentina. Most volunteers use this free time for mini-trips and local exploration. Argentina is one of the most stunning and multi-faceted countries in the world offering a bounty of opportunities for a completely unique experience. Please use our resources for travel tips, advice and publications about Argentina.