Jungle in Peru

We invite you on a spectacular trip that will transform your senses, and where you will be an important part of the eco-tourism that helps to sustain and preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

The jungle lodge is located in the middle of the 10,000-hectare Tambopata ecological reserve – just 30 kilometers from the town of Puerto Maldonado on the Madre de Dios River. The Lodge is rustically built of indigenous materials, and has 45 spacious bungalows. Each bungalow has a bedroom with two beds a screened porch with hammocks and a bathroom.

Each bungalow is fully protected by an insect net. There's a lounge with bar, reading chairs, and pool table. The lodge also has a swimming pool and a number of half-tame animals – including macaws and tapir – that live within the complex.

Please note that electricity is only available between 5:00pm and 10:00pm each day.

Proposed Itinerary


We'll take a short 25-minute flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado and then make a 2-hour boat ride down the Madre de Dios River. We'll be greeted at the Lodge with a welcome cocktail and a wonderful lunch; then settle into our bungalows.

After lunch, we'll visit Monkey Island, which is just a 5-minute boat ride from the Lodge. During our hike through the Island we'll see a tremendous variety of monkeys in their natural habitat – including the Black Spider Monkey, Capuchin Monkey, Tamarins, Squirrel Monkey, and the South American Coati. With a little luck, the monkeys will eat a banana from our hand.

At night, we'll take a caiman-spotting tour down the Madre de Dios river to spot the caiman (alligators) in their natural habitat along the banks of the river.


We'll make a 4-hour trek through the Amazon Jungle to the 'Lost Cocha', which is a protected ecosystem sustaining an immense variety of animals such as giant otters, caimans, turtles, tapirs "sachavacas", colorful birds, and diverse fish species. This area is a unique part of the Tambopata Reserve, because its immense swamps and marshes still remain fully intact today.

During our guided trek through the jungle, we'll see a wide variety of jungle plants and animals and our expert guide will tell us about each one. We'll stop at the extraordinary Amazon Watch Tower – a platform built at the top of an immense Shihuahuaco tree – with spiral steps all the way to the top of the tree. The Watch Tower is an excellent way to fully appreciate the magical beauty of the rainforest canopy. A short trip from the Watch Tower, along small wood platforms built just above the jungle marsh, takes us to the 'Lost Cocha' – a jungle swamp and lagoon – where we'll go for a pleasant canoe ride looking for caimans, otters, turtles and other wildlife. Then, we make a 3-hour trek along another route within the Reserve, from the 'Lost Cocha' back to the Madre de Dios River, then a short boat ride back to the Lodge.

At the Lodge, we'll take a well-deserved rest in our bungalows and have lunch. In the afternoon there is an optional trip down the river to visit a local family living in the rainforest or you can just relax at the Lodge.


On our last day in the Amazon, we'll have an early breakfast and make our way back to Puerto Maldonado by boat, and then take a short 25-minute flight back to Cusco.

Dates and Price


US$775.00 ONLY for Global Crossroad Volunteer


To be determined by In-country coordinator (most likely at the end or middle of participant's respective volunteer program)

  • transfer to Cusco Airport
  • Round-trip boat ride to/from Puerto Maldonado and jungle lodge
  • English speaking guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and hiking shoes for use in the jungle
  • Shorts, T-shirt, and sandals for use at the Lodge.
  • Water and snacks
  • Video or photo camera
  • Sun block, hat, and sunglasses
  • Insect repellent

There are water and drinks available at the Lodge, but snacks must be purchased in Cusco or Puerto Maldonado. DO NOT leave food in your bungalow – the Lodge provides sealed containers in the lounge to store your snacks.

Not Included
  • Gratuities
  • Items for personal consumption (i.e. water, snacks, etc.)
  • Airport departure tax (Cusco and Puerto Maldonado)
  • Round trip airfare

This price assumes departure from Cusco Airport to Puerto Maldonado. If you are departing from a different airport, extra fees may apply