women project internship

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to travel the world, while also giving back to the world? Global Crossroad has three exciting and affordable opportunities for you if you want to intern in a women development project.

Global Crossroad offers three heart fulfilling interning in a women development program opportunities. You can travel to Cambodia, Tanzania, or Guatemala, and work within reputable and well organized projects whose aim it is to help improve the lives of women and their families. This is a unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the present and future lives of people who are greatly struggling.

The benefits of selflessly dedicating yourself to others are vast and varied. You will undoubtedly experience a deep sense joy, purpose, fulfillment, and warmth in your heart. You have the power and opportunity to do something grand for someone who might be having a really difficult time. This is also a time when you might discover something deep within yourself that you didn’t know was there. You could have a life realization as you are exposed to the hardships of others.

When you commit to any of the women development intern opportunities, you will have the time to explore the country in which you choose to visit. You will be exposed to a new culture. You might even start to pick up some new language skills while you are abroad. This experience will be a learning one, as well as a humanitarian one.

Intern in Women Development Project Options

NGO Intern in Cambodia

Join this grassroots program and help local organizations in an effort to improve the lives and living conditions of the impoverished people of Cambodia.

Women’s Empowerment/Orphanage in Tanzania

Women development intern opportunities like this one are a unique chance to help the Maasai women and orphan children of Tanzania.

Guatemala Women’s Project

This intern work in a women development project focuses on helping discriminated against and disadvantaged women get back on their feet and moving in a more positive and successful direction.